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Cross genre brilliance

The movie “Pride and Predator” has just gone into production. And yes, the plot is exactly what you think it is.

12 comments to Cross genre brilliance

  • My girlfriend is a big Austen fan. I can’t wait to take her to see this. I wonder if I can keep the plot a secret from her…

  • Please tell me you’re making this up.


  • Sam Roony

    Would be nice if the Predator could eat the makers of earthbound film versions. Or at least, lock ’em up with a copy of the book!

  • RW

    Rip your heart out, Jasper fforde.

  • I’m half curious to see just how many people swarm to see this movie hoping that it won’t really have that plot, and how many will be going in the hope that it indeed does.

  • Nuke Gray!

    Promise me the alien gets naturalised and married off at the end, or it won’t be Jane Austen.
    Wow! Talk about “It is a fact UNIVERSALLY acknowledged…”

  • Dishman

    From here

    #4 Terminator of Endearment
    #3 Indiana Jones’ Diary
    #2 Alien Vs. Pret-a-Porter
    #1 How Stella got her payback

    I first saw “Terminator of Endearment” in Mad something like 20 years ago.

  • darkbhudda

    Sweet. I enjoy Austen and Predator.

    Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is also being developed.

    In these dark times it warms my heart that some people are looking out for what my soul craves – bonnets and boomsticks.

  • Paul Marks

    The last Predator film was clearly set up for further exploration (with the captured weapon being handed over to a lady who, it was implied, was not of this world) – but sadly this further film does not look as if it is going to be made.

    As for this project:

    If the film is not played for laughs (which it most likely will be) the Predator would find a world where the philsophy of seeking after dangerious opponents (not unarmed noncombatents – after all Predators are not “Aliens” out to lay eggs, or whatever, in people and so on) to prove itself against in a fight to the death, was rather better understood than it is today.

    The Predator would also find that formal costumes and good manners did not mean that the people it faced were not killers – and highly intelligent killers.

    People who would quite likely find ways of making up for their technological inferiority.

    Many of the gentlemen of the early 1800’s would be far more likely to survive than most of us would be.

  • Pigmalion – Muppet rendition of the classic

    The Red And The Blue – Protagonist Julian Sorel joins the Obama administration as the only viable available means of social advancement

    Animal House Farm – Benjamin the donkey plots his revenge after the pigs put him on Double Secret Probation

    The PhotoShop of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde’s tale gets modernized

    Time Lord of the Rings – Inhabitant of a blue call box leads Frodo on a quest involving orcs, Daleks, and questionable jewelery

  • Jack Olson

    Monty Python did it already with a purported Sam Peckinpah version of “Salad Days.” Young Edwardians getting maimed and killed amid fountains of fake blood in slow-motion.