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Attention Singapore readers

I am presently doing a littlle travel on (or perhaps off) the Malayan peninsula prior to Christmas in Australia. Right now I am in Penang, and as always there is much to write about, but I do not alas presently have time to write it. So, a few photographs. Also, I shall be back in Singapore from this evening, and I am free on Thursday evening. If we have any Singapore readers who feel like meeting up for a drink, or dinner, or perhaps even some air conditioned indoor prawning, please let me know, preferably by leaving a comment at the end of this post.





Do I find it cool that I can look at high resolution satellite images of my current location on a tiny battery operated hand-held device while sitting in a coffee shop in Penang? Hell yes.

9 comments to Attention Singapore readers

  • vinegar Joe

    I’m jealous. Singapore is probably my favorite city on the planet. I always hit the street bars in Geylang……….nothing like a cold Tiger Beer and a big bowl of prawn noodles. People’s Prawn Noodles (252 Geylang Road Lorong 12) is the best. :^)

  • fjfjfj

    I love the facadism on the university building.

  • Nick M

    “some air conditioned indoor prawning”

    Now I must confess to not being 100% au fait with the gay scene but that’s part of it, right?

  • Oh! Almost missed checking Samizdata!

    Thursday? Hmmm… want to go for some crab at Ang Mo Kio? My treat!

    Gimme a call at 91275344 if you’re interested. If not, you can call me up for an evening lazing around. I’m a teacher – it’s the school holidays!


  • Andrew Duffin

    Watch out for giant rats!

  • Andrew: This is Singapore. All the rats have been electronically tagged with RFID tags, and if they go anywhere near a kitchen, a government inspector comes around to have the cook fined $7000

  • Julian Taylor

    Dare I enquire what a Hippo Counter is? Is is someone with a clicky device who pushes a button every time a hippo walks past in a shopping mall, or a place where hippos must queue? If the latter then might I suggest a widening of the red and silver crowd separators since hippos are really notorious for not exactly being great queue people I’m afraid.

  • No, no, no, Jules, it is a special part of the restaurant reserved exclusively for me!