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My year

Valencia, Spain. January 2006

Warsaw, Poland. February 2006

Lamego, Portugal. March 2006

Shanghai, China. March 2006

Belfast, Northern Ireland. April 2006

Sligo, Ireland. April 2006

Gold Coast, Australia. May 2006

Singapore, May 2006

Marsaxlokk, Malta. June 2006

Meringen, Switzerland. June 2006

Dublin, Ireland. July 2006

Lugano, Switzerland. August 2006

Lake Como, Italy. August 2006

Tallinn, Estonia. August 2006

Brussels, Belgium. September 2006

Cauterets, France. September 2006

Porto, Portugal. October 2006

Antwerp, Belgium. November 2006

Rotterdam, Netherlands. November 2006

Aarhus, Denmark. November 2006

Prague, Czech Republic. November 2006

Barcelona, Spain. December 2006

Seoul, South Korea. December 2006

Panmunjom, Demilitarized Zone. December 2006

Melbourne, Australia. December 2006

18 comments to My year

  • Stone the crows…it might work out cheaper if you bought your own airline!

  • Tory Anarchist

    You get to travel so much. I envy you! If you don’t mind my asking, what is it that you do?

  • Michael, I envy you, too! If all goes to plan, I’ll be jostling for position in the travelling stakes next year.

  • RAB

    Well I dont think Michael is a long distance lorry driver somehow!
    Damn I thought I was doing well visiting 4 countries this year, but the only point of intersection with Michael, is the place I cant spell in Malta. Did you go in the restaurant, the owner of which had caught the great white shark? The food is superb!
    I used to know a man who sold second hand Boeings, made a fortune, and travelled a lot.
    But if Michael wont tell us, perhaps we should start a book.
    7 to 4 Venture capitalist
    evens IT specialist.

  • I reckon hes a double-0. Shame theres no picks of villainous lairs.

  • I love that the girl in Estonia is totally entranced by Jane Austen.

  • ResidentAlien

    That’s Antwerp Centraal Station isn’t it? I regularly traveled through there until I moved to the other side of the Atlantic. It really is an impressive and ornate building. Do you have other photos of the outside?

  • RAB

    Of course he does. Stop encouraging him!

    I think you’re on to something there Mandrill.
    All we have to do is link all the dates and places
    to the semi amusing deaths of senior politicians/businessmen and we’ll have him!!
    Uh why do we want to ‘ave ‘im again?
    Anyone else watching the Falcon shorts?
    Magical comic film noir. Oh and the lighting is to die for!

  • Uain

    I dunno,
    I visited six countries in November and have another Euro tour coming up in January. The Tech Groupies and Paparrazzi make it all so exhausting.
    But I did visit a nice pub in Cambridge, had great dining in Lueven, a beautiful evening walk-about in Lund, and Tampare was a fabulous Christmas-Land.
    OK, I guess it is quite wonderful once you become numb to the jet lag.
    Good show Michael.

  • Gawd… and I thought that my “twelve countries in three years” was impressive.

    I really envy the cricket match, though. It’s been over twenty years since I watched one from the stands.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    Dude, if you end up in Singapore again, give me a holler, and I’ll treat you to dinner!

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Michael, having enjoyed a couple of trips with you this year – Porto and Ghent – let’s do some more!

    You are becoming a bit of a travel legend at this blog.

  • Reid

    Great pics. Thanks!

  • I wonder why NYC isn’t mentioned?

    Michael, how do you keep all the memories compartmentalized? With your frequencies, I’d get everything mixed up, sort of like those Surinam Chinese in Rotterdam…

  • Jonathan: Do we count Malta as well? I know you were getting married, but we were there at the same time. And of course a trip or two with you this year would be splendid.

    Tat: My last trip to NYC (in which you and I met up for lunch) was in October 2005, so it was out of the time period for this set of pictures. I didn’t get to the Americas at all in 2006, unfortunately. As for keeping track of it, I am fairly good at doing this kind of thing in my head, but I also keep an archive of my photographs indexed chronologically, which makes it very easy to come back to later.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Michael, but of course. Nice picture of the boats at the Malta port town.

    Once I get started in my new job in Feb., I should be ready and able to start some trips, and this time, the missus is coming!

  • Tatyana

    Are you sure? October’05, right. I remember now. The exact date was fuzzy, the event itself- memorable.

    Wish you North-American trips in the new year!