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How should I make fun of this? Let me count the ways



Personally I desire himalaya wonderful style. Which means it must be the place for me.

This is just too easy. I am in the Nonhyeon area of Seoul, which is a nice part of town with lots of interesting shops, and some reasonably decent architecture. And a variety of other interesting sights.


Yes, that is a Daewoo Matiz with spoilers. Really.




As a Londoner, all I can say is that their profound insight into and authentic reproduction of London’s street fraternity culture is uncanny. Particularly the bit with the skateboard.

10 comments to How should I make fun of this? Let me count the ways

  • Ivan

    If you enjoy this particular sort of hilarity, check out http://www.engrish.com. You won’t be able to stop laughing for hours. 🙂

  • Nice to see that stereotyping works both ways.

  • Do you think they intended the first kid at ‘There’s’ to be swearing at passers by? Then again, that probably is a fairly accurate representation of certain segments of London’s street fraternity culture!

  • David Crawford

    I always laughed at the Seoul subway system. Instead of signs that said “EXIT” they had signs that said “WAY OUT”. I guess hippie slang never made it to Korea or else they’d have realized their mistake.

  • And the express trains to the suburbs are labeled FAR OUT, man.

  • Ampontan

    Imagine that you live in a country where the native language is not English, and at school, when the time comes to study foreign languages, the only choice is English.

    And you are forced to study it with the usual collection of uninspired teachers and students.

    Yet, there is an undoubted combination of panache and power in the English speaking world that elicits both admiration and jealousy.

    Some of the things they come up with are mind-warping, to be sure, but as one who has grappled with and makes a living in a foreign language for close to a quarter century, I find the jokes a bit unseemly.

  • C’mon, Ampotan, English is my second language, and I still find this hilarious. Especially the “far out” bit:-O

  • bobby_b

    Accurate? Hardly. The brit kid in the pic has the wrong fingers sticking up.

  • jason

    I like that daewoo wear can i get that spoilers

  • Richard

    I just like your car. I have a matiz car too. I kinda ask you where in seoul car shop where I can make my matiz sports type matiz like yours…

    I rally appreciate if you can name some place or car center…