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Get around the smoking ban in London

All you have to do is take up cigars!

8 comments to Get around the smoking ban in London

  • guy herbert

    Well the Library Bar at the Lanesborough is stuck. The Health Act 2006 vindictively specifies that premises with an on-license can never be exempted by regulation, and being a club offers no protection.

    It is not just absence of inspectors. Floridita’s plan depends on the intricate cooperation of the licensing authorities to agree to vary a liquor licence for the establishment as a whole to exclude the cigar shop. I somehow doubt this permission would be available in such zealous authorities as Lambeth and Camden, who would point to their statutory objectives under the Licensing Act 2005, s4, which have been used in many places to force licensees to fingerprint their customers.

  • Jackie,

    your blog gives me a “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /index.php/2007/07/04/getting-around-the-smoking-ban-in-london/ on this server.” error. I assume this means your blog is one of those at “Hostong Matters” with a buggered spam filter – see http://www.di2.nu/200703/08a.htm

    As I understand it I am far from alone in being unable to see these HM blogs

  • I’ve been having the same problem as Francis, both at work and at home.

  • Uain

    Do they make a distinction between smoking premium cigars or cheap cigars?

  • Alsadius

    I remember similar loopholes from other jurisdictions. I think it was Edmonton, Alberta that passed a by-law banning smoking in bars. It didn’t, however, ban smoking in vehicles. So, the (brilliant) owner of one bar bought an old school bus, refurbished the whole thing to make it rather nice, and parked it permanently ten feet outside his door. The city councilors screamed in outrage, and he made money hand over fist, before what I’m sure was a speedy amendment to the law – despite the fact that the only ones who went out there were the smoking patrons(they couldn’t serve, or it would count as part of the bar), it apparently so offended their sensibilities that someone was getting around the law that the article I read had them committing to ban it. Nonetheless, loopholing out smoking bylaws is good fun while it lasts.

  • CoachAndHorses

    Or you could just smoke at home…

  • Jason

    Everyone should switch to the alternative then there would be NO worries about any type of smoking bans anywhere. Crown7 has no tobacco and contains no carcinogens so therefore you can smoke it in the bars/restaurants. Im a bar owner and have made the switch, why doesn’t other people???