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Taking guitar design to the limits

I am not a musician, but if I were a guitarist, I might fancy one of these. I like the one with the teeth.

(Via Gizmondo).

5 comments to Taking guitar design to the limits

  • The teeth, of all things? Don’t answer that.

  • That was made for Great White. I believe it showed up in the “Rock Me” video being played by Mark Kendall. The best one has got to be the ZZ Top ones or better yet the Ted Nugent special.

  • The fuzzy ones are from ZZ Top, it looks like. I don’t see one I remember from the 80s, which was in the shape of a USAF F-15.

  • Interesting curiosities, perhaps worth hanging on a wall, but with almost forty years of guitars behind me, I’m pretty sure that actually playing things like that would get old pretty quickly.

    There are very good reasons why most guitars have always looked like they have. The Gibson “radicals” from 1958 (Explorer, Flying V) are about as far out as most people would ever get, who aren’t invested in looking different just for the sake of a different look. And even they can take quite some getting used to.

  • RAB

    Quite so Billy.
    I’d settle for being able to play a plain ordinary one properly!