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Official Secrets

The British Government does not seem to be able to keep anything secret.

Still, this is ‘only’ 600,000 people affected, which is quite modest, when you compare it to other recent fiascos.

3 comments to Official Secrets

  • permanentexpat

    I gather that the 600,000 names are those recruited to the Forces or who have interest in joining.
    That’s a pretty big number and, should even 50% be unqualified, that’s a lot of volunteers.
    Trouble is that there aren’t enough broomsticks to equip them. What a weak, shabby country it has become.

  • CountingCats

    What on Earth is information like this doing on a laptop in the first place?

    A laptop!!!!

    Doesn’t the MOD, of all departments, indulge in even basic security measures these days?