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Iran and the bomb

Just in time for the Season of Festive Cheer, The Times (of London) reminds us all again of what is likely to be the biggest foreign policy issue for the next few years. There appears little likelihood that a future possible Conservative administration will have much of an idea of what to do about it, and of course we have a Nobel Prizewinning Chicago-machine politician in the White House. Not an encouraging state of affairs.

10 comments to Iran and the bomb

  • You forgot his community-organizing skills – makes all the difference!

  • On the other hand I wouldn’t consider facing this challenge with the team in each country from, say, 2007 to be an encouraging state of affairs. We are, potentially, screwed either way, we just get to choose what position we’re screwed in.

  • A friend from Israel tells me that the Israeli government is currently being tough on settlers (bulldozing their homes) in an attempt to strengthen US support in preparation for taking action against Iran.

  • Nonsense Rob, Bibi would have caved in to Obama anyway, Iran or not. And it’s kind of hard to blame him, although I still do.

  • Alice

    So the leaked US NIE saying that Iran was just a great big fluffy teddy bear was wrong? Shocking! Absolutely totally unexpectedly shocking! (Is that how we do sarcasm on Samizdata?)

    On the other hand, maybe this Iranian leak is just fluff too. If you were a Mullah struggling with a restive population and no money, wouldn’t it be smart to type up a sheet of paper implying you were fast approaching nuclear weapons capability, and then sending it to the Community Organizer via the London press.

    With any luck, Obama will borrow some more money from the Chinese to send to Iran. And maybe even nuke Israel himself — to ‘remove’ any reason for Iran to get angry. Might get him a bounce in the polls in New York.

  • Paul Marks

    An important point to remember is the difference between ordinary 12er Shia people and those who wish to “hasten” the comming of the 12th (or “hidden” Iman).

    Unfortunatly not only is the President of Iran a “hastener” but so is the Supreme Leader.

    Covering the world with fire (as much as they can anyway) is a religous duty for such people.

    This makes “talks” with them rather pointless (at best) – no matter how careful Comrade Obama is to say “Islamic Republic of Iran” or “the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

    Sorry Obama, but they want to kill Marxists like you just as much as everyone else.

  • Bod


    Let’s see. Leak a few memos and provide some supportive evidence that you have scary weapons, so you can subjugate your own people, and impress the international community. Sounds like a plan – and it worked so well for Saddam Hussein!

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    FWIW, I’m completely comfortable that Hussein had the capability (even if he’d stored it in a spare garage in Damascus) and that Iran does, or will have, very very soon, but it’s at times like this that I start channeling Buck Turgidson and wonder if losing 10 to 20 million isn’t the price the west has to pay to sit up and pay attention.

  • without wishing to sound like an apologist for the iranian government (and i’m not, believe me) i have to say, i would be working pell-mell to acquire nuclear weapons too, if i were them. Nobody’s talking about nuking north korea, after all…

  • Laird

    I don’t get your points, wh00ps. Nobody’s talking about nuking Iran, either.

  • Nuke Gray

    Some people think that Nukes add potency to a country. It’s not why I’m called ‘nuke’, but I can see some of their reasoning, and A-bombs can sound good to an electorate- another one of the perils of democracies.