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Samizdata quote of the day

Politicians are like parents who tell you what time to go to bed but can’t put dinner on the table.

– Matthew Taylor, now Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Arts, quoted in a 2002 article by Janan Ganesh

6 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Gregory

    Hah! Ain’t that a fact! People in government should be dragged there kicking and screaming, and prostrating before God to be let off every single day they’re there.

    Instead, we put guys there who are corrupt, insulated from all reality, and utterly indifferent to the people who put them there. And useless. Did I mention useless?

    I got news for you folks: We The People who put you there get to boot you off, too.

  • But NOT if we don’t have guns, and the politicians and their KRIPOs do.

    The game has changed. Either we care enough, or we don’t, and will go down.

  • nick g.

    Lord Acton once stated that rowing was the perfect sport for politicians, because you’re looking one way whilst going in the opposite direction!

  • Laird

    nick g., I like your Acton quote but can’t locate its source. Any idea where I could find it?

  • nick g.

    I have been reading a book called “The Birth of Plenty”, by William Bernstein. I think the Acton quote is in there, though I don’t know where Mr. Bernstein saw it. The book is a good read, in any case, talking about how Europe, and especially England, progressed because of a little something called the rule of Law, as well as property rights.