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Daniel Gross of Slate is a pissant

Pah. Not only do I know of French Basque cheeses, I have eaten them with cider in a bar in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port while two tables of Basques on either side of me got on with serious drinking song competition, and I am presently in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires (which reminds me oddly of the French concession of Shanghai – slightly urbane areas in two cities with wide, leafy streets that were in their heydays around the same time, I suspect) while I decide in which of the many wonderful parillas I am going to wash down my evening steak with Mendoza Malbec. Americans are such provincial wimps.

And I don’t go in for any of that “Good liberal while lingering over the Sunday New York Times” crap, either. It was just great burning so much carbon to get here.

6 comments to Daniel Gross of Slate is a pissant

  • Ah, yes, ALL Americans, yes.


  • Matthew Swartz

    Anyway, for the record, this provincial American thinks that any of his countrymen who can afford to go to south or central America and don’t ought to have their heads examined.

    My trip to Guatemala and Belize, while probably done on fewer dollars/pounds than the authors, but it was certainly the first of many.

  • Chris Blanchard

    Make mine a bife de chorizo and a bottle of Bianchi Malbec. Maybe some burro salad with chimmichuuri. Then head down to Freddo….

  • Michiganny

    Daniel Gross laughs at himself for his snobbery and brings us along for the ride. Michael Jennings is just a snob.

    Who is the pissant, again?

    By the way, Malbec is sold at provincial US party stores for under fifteen a bottle. can’t you find anything exotic to sample in Argentina? Neither pampas-fed beef nor beautiful steak-munching tango instructors? Are you too busy watching East Enders in your room?

  • Paul Marks

    That crack about “Eastenders” was a bit low Michiganny.

    Even I would not watch that show – and I am from the gutter.

    My father (who was from the East End of London) once saw part of that show – and he almost died of a fit of rage (years before he did die).

    As for Pampus fed cattle and their fine beef – I think Mr Jennings has mentioned that before (or it may have been someone else here).

  • Actually, I am sitting in my room watching Dr Who.