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The 4th of July is…

…definitely the time to be in the USA, watching fireworks on a lake whilst drinking far too much Yuengling beer.




18 comments to The 4th of July is…

  • Adam in America

    I appreciate the sentiment and will not quibble with your choice of beer.

  • bob

    Now that’s one fat, contented Weimaraner. You look satisfied, too.

  • Nick M

    Satisfied, Bob?

    He looks pissed to the point of derangement.

    The lucky bastard.

  • He looks pissed to the point of derangement. The lucky bastard.

    Lucky indeed 🙂

  • matt

    Yuengling is a fine American beer. Apparently you are in or near Pennsylvania, since the beer is (sadly) available only regionally.

  • Nick M

    I managed to drink said beer recently in Florida.

  • OldflyerBob

    For better or worse Yuengling is being discovered.

    Another great Independence Day (let’s not forget the significance of the 4th) treat is attending small town celebrations. Made it to the local annual “Kids and Pets” parade yesterday. I particularly enjoyed the goat pulling the bunting festooned wagon because one of my child-hood friends had a wagon pulling goat.

    Many years ago my family were entertained by the cow chip tossing contest at a 4th celebration in Texas. Yes, they were dried, and painted red, white and blue.

  • Yuengling is now my absolute favourite lager type beer and my host knows to stock up when I am in town… it is simply marvellous.

  • llamas

    Yeungling’s is available in Michigan, in bottles at least.

    I believe that Yeungling’s lays claim to being the oldest working brewery in the US. I don’t drink anymore but recall it as as-fine a lager beer as you could get anywhere.



  • Yuengling was a big hit in North Carolina when I used to live there – though I understand it’s only really been available outside PA as of the (very) late 1990s.

    I haven’t seen it in Indiana yet – but I don’t get to Indianapolis all that often. None of my west coast friends seem to have heard of it.

    All the same to me; I never really saw what the big deal was.

  • Paul Marks

    Indianapolis used to claim to be the heart of American patriotism (with the American Legion building and all) – a fine place to be on the 4th of July.

    But in these latter days I do not know.

  • Bill

    Yuengling has a brewery in Tampa, Fla.

  • Yuengling is in fact a PA local beer that has spread out from it’s humble rural PA roots. I learned to drink the stuff about seven years ago when I started drinking near Pittsburgh PA. I’ve since found out it’s available from Michigan to Boston to FL.

    I moved to Cleveland, two fucking hours from rural PA, and can’t find any of it to save my life. My rage is, as one would assume, unbounded.

  • Nick E

    Mmm, Yuengling. Still unavailable in CA, where I live now, but I have many fond memories of it from my Pittsburgh days.

  • Oh, it’s good beer but not nearly as good as the stuff here at Great Lakes Brewing Company. Perry my dear, when are you coming to Cleveland? There is much sudsy stuff to be consumed…

  • Henry

    Sweet Jesus, a furriner drinking some ying-yang. Fantastic. It’s cool that you can get it all along the eastern seaboard now. In philly it’s standard on tap at pretty much every bar you go to. You don’t even ask for it specifically, you say “gimme a lager” and that’s what you invariably get.

    Of course, now I’m stationed in SoCal and can’t get it.

  • Does that t-shirt really say “Learn Amharic”??? I’m guessing you’ve been travelling to some outa the way places.

  • Jason

    Yuengling is in Michigan? I was transplanted in Detroit 10 years ago from Philadelphia and have never seen it here. A few years ago I asked a local specialty store if they could special order and I was told it wasn’t possible because Yuengling does not distribute here. Michigan is also not listed as distributed state on the Yuengling web site. Has something changed? Please site specific locations you know of – I will drive for Yuengling!