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What Israel and Kosova have in common…

…rather a lot actually.

Michael Totten continued to climb in my estimation after a very good article called The Israel of the Balkans on the interesting parallels between Kosova and Israel.

Strongly recommended.

4 comments to What Israel and Kosova have in common…

  • Slightly off-topic…..
    Here’s something that Totten wrote for Reason magazine last year. “The Next Iranian Revolution” explains why Iran is nothing like Iraq, and why Bush and Co. need to stay the hell out.


  • WalterBowsell

    Great articles both.

    Happy Chocolate egg day people.

  • Conrad

    The slim jimils are messing up everywhere they go 😉

  • Paul Marks

    In my dark moods (i.e. almost all the time) I think of Israel as like the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

    Remember the “Iron Men” (and their enemies did not just call them that because they wore a lot of armour) defeated their Muslim enemies time and time again, decade after decade, against seemingly impossible odds – ten to one being regarded as fairly normal.

    But then there was Hattin.