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This would have been a Samizdata quote of the day if there hadn’t already been one

AntiCitzenOne comments on this posting at David Thompson’s blog, thus:

I think we should give Muslim men with self control problems horse-blinkers, rather than cover women from head to toe.

The posting itself makes a vital point about how to defeat intimidation by Islamofascist zealots, which is not to leave anyone they pick on isolated. Thompson links back to this excellent piece.

This is why a general piling in with the insults against Islam and Islamic nastiness (the former leads directly to the latter in my opinion) is so important. Quite aside from being true and worth saying and a valid contribution to the debate and all that kind of stuff, these insults establish the principle that we can do them, and you can not stop us. There can be a debate. If and when you stop with the death threats, we will make the insults less insulting and more decorous, and some of us will go completely silent on the subject. Your choice.

This also explains why I do not denounce Christianity nearly so often or nearly so harshly. On those occasions when anyone does do this, the Christians do not respond with riots and death threats. So, beyond the occasional polite criticism of their (I think) odd theological views, together with praise for their more positive qualities, leave them alone, I say.

14 comments to This would have been a Samizdata quote of the day if there hadn’t already been one

  • renminbi

    Ataturk: “Islam,this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotten corpse which poisons our lives”.
    The quote may be apocryphal,but is in character and certainly has the feel of truth.The perfect graffito.

  • Rob

    I hate to appear stupid, but I shall do it anyway. What’s a horse blinker?

  • Pa Annoyed




    Technically, it is also unlawful for the men to look at women in Sharia, and they could in principle be punished for doing so. “Tell believers to lower their gaze” Koran 24:30. There are also bits of men that have to be hidden. The onus is not purely on the women, but it is certainly very one sided.

    The rules about exactly who is allowed to look at what, when, and on who are a bit complicated. I refer the interested to ‘Reliance’ sections m2.3-2.9.

  • Carroll

    Theodore Dalrymple made much the same point a few years back. The absurd sensitivities of Muslims coupled with the inevitable threats of violence means that we have an obligation to criticise, insult, scorn, laugh at their absurd and dangerous posturings as a matter of principle, purely to show that we believe in free speech and that we refuse to be cowed.

  • If anyone reading this has problems with looking at scantily clad women for religious reasons, I will, with your cooperation, make sure you are never visually assaulted again.

    Just sign this release, and hand my that ice-pick, please.

  • Rob

    Ah, blinders! Thank you.

  • Dishman

    So, if I understand correctly….
    Islam makes men so weak-willed that they cannot properly resist the temptation of seeing a bare forearm.

  • Steven Groeneveld

    One has to be a bit weak in the head to start with to buy into any religion.

  • Pa,
    True. It also applies to men and technically showing my knees in public could get me whooped. God or rather Allah knows why because while I have had a few successes with the ladies in my time it wasn’t my knees wot dun it.

    But it is overwhelmingly anti-female. Hence sharia’s demented opinion on rape. Hence you can have whatever your right hand holds but that doesn’t apply to women. Hence polygamy but not polyandry (sp?) and so on and so forth. Of course some of it is cultural rather than religiously mandated. I suspect Islamic scholars would struggle to find Qu’ranic (or hadith) sources which ban women from driving as they are in Shoddy Absurdia.

    Islam’s deranged claims about protecting the dignity of women are, frankly, insane.

    The first point at which I found myself despising Islam was when I saw a Muslim woman paddling in the Med as a kid. Most of the women on the beach were in bikinis, some were topless. She was in a burkha which she hitched up slightly. Now, I’m not arguing for topless or even for bikinis but for some level of common sense because you can take modesty too far as you can take anything too far and frankly what the hell is the point of being on a beach in Spain in August if you can’t swim? And you can’t swim in a burkha. You can drown in one but swimming is out of the question.

    You see these Islamic restrictions aren’t about protecting the dignity of chastity they provent women from doing very normal, totally unsexualized things like driving to Tesco or swimming in the sea or having male friends or looking a judge in the eye when testifying in court.

    Either a large part of the Islamic World is nucking futz (and nucking futz in a sexually depraved manner) or it’s a boys club to control women in a staggeringly childish manner.

    Nice one. I always had a bit of time for Kemel Ataturk. Now I know he was a totalitarian and a ruthless bastard but he dragged Turkey kicking and screaming into something like modernity. I am sore tempted to make it quote of the day on Counting Cats. OK with you?

  • The point about Christians is that we think, through the light of Science (where for now, we see, “through a glass, darkly” although we try to improve – now then, there’s a concept worth selling to Islam although I bet you 5 p that in 50 years it will not be classed as a “religion” any more!) that God gave free Will to Man, as a particular gift, for a reason.

    He wanted us to come to Him, in the end, and know His Mind and what Is in it, because – being sentient high-class creatures who invented the episemological system called “science”, we would inevitably want to. Wouldn’t we? No? Yes? He just wanted to show us what He was thinking.

    The f*****g dinosaurs, so worshipped by Marxist British primary school teaching-failures,, didn’t invent science, did they now? They took 150 million years to be so negligent of scientific logic and order, that they failed to leave us even a “CD lost in the post” of their findings about the universe. We have not even found one, although I admit that the Earth’s crust is of large volume…..

    All the stuff in “Principia” about the Glory of God, and understanding, comes in the end down to that one thing.

  • ….And, following on, the Koran, and Islam, neither of which have anything constructive to say about what I have just said about real issues of survival, are frankly irrelevant.

  • renminbi

    Anyone,please feel free to use the Ataturk quote; I am a believer in viral marketing. I did misquote- should be “rotting corpse”.

  • Dabebo

    If we are going to stop tip-toeing around the Islamic sensetivities there is a big starting point for me.

    Relatively few UK Muslims actually speak Arabic, the Koran is written in Arabic. Therefore there are a hell of a lot of people getting their pants in a twist about stories in a book they’ve never read.

    Is that not just a complete farce?

  • nicholas gray

    I have come up with a better term to describe the muslim fanatics. Their goal is to force us all to live in an Islamic Community. Their ideal is a communal society! I think we can add Islammunist to our list of swearwords!