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Samizdata quote of the day

Not the baby, but the luggage.

– A Danish airport security person yesterday, explaining to a passenger what did and what did not need to go through the X-Ray machine.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Nick M

    Well having recently seen a TSA guy at Ft Lauderdale airport require a young father to remove his toddler’s jacket and miniature Nikes and put them through the X-Ray I’m not surprised.

    Saddened, yes but no longer surprised.

    Oh, and the kid’s stroller had to go through too.

    Well at least it wasn’t quite as bad as at Philly where I nearly missed a connection. And they almost half-inched my Thinkpad.

  • James_C

    The Demoncrats are about to switch the war front from overseas back to the West.

    Get used to this sort of thing…..

  • RAB

    Yes just about my favorite place in the world is an airport.
    We travel frequently, and having lost 3 sets of nail scissors already, my wife has wised up to putting such stuff in the hold like I do my pocket knife.
    Nevertheless on the way to Italy last month, her mascara was taken. Just the mascara. On the way back (yes we’d put the newly bought mascara in the hold!) her lipstick and eyeliner and a couple of other cosmetics were taken.
    There is no goddam rhyme or reason to this as they were all in the same bag as the mascara going out!!
    Maybe we’ll just go to Weston Super Mare next year.

  • I once saw an Arab brat in Doha airport crawl through the x-ray machine when it was on. His parents thought it was amusing. They might not find the lymphoma so amusing next year.