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The rise of bloggers on Sky News

Shane Greer – a sound centre-right blogging celeb – keeps popping up on Sky News. The news channel’s blog posting about his appearance yesterday bills him simply as “top blogger Shane Greer”. He was on the channel to discuss the stories moving across the web, although the last time I saw him, he was reviewing the papers.

Shane has got an important political media job too (he is executive editor of the forthcoming magazine Total Politics). The presenter did mention that (it is just before the clip below starts), but while Shane was speaking the caption was www.shanegreer.com, his personal blog. I noticed, similarly, Jeff Jarvis being introduced on the channel either today or yesterday as being the author of the BuzzMachine blog.

This is yet more evidence that blogging really is fully mainstream. Additionally, Shane’s blogging-print media combination highlights for me that the traditional media and the best of the blogosphere are now increasingly one in the same.

2 comments to The rise of bloggers on Sky News

  • Ian B

    …and the more mainstream it becomes, the more it will be co-opted. Such is the way of things.

    The creatures outside looked from MSM to blog, and from blog to MSM, and from MSM to blog again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.

  • WalterBowsell

    “I became the very thing I was mocking” – Brian from Family Guy.