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Spot the odd man out.

While walking throught the old (Chinese) section of Shanghai today, I walked pass a shop offering to print T-shirts to whatever design I liked. This was the lineup of sample shirts out the front. I don’t know about you, but if I was the man on the left I might be slightly miffed about being put in such company.


On the other hand, since this is officially still a communist country, perhaps this is meant as the highest possible compliment to Mr Beckham.

10 comments to Spot the odd man out.

  • MarkH

    You can imagine the words going through his head. Stalin? Call that a player? How many premier league teams did he ever score for? I’ve never played him.

  • How come Blair’s not up there with all his friends?

  • They where Socialist. Blair is strait up Authoritarian, plus he hasn’t got the requisite body count of his own citizens needed for a Socialist icon yet.

  • George Best

    “One-nil to the Essex boy!”

  • fred_says

    No no. He would have to be to the right to be in the place of honor. All the way on the left is reserved for the lowest. See, he’s right next to Che. I guess the salesman really likes Stalin.

  • SenatorK

    This reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch “World Forum” where the host grills Marx and Mao on their knowledge of soccer.

    “First question to your Mr. Marx, the Hammers are the nickname of which English football team?”

  • Nick M

    Who would buy a Joe Stalin T-shirt?

  • With “compliments” like that, who needs to be insulted?

  • Hey, they offer panting wholesale! If only there were an outlet near me…

  • SenatorK:

    1) The struggle of class against class is a what struggle?

    2) The development of the industrial proletariat is governed by the development of what other class?

    3) When did Wolverhampton Wanderers last win the FA Cup?