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The progressive left just does not get it

One of my all-time favourite bloggers – who also happens to be the funniest man in the blogosphere – is under attack from DailyKos contributor ‘dday’, who does not think Harry Hutton is particularly funny at all. This post raised the ire of ‘dday’ and provoked this response from the little pet. ‘dday’ starts off by qualifying his monumental whinge with a “some of my best friends are black, but…” type defence of his sense of humour :

I’m not above making fun of people. Actually I do it for sport.

For one so allegedly adept at the art of piss-taking, he does not seem to understand that whole irreverence thing. Later, ‘dday’ flashes his humour credentials again – just so everyone is sure it is not him with the problem :

I make jokes continually, so I’m pretty up on my joke construction.

You can imagine the sort of emasculated, PC jokes this guy would crack. I bet he’s about as funny as a gender feminist. Anyway, if the plight of those living in intellectual poverty concerns you, take a look at the “debate” via the links provided above. The related comments thread on DailyKos and that attached to the offending post at Hutton’s are also worth a read if you enjoy the spectacle of uncomprehending, outraged mewling from humourless dolts.

15 comments to The progressive left just does not get it

  • Chris Harper

    dday on kos writes –
    It starts as chuckles among unformed or unaware or unprocessed minds, and can quickly metastasize into action. In a metaphorical sense it already has, with the cutthroat way Republicans do business in the political arena.

    Metaphorical Action?

    It is clear that the people at kos are having the p**s taken by one of their own.

    I have read some pretentious tripe in my time, but this takes the cake. Does Pseuds Corner highlight blog postings yet?

  • Jeffrey

    This reminds me of an old joke:

    Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: That’s not funny!

  • Most of the British left has been laughing with you for once. Harry is hilarious.

    Daily Kos is about the most vituperative place in the blogosphere.

  • dearieme

    The leftist sense of humour is no laughing matter.

  • Regarding Hutton’s political affiliations, I don’t give a monkey’s. The guy’s got a comic gift, and that’s that.

  • Hutton is scarcely “the Right”. If anything he is an unpolitical anarcho-conservative, small “a” and “c”, who reminds me a little bit of Waugh. He laughs at the absurdities, even the horrors, of life. Very, very funny — and astute, too.

  • veryretired

    “…uncomprehending, outraged mewling from humourless dolts.”

    Marvelous, simply marvelous. One of the best summations of this mindset I have ever seen.

    They’d be truly comical if they didn’t keep producing Cubas, No. Koreas, East Germanys, Cambodias…

  • Uain

    Let’s see… tin hat in place, check!
    OK, Daily Kos, here we go…….

    Perusing this frak show called Daily Kos, I find it depressing that those who used to talk about making peace, not war in the late 60’s, saw CIA agents under every bush in the ’70’s, who accused everyone else of being fascist psychopaths in the 80’s, and spent the 90’s distracted with the Clintons, have become……..

    er, well… hate filled, CIA seditionist loving, fascist sympathizing, gripped by the latest wacko conspiracy theory, um, did I already say fascist cheerleaders?

    So much for peace, love, dove…..

  • Well, I think this dday fellow has a point. When I looked this morning the Kos post had an update denouncing dsquared of Crooked Timber as Spawn of Coulter, and who can say fairer than that?

    But you know how it is. Just when one starts to like a blog they go and change it. No mention of dsquared visible now.

  • Hutton’s more Peter Cook than Waugh (although Waugh fils bears a definite similarity).

    I had a quick squiz at the Kos site while sitting in a respectable library where people don’t use the web for this sort of thing and within about two minutes I was struggling so hard to contain my sides that I had to switch back to the Samizdata page:

    I just love the idea of all these earnest, po-faced Torquemadas utterly missing the point about Childe Harold while insisting that they’ve got a sense of humour, OK!

  • Kim du Toit

    I’d read Harry’s post earlier, and I seldom if ever read the Kos Kiddies, so I was unaware of the brouhaha.

    Not that I care. When the assegai flew through the window, I started giggling, and when he started Rorke’s Drifting, I nearly pissed myself.

    I dunno about the “funniest” though — as much as I love Harry, there’s also Jonny Billericay… tough pick, between those two.

    Harry’s exchange with the gunsmith was funny, but then there’s Jonny’s Godot-esque Episode of the Peanuts.

    Very tough pick.

  • Kim du Toit

    Oh, and as for the Kos Kiddies and their sense of humor…

    Imagine a Marxist student group performing at Open Mike Night at the Comedy Club.

  • Why thank you Kim. Different style. I love Harry’s stuff immensely.

    It was, indeed, the ‘I’m pretty up on my joke construction’ that made the whole thing, for me. That elevated it from basic humorless misunderstanding to one of the classic tenets of comedy: ‘windbag is pompous; gets comeuppance’.

  • Steve P

    I can’t help but think of the Major from Monty Python:-
    “Now no-one likes a laugh more than I do…”

  • Kim du Toit


    Different style, or whatever. Both you and Harry are responsible for the frequent roars of helpless laughter in my house.

    Incidentally, I can’t find your Episode With The Sheep’s Heart anywhere (I think it was a sheep’s heart)… can you email me a link?

    Just thinking about that post gives me the giggles.