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My personal condolences to Glenn Reynolds on the sudden death of his grandmother. Check out the old photos. She was stunning in 1938. Her husband looks so much like a young fighter pilot I wonder if he became one!

I am sure she was a fount of family stories and this must be an immense loss to Glenn.

9 comments to Condolences

  • I second that. It sounds like she was spared extended suffering or illness, which is a blessing.

  • Nick M

    Yeah, she was a stunna. That was a cleavge that strong men would fight and die for. Yeah, he does look like a fighter pilot. Something I might’ve become but for my eyesight. Dale are you as obsessed with aerospace as I am?

    That’s a magnificent photo, and very moving even though I’ve never known either of them.

  • My condolences to Glenn as well.

    And Nick, Dale is more obsessed with aerospace than you are.

  • Julian Morrison

    An attitude I got from Heinlein books: age is never a good enough reason to lose a person’s life! Here’s just another example of it.

    Saving older people from the genetic disease called “ageing” has to be the highest priority of the species.

  • Condolences and Rest In Peace.

    Re. the aerospace issue, I’m waiting to read a Samizdata post in the category ‘Aerospace’ that isn’t written by Dale Amon!

  • Dale Amon

    Well, anyone here who is truly obsessed with aerospace will be at the ISDC in LA in a month: http://isdc.nss.org and incidentally, Patty Grace Smith just confirmed. Elon will be there and hopefully will have some good footage of the post-thrust termination flight phase 😉

    I will be there of course and during much of it working in chicken, headless, mode… As I chair two NSS committees, one of which oversees the conference finances and have to organize the selection of the 2008 city and talk with the 2009 bidders… and not to mention all sorts of assorted society business… but I do usually end up in the bar or a hospitality suite at night 😉

    This has a vague connection to Glenn too: we’ve known each other from L5/NSS starting in the early eighties. He won’t be there however. Instapundit has taken over his life.

  • James: There are one or two articles in aerospace by me. Dale is the expert though – I am just an interested layman.

  • Nick M

    L5, would that be as audacious as I think it sounds? And if so, what’s wrong with L4?

  • Dale Amon

    L5 made a nicer logo 🙂 http://www.l5news.org