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Rally against taxes in Boston

Here is a press release on the event scheduled for tomorrow:

Date: Saturday, October 4th
Time: 12:00 Noon – Doors open. Speeches begin at 1 p.m. sharp.
Location: Faneuil Hall in Boston
How to get there: PDF
More on Faneuil Hall: here

You’re going to kick yourself if you miss this Rally to END the income tax.

Maybe you heard the announcements and chatter about this YES on 1, END the state income tax rally on WTKK radio. Or heard Howie Carr asking you to come. Or read about it in the Globe or the Herald or one of the dozens of other newspapers spreading the word.

Sam Adams helped launch the American Revolution from the stage of Faneuil Hall. James Otis won hundreds to the cause of Independence and Liberty at Faneuil Hall.

Come to this rally. Join these champions of liberty. Help rally support for ENDing the income tax this Election Day.

We need you to come. We need you to bring a friend or neighbor. It’ll be exciting – and fun!

Get a look at our speakers:

* Michael Graham, Talk Show Host on WTKK, author, and stand-up comedian.

* Me. Carla Howell. Co-founder and chair of the Committee For Small Government.

* Kamal Jain, government budget analyst, will show you the tax money

* Matt Kinnaman, columnist, former candidate and Republican Party Committee Member

* Keith McCormic, Republican candidate for State Senate in the Hampshire & Franklin District

* Ted Tripp, for Citizens for Limited Taxation

* Cynthia Stead, a small business owner and weekly columnist for the Cape Cod Times and former Massachusetts Legislative and Administrative Aid

* Dr. Chuck Ormsby is a mathematics professor, a columnist, and a two-term member of the North Andover School Committee.

* John Cunningham, small businessman and tax-cutting candidate for U.S. Congress against Democrat Ed Markey

These speakers support you. They are campaigning for you. To END the income tax this November 4th.

Celebrate and Rally with these terrific champions of ENDing the income tax.

Share their laughter.

Savor their passion for lightening the tax burden of 3,400,000 Massachusetts workers and taxpayers.

Delight in their quips and insights into the huge, immediate, direct benefits to taxpayers of ENDing the income tax.

Let them share in your values. Let them meet you.

Please plan to come tomorrow. Put this in your calendar. Or your Blackberry. Or on a prominently placed Post-It Note to remind you.

Date: Saturday, October 4th
Doors Open: Noon to 1 p.m. Come early to get your seat.
Speeches begin: 1 p.m. sharp and run until approximately 2:40
Location: Faneuil Hall in Boston

Please join us. Please come.

Small government is possible,

Carla Howell

It sounds like fun, and if by chance you get thirsty during the speeches, there is a great old pub called the Green Dragon not far away where the Boston Tea Party was purportedly planned…

6 comments to Rally against taxes in Boston

  • Paul Marks

    I still think the chances of victory are small, even with the vile Barney Frank making establishment politicians unpopular in Mass right now, but I hope the event went well and wish the campaigners success in their struggle against the State income tax.

  • tdh

    The speakers were entertaining and informative. The crowd was OK for short notice.

    The main problem is that the no-on-1 side, which gets essentially 100% of its funding from government-employee unions (given cover by the anti-taxpayer, pro-connected-corporation Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation), has about $2 million already ready for advertising, and that the yes-on-1 side has almost nothing in the bank.

    In addition, several hatchet jobs in the Boston Herald point out the need for an honest newspaper in Boston, the Boston Globe having long prostituted itself around the temple of leftism. One hatchet job listed several of the $10,000-plus contributors, calling them kooks — apparently for having founded successful high-tech companies or for advocating sound banking. It took the chance of pissing them off; contributions are unlimited.

    If the money situation does not change within the coming week or so, the only sure thing is that with the vote about evenly split, the 10% of undecideds won’t have a chance to get the information they need to make a good decision, and some of them will get sucked in by the fictitious, inchoate, perennially deceitful alternative of “responsible” reform.

  • nick g.

    How unpatriotic can you get!?!?
    The US was founded on the right to only be taxed if they had representatives (No Taxation without Representation). The reverse of that is an acceptance of taxes if you have representatives.
    Whilst, as a Libertarian, I agree with the idea of no taxes, I wonder if Washington’s Ghost will be helping the Feds on this one?

  • Laird

    No, the “reverse” is “No representation without taxation.” If you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t get to vote.

  • nick g.

    But it would still be anti-American to not support Taxes And Democracy, wouldn’t it?

  • tdh

    Income taxes in MA account for a little over a quarter of total state spending, $12+billion versus $47+billion, not counting separate spending by cities and towns.

    If question 1 passes, MA still will tax more per capita than its primary northern neighbor, NH. But it’d feel like no taxes, for a while, with the burden removed in only 2 stages.