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Samizdata quote of the day

Has the Prime Minister got lost?

The Queen during the Windsor Castle banquet for Sarkozy

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  • There’s a bit of wishful thinking for you!

  • John K

    I’ve always thought he couldn’t find his arse with both hands.

  • I was in an office waiting to meet somebody on Thursday, and there was a TV showing Sky News with the sound turned down. Graphics towards the bottom of the screen were displaying the words “Anglo-French summit at Emirates stadium”, and the pictures showed Gordon Brown, Nicholas Sarkozy, and Arsene Wenger, all looking equally self-important, standing in the middle of the football ground being interviewed. All rather surreal, really.

  • RAB

    Michael, what was the score?

    I wish Her Maj would tell the gormless unelected little twerp, to

    Get Lorst!

  • Ian B

    Why should we even care any more about some powerless provincial governor?