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Funny but true

Blogging collectives only really work for the readers when the editorial line has some focus – Samizdata or Harry’s Place for instance take a line and have a community of writers with broadly similar views (Samizdatistas think private gun ownership is good and want to liberate Iraq through firepower. Over at Harry’s place they think gun ownership is bad and want to socialise Iraq through firepower.)
– the incomperable Guido Fawkes

3 comments to Funny but true

  • guy herbert

    I think maybe it helps if you fight among yourselves, too. Be pointless to have multiple contributors who always agree. And not worth reading at all if you already know what’s going to be said.

  • Seconded…(waits…)

    I actually thought there was some deja vu, but it was because I had originally read this on said Guido.

  • The ‘incomperable Guido’ who does indeed publish a witty and interesting blog, seems to have lost it today with his ‘its all a sinister plot’ post on the recent unpleasantness.

    Perhaps Samizdatas could have a whip-round to buy the poor fella some Thorazine?