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I may have dropped the ball a little this year

Gold Coast, Australia. January 2008.

Valencia, Spain. January 2008.

Gdansk, Poland. February 2008.

Les Baux-de-Provence, France. March 2008.

Munich, Germany. April 2008.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. April 2008.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. May 2008.

Santiago de Chile. May 2008.

Cataratas do Iguaçu, Brazil, May 2008.

Stockholm, Sweden. May 2008.

Prora, Germany. June 2008.

Warsaw, Poland. June 2008.

Sofia, Bulgaria. August 2008.

Ben Lawers, Scotland. September 2008.

Taipa, Macau. October 2008.

Yantian, China. October 2008.

Hong Kong, October 2008.

Seville, Spain. November 2008.

Gibraltar. November 2008.

Lille, France. December 2008.

17 comments to I may have dropped the ball a little this year

  • You sir, have been an indolent stay-at-home this year 🙂

    Actually yet again you are a one man global warming machine… well done!

  • RAB

    Dropped the ball? Dropped the ball !
    (seeths with envy)

    Have you no home to go to Michael? 😉

    Or are you doomed to wander the Universe forever, like Marleys ghost…

  • So… you went to Argentina and the best picture you took is that of an ice cream store called Malvinas? Not the Obelisco, not the Mauseleum to General San Martin, not the “Pink House” but an Ice Cream store? That’s dropping the ball… =P

  • Johanthan Pearce

    Simply unacceptable Michael. See me in my office, you slacker you!

  • That building in Lille looks like a giant pinball machine. Has Roger Daltry ever been there?

  • Alsadius

    Damn right you dropped the ball. No July picture?

  • Paul Marks

    Good to see you had fun.

    And improved the mind/soul in Seville and the body by climbing that Scottish mountain – also a good experience for the spirit.

    If I had been with you in the Gold Coast (about as likely as me going to the Moon) we could have dropped in on my old friend Jeff Taylor over in Margate.

  • Michael, you really should get out more.

  • Paul

    Not all those links are correct – for one, the Gib photo link points to GdaŠ„sk.

  • Michael. Is it the case that your airmiles would bail out the entire financial system?

  • RAB

    The recession must be biting deep.

    We’ve all now seen the pics of Michaels sadly depleted travels in 2008.

    But what of the Management party!
    Not that the rest of us peasants are invited anyway 😉

    Where are the pics of the Perrys in full flight this Festive Season?

  • tranio

    I’ve been to a few of those places but over a period of years not one year. I really liked the Cataratas do Iguacu and Sevilla.

  • dr kill

    I love my job, and don’t mind working every day. But I admire people who don’t. Best wishes for 2009. Come see us in Palm Beach County this year, you can see all the South Americans and Europeans you wish without leaving the country.

  • There were a couple of months earlier in the year when I didn’t have a job (and that is when I managed to fit in the trip to South America) but alas, I get up and go to work most days too…..

  • You came to the Gold Coast and didn’t demand a beer from me?

    Fie on you.

  • Laird

    All that travelling and not one visit to the United States? Don’t you love us anymore?