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With our troops safely back, the people of Iraq can then begin building a faith-based society emphasizing the same traditional values that motivate conservatives like you: women at home, prayer in school, capital punishment for homos.

– Howard Dean (channelled by blogging über-wit Iowahawk) is sniffing out votes in unlikely places.

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  • Uain

    Being a Vermonter, I find that we are only known for our nuts that we let out of the state; Dean, Leahy and Sanders. But it is well worth the embarassment, since we find them more irritating than you can imagine. So we foist them on the rest of the country, where they find fawning admirers in Hollywood and the kook mainstream media, and we get on with our lives in peace.

    However, I personally would at least like some royalty to come back to the state, for all the satirical entertainment value that Howard Dean has amassed.

  • Julie in Chicago

    Sick. Just sick. I speak as an atheist. –He really reminds me of: “Heil, Spode!” whenever I see a picture of him haranguing a crowd.

  • Mary Ayn Rand

    So far, everthing that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, predicted that would come to pass, hasn’t.

    So far, just about everything that Howard Dean predicted that would come to pass in Iraq, has come to pass.

    And he’s the “crazy one”?

    Mary Ayn Rand
    I’m trapped on Gilligan’s Island, but I’m not paying ANY INCOME TAX!

  • Uain

    Julie in Chicago-
    Has he spoken of the superiority of Vermont knees already? It’s all very scientific, I assure you.

    Poor Mary Ayn Rand-
    This is war, you know. And we have Howierd and the other democrat nutters aping the talking points of Al-Qaeda. Imagine if today’s hapless US media covered Normandy, the battles in the pacific, battle of the bulge, etc..

  • Mary Ayn Rand

    Uain, to reiterate:

    “So far, everthing that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, predicted that would come to pass in Iraq, hasn’t.

    So far, just about everything that Howard Dean predicted that would come to pass in Iraq, has come to pass.

    And he’s the “crazy one”?”

    Now, if you can refute the above statement, sans the infantile namecalling, and non-sequiters about the media and WWII, I would be happy to see it.

    “I’m trapped on Gilligan’s Island, but I’m not paying any INCOME TAX!”

  • Hmmm…the Dems seem to be the ones
    …outing gays
    …overreacting to the Foley situation playing on people’s homophobia and the myth that gay = pedophile
    …running campaign ads demanding heads to roll re Foley because the candidate’s child was abducted years ago…playing on the fear that gay = child abducter
    …prefiling a bill in my state that would forbid public colleges and universities from offering benefits to domestic partners (whether same or opposite sex)

    HMMM…the Dems are really crapping on their GLBTQQ constituency.

    A lot of lefties are rooting for the islamofascists…who execute homos. Lefties = Death

  • Uain

    Poor Mary Ayn Rand,
    You need to get out of the sun dear, or else read a little more.
    During WW2, Rooseveldt set up an Office of Censorship, a temporary organization of 14,000 volunteers to check cables from overseas to US news outlets. It was headed by a respected journalist (Byron Price) and it was disbanded in 1945 after the war was over. Rooseveldt understood that you fight wars to win. This office was able to protect state secrets like atom bomb, breaking of Japanese and Nazi codes, etc, from overcompetitve news reporters and editors.
    Now flash forward to today, New York Times publishes every secret they can get ahold of; Treasury department program to track terror finances, where top terroists are held, etc.. All things that help our sworn enemies adapt to fight and finance another day.
    As for your being so enthralled with Dean’s predictive skills, try reading Haaretz, Lebanon Star, Khaleej Times,
    India Times once in awhile, and you too could make predictions that Iraq and Afghanistan would be tough slogs, with Iran and Syria fighting us with all they have.

    Frankly, sounds like you have been away from civilization to long….

  • Mary Any Rand

    Uain, one more time:

    Everything Bush, Rumsfeld et al claimed that would happen in Iraq, didn’t.

    Everything that Dean claimed would happen in Iraq, has.

    And Dean is supposed to be the “crazy” one?

    What does that have to do with US censorship during WWII and the writings about Iraq/Afghanistan in the foreign press?

    You’re still not addressing the question at hand, despite your oh, so fey irrelevent comments about overexposure to the Sun (the local star, not the newspaper.)

    Mary Ayn Rand
    “I’m trapped on Gilligan’s Island, but I’m not paying any INCOME TAX!”

  • Uain

    Dearest Mary Any,

    I’ll try one more time, just for you (Mary Ann was my favorite).

    1.) *Everything* Bush, Cheney, et. al. hasn’t come to pass???

    – Mission Accomplished; read Bush’s speech. We toppled the Baathist Government but there was still ALOT of work ahead. Seems mission was to take Bagdad, remember?
    – Iraqis would welcome us; Yes they sure did. Do you recall how positve the news was in the first months? Do you recall reporters being kidnapped and killed by the terrorists? Do you know about asymmetrical warfare where you can seek to check mate the enemy’s strengths by controlling what news gets out?
    – The Iraqis can never have democracy; Oh yeah? when was the last time a western country had three elections with majority turn out when voters had to worry about being killed for voting?
    – You can never train a new Iraqi army; Oh yeah?
    why is that terrorists have abandoned the field in favor of killing moms doing their shopping instead of the glory of attacking the IA? Why do the terrorists get their butts kicked when they get near the IA? Why do the insugents run toward the US to surrender when we are on joint patrols with the IA.

    So how again are Bush et. al so wrong????

    As for Dean? Any idiot can say anything that can be right for a season. Did you know that 6000 men died just practicing for D-Day on English beaches? Can you imagine the wails of hopelessness that would have arisen had people of the same low reputability as Dean been there to claim impending defeat?
    Iraq will be won and Dean’s season of fame will fade and history will remember him as the no talent cynical opportunist he is.