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Fitna bust

I suspected this much would happen but perhaps not quite so quickly.

In the post below, I provided a link to ‘Live Leak’, the only internet video site that was willing to host the movie. Apparently, YouTube and Google were approached but their joint and several response was to hastily gather up their skirts and run away screaming like a pair of Victorian maiden aunts.

The owners of Live Leak are clearly made of stronger stuff but they can hardly be blamed for pulling the plug once their lives had been threatened. The film has been removed from their server. Their official statement says:

Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, Liveleak.com has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.

[Emphasis mine].

I cannot say that I am entirely surprised by this development but what I do find discomforting is the reference to ‘certain corners of the British media’. Which ‘corners’ are they talking about? I think we ought to know. Does anybody have any details here?

Anyway, it seems that the film is now being spread virally on all manner of mirror sites so, if you are interested, you will still be able to find it, albeit that you may have to dig a little deeper.

38 comments to Fitna bust

  • The last toryboy

    That was predictable.

    The jihadis are nothing less than savages, the barbarians of the modern age.

  • I’ve uploaded it to my site (click my name).

    Note: This is not a permanent link. It will be there for a few days as a gesture, since it’s getting censored elsewhere.

    After that, I’m taking it down if I haven’t had my head hacked off my neck, and the fire of Islam hasn’t consumed my organs with its flames of justice licking around my loins… sensuously, like a young gazelle seeking milk.

    Best regards.

  • David

    It’s also on The Pirate Bay.

    However, for a better analysis of radical Islam, I would suggest the documentary Obsession.

  • Ian B

    Ever wondered what it was like for the ordinary folks in ancient times living through the collapse of great civilisations? Well, no need to. It feels just like this.

  • permanentexpat

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’ve seen the movie…very short & definitely not “Quo Vadis”
    Sorry to hear that Live Leak took it down under threat (in this great country of ours) but who can blame them when our masters have provided accomodation ‘next door’
    The movie only shows that of which everyone is aware. The pics therein are mostly gruesome old hat of which the militant Islamists are inordinately proud…but they will seethe & complain as usual. Good excuse to blow someone up, kill some kids, collect their welfare cheques & tell us it’s all our fault.
    It would do us some good if we woke up to the fact that we are their enemy…and what does that make them.
    Watch global MSM for a week or so of righteous seething.

  • permanentexpat

    Ever wondered what it was like for the ordinary folks in ancient times living through the collapse of great civilisations? Well, no need to. It feels just like this.

    Posted by Ian B at March 29, 2008 01:05 AM


  • Easily available via bittorrent.

    Given the bandwidth restrictions Australian ISP’s impose, on those occasions I download something I normally disable sharing after the download is complete. On this occasion, I am leaving sharing turned on, so I can do my bit, however tiny, to help stick it to these c**ts.

    Where are the European governments actively protecting the “European Values” that the EU is so proud of?

    Or do those values include those demonstrated by Marshal Pétain, Vidkun Quisling and János Kádár?

  • Ian B

    Where are the European governments actively protecting the “European Values” that the EU is so proud of?

    It feels just like this.

  • krm

    One again, Islam reacts to the assertion that it is inherently intolerant/violent/barberic by acting … intolerant/violent/barberic. They are the self-refuting QED on this one.

  • Dale Amon

    There is no better way to speed the distribution of a document on the internet than to attempt to censor it.

    There are millions of copies spread around the planet by now, enough that anyone who wants it will be able to get it no matter how these shower-curtain slimes complain and threaten.

    They lost this one for sure. Screw ’em.

  • Please find below the mail I sent just to inquiries@un.org as to call UN SG Ban Ki-moon to step back from the position of the UN SG. Please join me to send related mails to him as to defend our right on freedom of speech and expression.



    Dear Ban Ki-moon,



    I read you “condemn strongly” the airing of Geert Wilders ’ movie “fitna”. Though you also “appeal for calm to those understandably offended by it”, but you must concede that this is a very half-hearted statement. Do you know that such an unbalanced statement will be perceived such that you make Geert Wilders responsible for any act of violence that may follow after the airing of this movie even(!) before such acts happen?

    So instead of defending the freedom of speech and expression that was warranted “without frontiers” by Article 19 of the human rights declaration in December 1948 you become the leader of false reversion of the guilt-principles and thus give anyone a free charter for acts of violence such as murdering!

    I hope you know how far-reaching the implications are: Human rights article 29/1 says crystal clearly one has duties only to a “community” that grants the “free and full development” of ones personality and it was the co-author(!) of the human rights declaration Charles Malik who insisted in his “Talk on Human Rights”


    on this very crucial characteristics of human rights article 29/1 as a firewall against any future “excesses precisely of statism and socialism”!

    For this reason I see it as my duty to tell you that

    (a) the “free and full development” of ones personality undoubtedly covers also the freedom of speech and expression
    (b) the term “community” though primarily refers to the state where one lifes, but also the United Nations is a community in the terms of this article.

    this implies, that if you dont revoke or correct your above statements any duty anyone might feel adverse to the United Nations will become invalid.

    For that reason I plea you to withdrawal as Secretary-General as to prevent further damage to the reputation and authority of the United Nations.

    Best Regards,

  • Freddy

    I notice that there are a lot of videos on Google which claim to be Fitna, but aren’t. I guess that’s how you censor something in the internet age : bury it in fakes.

  • Nick M

    I am also torrenting Fitna. I, of course have seen it, but I’m doing it nonetheless for the pure hell of it.

    Because there is a price to be paid for 1400 years of repression and just straight evil.

    Yes. But do they see it like that? Are they mad?

    Nice try but the UN jumped the shark many moons ago. there is only one positive force on this planet and that is the military of the Anglosphere. I remember when we went into the ‘stan The Sun ran with the flags of the nations of the coalition on it’s front page. They were the usual suspects: USA, UK, Australia, Canada… Of course the Danes and a few other NATO types joined in (and most welcome they are too) but that’s NW Europe and we’re different from the rest. Well, apart from those unspeakable Swedes. Who provide Pirates Bay, obviously, so they can’t be all bad…

  • WalterBowsell

    From heir>>

    Balkenende (Prime Minister of the Netherlands) also expressed his appreciation of the moderate responses of Muslims at home.

    “The government is heartened by the initial restrained reactions of Dutch Muslim organizations,” he said.

    Anyone else reminded of the Chris Rock sketch where he concludes with the lines:

    “I ain’t never been to jail.”
    What do you want, a cookie?

  • Nick M

    Ian B,
    Cheer up! Do you honestly think we’re fucked? Fucked by a bunch of illiterate, first cousin marrying, goat molesters?

    When we invaded the ‘stan the BBC showed a shed-load of gits massing in the “tribal areas” of Pakistan. One of these gentleman was brandishing an axe and making blood-curdling threats. Overhead B-2 Spirits were circling 18 hours out of Whiteman AFB, MI and there was this fucker with a bloody mashie!

    All we need is a few more MQ-9 Reapers and a load more guts and our problems are over.

    Islam is utterly repugnant. It only got anywhere through violence and we pwn ultra-violence. We just haven’t used it yet.

  • Ian B

    Do you honestly think we’re fucked?


    Fucked by a bunch of illiterate, first cousin marrying, goat molesters?

    No. We’re fucked because our society is destroying itself from the inside. Our inability to deal with Islam is merely a symptom of that. This is the twilight of the west.

    Collapse is a slow process. The Romans didn’t all go to bed fine one night then wake the next morning to find that the Empire had vanished. But I believe the process is underway, and far advanced. What in particular will knock our society over, and what will replace it, are hard to predict. That’s a matter for future historians, should they exist.

  • The Romans didn’t all go to bed fine one night then wake the next morning to find that the Empire had vanished.

    In historical terms? They did.

    In the Western Empire many a person was born living in the centre of the greatest and strongest empire the world had known, or would know for another thousand years, and died in a poor, weak, shattered and balkanised barbarian ridden wasteland.

    One lifetime; that is all it took for the west to die. The Eastern Empire survived another thousand years, but that is a different story.

    However, collapse per se won’t come. Holland and France will descend into intifada, populations will divide, ghettoes will form, treaties will be made, treaties will be broken. Unrest will become endemic in Germany, Sweden, the UK and the rest.

    The majority of Muslims in Europe won’t want this, but that won’t matter. They will be forced into it by the idiots.

    The whole think could STILL be headed off, but only by the rigorous enforcement of those so called European Values so often touted by the colleagues in Brussels.

    Dream on.

  • permanentexpat

    Once again, Ian B, I am completely at one with you and have been shouting this miserable decline from the rooftops for many a month…”How many wake-up calls do you need?”
    Beyond doubt, we are our own worst enemy, riddled with PC & gutlessness…The Septic Isle.
    Unfortunately, the rot is so established that optimism is a mirage…as a glance at our political class and terminally sick society will confirm.
    The decline has been happening over generations, so much so that what we now see is accepted as the ‘status quo’.
    There are those who claim, correctly, that empires & societies do not last forever…that’s how history works…but there is no more depressing sight than a nation actively contributing to it’s own demise.
    We are witnessing protracted national suicide.

  • Nick M

    I am currently committing at least three haram acts as I type.

    It’s quite tricky but doable.

    How precisely is Western Civilisation directly threatened by these fuckwits if me, Joe-effing-Public of the UK can do that?

    Now if I’m not prepared to waggle my arse in the air for Allah five times a day who is? Oh, Islam can be beastly and horrible and give us all a major pain in the region of the rectal sphincter but can it win? Can it hell!

    Let’s look at why. Islam forbids the free mixing of the sexes. That is fucking ridiculous. Oh, it’s evil too but many evil things aren’t also laughable and that is.

    How do you fight an enemy that you can’t take seriously?

    Well, this is my prescription… You tell them in no uncertain terms to fuck off. You make no accommodation to their, frankly weird, hang-ups. We just hold the line. And we mock. Islam has rules on how exactly to defecate. That is ludicrous and a potentially rich vein for comedy.

    Oh, and we hit them with the glory of what we are. We are the free peoples of the planet and we have done such things…

    19% of this comment was powered by the destruction of matter into energy. I have flown all round the place in aircraft made in the USA, the EU, Brazil, Japan, Korea… I somehow doubt Yemen can manage more than a paper dart.

    Wikipedia used to (not sure now) maintain a list of Muslim winners of the Nobel Prize. They had a similar one for Jewish winners. It was embarrassing. Leaving aside that the three Muslims included Yasser Araftat they had one laureate in the hard sciences. One.

    And these people are an existential threat? They are a bunch of hide-bound barbarians and nothing more.

    All we have to do is regard Islam as what it is. It is not an alternative lifestyle or a different moral choice. It is oissing our freedom down the drain.

    And somehow I suspect the majority of Europeans see that. We may be shackled by PC but we see…

    And we shall do. I hope it isn’t too awful.

  • Johnny

    Western elites, both political and economic, are the problem.

    Large Dutch corporations, such as Unilever, are now planning to sue Wilders for loss of profits.

    At the same time politicans everywhere react like craven apologists, probably at the behest of frightened corporate chiefs.

    Our whole civilisation has been reduced to a mere economic equation, and this reduction is the handywork of 60s morons

    The head of Unilever, for example, is an old hippie whose idea of *tolerance* amounts to little more than slow civilisational suicide.

    Most western countries can do nothing to reverse this because their greed for cheap labour has resulted in the introduction of millions of unassimilatable and hostile immigrants.

    What on earth, for instance, is Holland doing with a million Muslim immigrants, most of whom hail from Morrocco….a country with which Holland has no real historical or economic ties?

    Think of how absurd it all is.

    Islam is completely incompatible with Western values, and so only two future options are possible:

    1) The West simply folds in an effort to avoid conflict , to protect ‘profits’ and energy supplies

    2) The West reacts and a violent bloodbath follows.

  • Laird

    Ian B is right. Johnny, your Option 1 is the most probable.

  • Ivan

    Nick M:

    When we invaded the ‘stan the BBC showed a shed-load of gits massing in the “tribal areas” of Pakistan. One of these gentleman was brandishing an axe and making blood-curdling threats. Overhead B-2 Spirits were circling 18 hours out of Whiteman AFB, MI and there was this fucker with a bloody mashie!

    All we need is a few more MQ-9 Reapers and a load more guts and our problems are over.

    Heh… you’re making the usual mistake of thinking in terms of a classic military conflict. The present situation is simply not like that at all. If a determined group of Islamist extremists decides to take Wilders’s life, the F-16s and other hi-tech shining toys of the Dutch armed forces won’t do much good to protect him against their axes and knives, just like they weren’t of any help to Theo van Gogh. They also won’t be of any help if his native government starts treating blasphemy against Islam as a “hate crime”, as is happening in an ever increasing number of Western countries. That sort of threats is the real problem, and in this context, saying that we should feel reassured by the military supremacy of the West is a complete red herring.

  • Matt

    And these people are an existential threat? They are a bunch of hide-bound barbarians and nothing more.

    Posted by Nick M at March 29, 2008 03:49 PM

    One of these days those barbarians will figure out how uranium works, and then things will get very ugly. I would not be at all shocked if within a decade or two they become the existential threat the Soviets were.

    We could still win, as we did then. But we lack the will.

  • Ian B

    Well, this is my prescription… You tell them in no uncertain terms to fuck off. You make no accommodation to their, frankly weird, hang-ups. We just hold the line. And we mock. Islam has rules on how exactly to defecate. That is ludicrous and a potentially rich vein for comedy.

    Oh, and we hit them with the glory of what we are. We are the free peoples of the planet and we have done such things…

    Nick, I don’t think you’ve quite got to grips with going on. Our rulers don’t care what you think. They don’t care what I think. They don’t care what anyone on samizdata thinks, or anyone in the blogosphere, or fucking anybody. “We” won’t get the chance to do any of the things that you suggest because “we” are not running the show. They will use whatever powers they have to suppress “us” in the name of “everybody getting along”. Right now, they don’t care about you, or “us” but if “we” were to start getting any attention then “we” would find the full force of the state upon us.

    “We” are not the free peoples of the planet. We are the ruled. We only get away with what we do currently because we’re so weak as to be no threat to the cultural hegemons. We’re not part of that elite, and we’re not going to be allowed to be.

    The ruling elite see people like you or me who wish to preserve our society (i.e. western post-enlightenment values) as their enemy. “We” just aren’t in the fucking game, however many words we type on the internets.

    Bear in mind that any number of words you’ve typed on this blog goat molesters would be enough to land you in court if you were important enough to be a threat. Bear in mind that they’re steadily moving (not too fast mind, boiling frogs) to censor the internet. It looks like they’ll be handing us over to Ofcom next, and before long it’ll be entirely impossible to run a blog without being forced to censor everything on it to fit the “acceptable speech” diktats of the government. And the fact is, they don’t want to resist Islamisation, and the rest of us won’t be allowed to.

    The glory of what we were is fading fast.

  • 20 Inch Allah

    Allah is f****** great!
    Fitna is even f****** greater!

  • By the time I watched Fitna on the LiveLeak site it had notched 3 million views.

  • Shockingly.Conservative

    I would really like Muslims to be outraged by this video! If Muslims around the world would really think that Wilders misrepresented their religion as being violent and oppressive, well, would be great. Because that would mean that they do not wish Islam to violent and oppressive.

    Alas, I cannot help but imagining Imans around the world looking at this stuff , bobbing their heads smiling and saying “Great stuff, but what’s with the sad music in the background? I don’t get it.”

  • tehag

    EU fears of communal violence are justified. it is curious that it took an outsider to nail ninety-five thesis about Islam to the mosque door. As I recall, not from personal experience, following the publication of the original ninety-five thesis, communal violence followed.

  • Nick M

    Ian B,
    There is a power on this planet which is greater than anything our Lords and Masters control. It’s me, it’s you, it’s gay hobbit porn.

    Why do you think they can’t control drugs or prostitution?

    Look at an Islamic forum (LI, Umma.com, Islamica etc.) and you will find that a common refrain is that nobody has ever imposed Sharia properly or completely. Of course that does pose the question of interpretation but think of it. 1400 years and nobody has got it right. Now, imposing the divine order on us unruly apes is a tricky one but 1400 years? What is implicit in what they are saying is that it can’t be done.

    When Muhammed met his maker the Islamic world schismed while he was still warm. These people are dreaming an impossible dream. Islam is unity. Nothing else makes sense within Islam but we are not ants, we are H sapiens sapiens, the twice knowing ape. You are a pornographer and you must know the power of perversity. Think of it. In a sensible world everyone would fancy Scarlett Johanson but that isn’t the way it is is it? There is a market for “chicks with dicks” and for the grossly obese. The internet has shown us this.

    I am a Whovian. My Desktop starts up to the original 1962 Dr Who theme so I rather liked this.

    That video trumps gay hobbit porn because it includes Dalek sex. Somebody, somewhere, thought it a good plan to show a cruet set getting it on. We can not be controlled. We can never be controlled. The commies tried, the Nazis tried and the Muslims have kept on trying for over a millenium. `

    You underestimate the power of freedom, the power of perversity, the power of the individual…

    Show me any heterosexual male who would really rather watch some bearded git reciting the Qu’ran rather than watch Kylie gyrate wearing practically nothing and I have a set of teeth from a Gallus domesticus I wish to sell.

    Christ almighty, she has quite a gay following too.

    Islam just doesn’t work.

    I chose my words carefully. The late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Piss be upon Him) allegedly allowed goat-fucking as long as the beast, when slaughtered, was not consumed in the same village.

    Of course he was just a shite muslim.

    In 732 at Tours-Poitier all it took was for Martel’s Franks to hold the line. In 1571 the Venetian fleet held the line. The army of Al-Andalus and the Ottoman fleet were much greater threats than the raggle-taggle bunch of bearded gits we now face. And then there was Vienna in 1683. We have always beaten them because we have a culture that dares and they don’t. If we hold the line, we win because we are Disneyland and they’re a day-trip to Filey in the pissing rain.

    You know the old trekkie joke don’t you? Why are the no Muslims on the Enterprise? Because it’s set in the future.

    Islam is a dead duck and we are experiencing the blowback of it’s death-throes. How can it not be finished? Gaza is a shithole of epic proportions and pass the check-point and it’s first-world Israel.

    I have read the Qu’ran and only a mentalist would conclude that it was anything other than the ravings of a very sick man.

  • RobtE


    I am a Whovian. … You underestimate … the power of the individual…

    Exactly the reason I like the current Tennant incarnation so much. Hardly an episode passes without him telling us how wonderful human beings are, for all the reasons you outlined in your post.

  • Nick M

    Yeah and on April 5th it’s back!

    Oh yeah!

    And so is Rose Tyler.

    For something the BBC does I find it remarkably, well, “human”.

    Just the idea that the BBC has made a show which posits a future for our species which is bright is stunning.

    My wife is obsessed. She has an inflatable Ood.

  • Pa Annoyed


    You may be right that all heterosexual men prefer watching Kylie to Khatami, but do the same men like to see other men watching Kylie? Nobody likes competition… you know, in case they should ever happen to meet. And how many of them like others to know they watch Kylie, and why? Their wives for example. Or bullies looking for some reason to laugh at them. People like to be thought well of, it’s instinctive. Social pressure is extremely powerful. Which is why everybody will pretend to virtue, and even vigorously enforce the rules against their own kind themselves, lest they be found suspect in the eyes of their neighbours.

    In the good old days before the ethics committees got into the act, psychologists used to like to play interesting mind games with their guinea pigs. The famous ones of course were the Milgram experiment and the Stanford prison experiment, but there was a much simpler and less extreme one (by Asch IIRC) that makes the point very well.

    The experimental set-up is that about a dozen subjects are invited to do some tests involving optical illusions – which line is longer, does it bend left or right, that sort of thing. The group is shown a card showing two lines, one obviously shorter than the other. Each subject in turn is asked, and one by one each confidently states that the two are the same length. There is, in fact, only one subject – the last one to be asked – all the others are actors. The optical illusion experiment is itself illusory. The question the reasearch seeks to answer is: when it is his turn to answer, will he say what he sees, that the lines are of different lengths – or will he say what everybody else says? In fact, in most cases they will go along with the group. But the interesting thing is their reaction as they wait to do so. They show classic signs of intense stress – fear even. They repeatedly re-check the picture, trying it from different angles. They closely scrutinise the faces of their co-subjects. They twitch and fidget and wring their hands. They sweat, and their voice shakes. (It’s largely because of this stress that it puts on people that the experiments eventually got controlled.) There’s a fascinating picture in my psychology book of one such subject, and you can see the mental pain it is inflicting in his body language. These are not stupid, uneducated, or abnormal people – they are college students in America. (Well… you know what I mean. ;-)) They face no penalty or cost for refusing to play along. And yet, the pressure of social conformity is so great, that they will lie (maybe even to themselves) about the lengths of lines that everybody can see or, I’m sure, that black is white or that 2+2=5, rather than be the only idiot who got the answer wrong on such a simple question. It only takes one other dissenter to speak first, and the effect vanishes.

    You live in a society where individualism is seen positively, where the oddball is protected from persecution, where people can do stuff their neighbours disapprove of and get away with it, more or less. In a society where mobs rule, and minorities are routinely persecuted, non-conformity is not just a hard thing to do instinctively, but also physically dangerous. Because the same sort of instincts for conformity and in-group cohesion are merciless with evident outsiders. (I mean stuff like in the Stanford prison experiment.)

    If you know about this aspect of human nature and that it applies to one’s self, you can resist it to some degree. Milgram reported that one of the few subjects who resisted his orders from early on turned out to be Jew, and had lived in Europe through the war. But it had been Milgram’s original intention to find out why the Germans were so psychologically different that they did what they did, and it was to his horror that he discovered that ordinary, civilised American people straight off the street could in less than an hour be turned into torturers who would kill their victims with no more than a white coat, a clipboard, and an air of authority. Many were in tears as they did so, and needed psychological counselling afterwards to recover, but they did it anyway. The power of authority is that great.

    Which is why issues like the MoToons and Fitna are so important. They are the one guy who says something first, who makes it OK for everybody else to do so. If the nutters riot over a cartoon, they lose credibility. If the nutters get wise to that and let it happen, other people are then more able to do the same. Eventually, the taboo will break, but you have to keep hammering at it.

    This is not a triviality. The enemy has to stop even minor dissent because they rely on the fact that nobody will fight them if nobody else is fighting them. Those who do have to be assigned to some socially excluded out-group (right-winger, racist, conspiracy theorist) whose views can be safely dismissed, or accused of irresponsibility because of all the trouble it causes.

    And you have to break it fast – because there’s another little bug in the software of the mind called “cognitive dissonance”. That mental stress we were talking about from conflicting urges – if it goes on too long, the mind resolves the conflict by permanently changing your attitude on the subject. Eventually, you come to believe it’s OK. You need no Orwellian brain machine to come to believe that two plus two really does equal five.

    The tactic really can succeed. The political history of the world demonstrates this – how many totalitarians and dictators have there been? It is an insult to their peoples to say they could have easily stopped it with the likes of gay hobbit porn, or that their small defiances in passing it round in secret make everything alright. There has always been a great deal of dissent and non-conformity, but a openly free society is the exception, not the rule. It is a carefully and expensively constructed artefact.

    Take it seriously. Because our freedom was bought only with the blood of heroes. Because the war for freedom is not over and its enemies not yet dead. Because wherever Stanley Milgram went, he found the same result, the same horrific statistic.
    How many perfectly ordinary people could his experimental set-up induce to torture another human being to death? Between 61% and 66%.

    Freedom is one of the finest achievements among many of what is almost certainly the most remarkable species ever to walk the Earth. But for all that, it’s no use denying that our evolutionary history has left us with some little flaws and niggles we have to face and deal with.

  • AST

    Thus, they testify of their own barbarity. To threaten others for opposing you is evidence of the weakness of your own views.

    It reminds me that a god who expects believers to perform atrocities in his name must be a pretty weak or a pretty evil god. The tactics of these jihadists are little different from the practices of the idol worshipers who once offered human sacrifice to their pagan gods. If God really wishes to destroy Western society, he ought to have the power to do it himself without the assistance of these crazies.

  • Pa, that was an excellent and much needed comment – thank you.

  • http://tunisie-harakati.mylivepage.com

    There is only Wilders Geert which is champion of human stupidity, to view the Internet site above and you will also see that the Tunisian justice in Tunisia has the monopoly of errors with the verdict of the trial of miss Sameh Harakati.


  • Ivan

    Nick M:

    Show me any heterosexual male who would really rather watch some bearded git reciting the Qu’ran rather than watch Kylie gyrate wearing practically nothing and I have a set of teeth from a Gallus domesticus I wish to sell.

    I agree with lots of what you wrote in your comment, but overall, I’d say that you are badly underestimating the appeal of raw collectivist emotions. In certain circumstances, masses of people, including men, do perceive participation in mass collectivist insanity as greatly pleasurable and actually preferable to watching Kylie and the like. To take the most obvious example, just remember what was happening in Germany 70-80 years ago. Millions of heterosexual males enthusiastically gathered to watch an ugly madman with a mustache yelling insanities that make even Islamic fundamentalists look respectable in comparison, even though they could have been, say, watching Marlene Dietrich instead. And many of these bearded gits nowadays have lots of rhetorical talent and an emotionally highly powerful ideology of collectivist hatred. They’re not mindlessly reciting the Koran; their rhetorical skills are far more developed and their messages skillfully crafted to appeal to the prejudices and frustrations of their audience.

    Powerful as it is, the good old Western decadence isn’t always able to counter trends of collectivist madness, especially if masses people are enraged with their situation to begin with.

  • Gregory

    And no doubt this will be a post all of its own soon enough… but in the immortal words othe crop-dusting nutcase in ID4, “Hello boys… I’m baaacccckkkkk!!!!!”

    Yes, folks, according to many VRWC blogs and LiveLeak itself, the Geert Wilders film ‘Fitna’ is re-hosted, after LiveLeak ‘upgraded’ its security.

    This is perhaps one instance where I won’t make too much noise if they sacrificed a black goat and summoned Mephistopheles. After all, ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’

    Apropos of nothing, this is precisely what is happening in the Democratic Party. Which is great, don’t you think?