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My year begins


Almeria, Spain. January 2007

(Click on the image to better see the Moorish castle).

5 comments to My year begins

  • Maxine

    Jesus Christ, not another ‘the problem is Islam as a religion’ post. Islam is no better or worse than any other religion.

    If mainstream muslims are getting more extremist in their opinions, I highly doubt it is because society and the government have been ‘too tolerant’ as some seem to be attempting to suggest.

    It’s the opposite of tolerance that breeds extremism.

    The UK has been actively involved in a suspect war and a smear campaign to establish Islam as the new bogeyman to replace communism and you expect muslims to not become more extremist?

    It’s nice to be able to blame a religion but that is just being irresponsible and deflecting culpability.

    If your younger muslim citizens who I imagine were born here and grew up in this country are even more militant that their parents then shit, you guys have really failed as a country.

  • About once every six months someone comes along who is incapable of figuring out which comment belongs with which article.

  • Shaun Bourke.


    The caption should read……..

    ‘EU Navy Man-of-War captures illegal immigrant boat’.

    Sort of fitting really.

  • I think I was going more for “Andalucia is beautiful and fascinating”, actually.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Jennings, whenever I see one of your photographs I think “I wish I had been there”, however your trips are financed by your work – work I could not do.

    I believe that it is better that some people can go and see things (even though I will never see them) than that no one should visit these places.

    I suppose this is the difference between a person of the “right” and a person of the “left”. I rejoice in your good fortune (and I would still rejoice if it was financed by inherited wealth rather than by your work), whereas a man of the left would demand that if the poor could not visit these places you should not be allowed to (that they should be taxed).

    It is like seeing a great house. Some people feel their their mood lighten when the see such a house (even though they will never own such an estate – or anything at all) and some people (including many well off people) are filled with hate.

    That is the true divide.