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Samizdata HQ is still seeing action

In case you are worried that all has been quiet on the party front, I am here to reassure you. The sad fact is that some of these parties require so much in the way of recovery – in the form of Sunday brunches, vast quantities of water, and time spent lying in a darkened room – that it can take a while to get to reporting on them.

Such was the case on a recent weekend, when our most fierce and lovely editor, Miss Adriana, celebrated her birthday with a few of her favorite ‘freedom fighters’.


Elena demonstrated the proper form for bum handling on an invisible model, despite no shortage of live volunteers


Perry always believed that two tarts were better than one


While Nick held the other blokes rapt with his best collectivist joke, Hugh Googled furiously to find out the punchline


You do NOT want to know what Elena spotted crawling out of my nose


The birthday girl let her t-shirt – and the plentiful booze – do the talking


Oh, you know those Samizdata parties: It is always hard to tell who you will end up sleeping with at the end of the night

More photos are here.

7 comments to Samizdata HQ is still seeing action

  • Counting Cats

    Well, I’m glad someone is seeing some action.

    Beats watching television I guess.

  • Glad to see you guys are back in party mode! I was getting concerned that NuLab and NuLabLite (Tories) had issued you all with ASBOs to prevent any of your famous gatherings of the blognacenti 😀

    So is Elena single? Oh drat, just remembered I’m not.

  • Sam Duncan

    Cripes, Jackie, are you really tall, or is Elena really short? It looks like there’s nearly a foot between you in that picture.

    So is Elena single? Oh drat, just remembered I’m not.

    I am. I’m also unemployed, skint, and in Glasgow. Double drat.

  • Counting Cats

    Now watch it you lot, I got first dibs here.

    I declared my desire to nurture and protect Elena some years ago, shortly after I first encountered this.

    These days sadly unmaintained.

  • Sam, I am 6′ tall. Elena is perfectly sized, and was wearing heels in that photo (I was not)!

  • Sam Duncan- don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  • Paul Marks

    Do not worry Sam – as Glascow has the lowest life expectancy in Western Europe, you may not have much longer to suffer.

    My position is similar (I would hardly call being a councillor or £4000 a year a job), but at least I manage to con people from time to time. For example, yesterday I managed to convince someone that they wanted to go to Uppingham (a town near here that I had not had a good look at).

    Out of the kindess of my heart I offered to come with them (which was the point of convincing them that they wanted to go, of course). It was an interesting little town.

    I am sure you could do similar things. Unless you have a moral problem with them (I am a bit old for morality).

    As for the party – I hope a good time was had by all, and I wish Adriana Happy Birthday.