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So they printed the cartoons in Egypt…

… in October of last year and nothing happened.

So obviously it took a while for the people who wanted to blow this up some time to get all those highly inflammable Danish flags made and organise the outrage. Maybe we are looking in all the wrong places for the people behind this. Radical Islamic clerics? Nah, it was all a conspiracy by Middle Eastern flag makers.

37 comments to So they printed the cartoons in Egypt…

  • Verity

    Perry, I hope I haven’t stepped on your toes again! I posted this link below on the Diss’s link about five minutes ago!

  • I think it is funny actually. This story is developing into something truly weird and new angles just keep popping up (and I haven’t even bothered to cover the phoney extra cartoons and pig-face-guy bizarreness!).

  • GCooper

    Perry de Havilland writes:

    “This story is developing into something truly weird and new angles just keep popping up….”

    You’re right. Which makes it all the more transparently obvious that the BBC’s manufactured ‘Shock! Horror! Exclusive! Corruption in Kenya!” lead story on both tonight’s BBC 1 10pm news and BBC2’s Newsnight was a snow job, designed to ‘take the heat out of’ the real story.

    Are there no depths to which the BBC and its fellow travellers will not sink?

  • Pete_London


    Of course nothing happened in October, that Imam in Denmark hadn’t yet hawked images of Monsieur Le Pig Face around the middle east. Like you I find it all very funny, really funny. But while watching Friday’s demonstration in London live on Sky I knew this had to be just about the wierdest, most insane shit I’ve ever come across. I think about it (cartoons = outrage + riots + burned embassies + deaths + recalled ambassadors + sanctions … ) and all I can come up with is “-WTF?!”

  • Verity

    It’s wild, that’s for sure. As you say, the extra three cartoons presented as part of the Jyllands-Posten package … (and how very odd that none of the “official” people who viewed these cartoons never went to the Jyllands-Posten site and confirmed for themselves. Strikes me as an eagerness to be offended. Were these three cartoons in the package these appalled imams presented to the UN?) And the ancient French pig-squealing contest.

    And now the fact that the cartoons had been published routinely in an Egyptian paper last October and it was just another day in Cairo. This is truly bizarre.

    Large agenda here IMHO being carried on in stealth.

  • Rich

    So is it Iran getting at Denmark as they are on the Security Council this year, or is it the Saudi’s setting up Iran. This is nearly as good as 24! I can hardly wait till the final episode to find out who is really the baddie.

  • Joshua

    The truly bizarre thing about it, though, is that we’re still seeing people willing to make excuses for the mobs.

    The whole “these mobs don’t represent Islam” crowd is one thing. I disagree with them that the mobs are not representative, but at least their stance on it is rational in its form. Maybe they have their facts wrong, but their logic gates are still functioning.

    What blows me away – even now, even after so many examples – is people who still insist on saying that any religion that will burn buildings and hunt people down for insulting it deserves any kind of respect or consideration, or that Denmark somehow “had it coming” for failing to appreciate the seriousness of insulting the big P or some such. Surely there can be no compromises here?

    I’m glad the rational majority got to see all this, though. This should go a long way to clearing things up for a great many people – especially when this bit about the paper in Egypt gets out. Naked hypocrisy. I wonder what the cultural relativists will have left to say now that the “taboo” they wanted everyone to be sensitive to turns out not to be so important after all…

  • Rich

    I’ve already wasted some of my time by mailing the BBC news team about this, how’s about a few more people do it and lets see once and for all whether they have any pride and/or ethics! and publish/air this damning fact.

  • Verity

    The “rational majority” will not know all these things unless they visit blogs like Samizdata that are informed, have a world view themselves and have posters who have suspicious minds, because they’re dependent on the MSM.

    Agreed, Joshua, the “these mobs don’t represent the true Islam” (personal yawn here) but as you say, at least it’s still rational in its form. Understood. As you say, logic gates still open.

    But this story is all over the place.

    Jyllands-Posten became concerned about self-censorship and put out a call which resulted in 12 rather wimpy cartoons, which they published.

    Danish imans, mullahs, whatever jumped up and down. Ambassadors from 11 Islamic countries and Turkey (which is secular, but what the hell) demand a meeting with the Danish prime minister who, they seem to think, is like a local strongman in a Muslim country and can control the press. Rasmussen declines to meet with them because there’s nothing to say.

    Meanwhile, newspaper in Cairo publishes cartoons and provokes a yawn-o-rama and Cairo experiences just another day.

    Danish iman-wise, it’s OK, you Danes, this is war! We’re telling on you to the UN! UN “Human Rights” fleas require refilibration they are so shocked.

    Trawl through internet by devout Danish imans produces some really offensive “cartoons” so, these people being of the Middle Eastern, thumb-on-the-scale trading mentality, pop them into the offending package. And no one notices three extra cartoons, although the “12 cartoons” are widely advertised?

    And the ancient French pig-squealing contest? How bizarre is that?

    And now embargoes against totally innocent, well-run Danish companies, burning of embassies, threatening Danish human rights workers, who have had to close their offices and leave, marches threatening England by masked demonstrators with violent placards, protected by the British police who try to stop them being photographed – and arrest British by-standers?

    Could someone give me a break around here? Doesn’t anyone smell a large, fat, calmly-organised agenda?

  • Pete_London


    I know the BBC is aware of this. Paul Reynolds, BBC News World Affairs Correspondent acknowledges his error in an admirable and rare piece of honesty from the BBC here.

    More than 48 hours after that Reynolds piece the 10 O’Clock news tonight still trotted out the old line about the 12 original cartoons inciting the riots. The BBC knows this is bullshit. Paul Reynolds in teh News Room knows it’s bullshit and I’ve told them three times in the last three days it’s bullshit. More then that, the Imam who hawked the three made up cartoons around the middle east, the individual who did more than anyone to stir it up, was interviewed on the 10 O’Clock News about Danish Islamophobia! No mention of three made up cartoons though!

    Tomorrow I speak with my MP. The BBC has not only been peddling a lie which it knows to be a lie, it has given the culprit a platform to grandstand against the Danish people.

    Rich – you can pop over to the nice people at Biased-BBC and let them know your view. It’ll get to the BBC also, Paul Reynolds pops in sometimes and I know others do.

  • Rich

    Pete, thanks for that information, furious is the mood I now feel. I pay those B******s wages. So they can keep stuff from me!

    I’m glad I’ve had a skinfull already or I’d need a drink!

  • RAB

    Well three cheers to the BBC say I !!
    I was going to invest a large chunk of money in Kenya, but now, thanks to them telling me that, shock horror! there is corruption there!…
    I couldn’t believe my friggin eyes when that led the 10oclock news and was even followed up on Newsnight straight after.
    Tip to BBC news— News has to be current and novel, not ongoing and universal. So an earthquake in Turkey is news wheras corruption in Africa is not.
    What did Bliar threaten them with to get the Cartoons off the front page?

  • Rich

    “What did Bliar threaten them with to get the Cartoons off the front page?”

    An early election?

  • Verity

    Pete_London – “More then that, the Imam who hawked the three made up cartoons around the middle east, the individual who did more than anyone to stir it up, was interviewed on the 10 O’Clock News about Danish Islamophobia! No mention of three made up cartoons though!”

    I am still naive enough to be completely shocked by this! This little fuck-ass has caused Danish embassies to be burned, to the tune of tens of millions of euros, and innocent and well-run Danish companies to lose millions in revenues. Well, he has kindly provided a very loud wake-up call in Britain and Europe. Not to the British government, which is all too obviously complicit, but maybe the British people.

    Or maybe not. They’ve been taught not to be “racist” about Islam.

  • RAB

    Nah Rich, they’d love one of them!
    More chance to flap their chops.
    Likely to be something to do with the licence they think they have to use the money the govt steals for them in any way they choose, whilst pretending that they are a “Balanced” cutting edge news outlet.
    Favours have been called in is all I can say.
    Big time!

  • Moriarty

    An early election?

    You don’t think that slippery bastard Blair would risk an election now, surely?
    At least, not until he’s finished his latest gerrymandering plan.

  • veryretired

    Denmark is scheduled to be the next chair of the UN committee that will hear the complaint about Iran’s nuclear program.

    Did anyone really think this was about some warmed over, recycled cartoons?

  • Verity

    very retired – Yes, I did, and do. Arabs coming out in violent support of Iranians is just too bonkers. Get a grip.

  • veryretired

    I doubt the average rioter has any idea what’s going on, other than the imam told him to join the protest.

    I’m talking about the timing and the funding, not to mention the orchestrated attacks on embassies and other offices in Syria, scene of a recent meeting between the Iranians and Syrians, along with a few others.

    I have a very good grip. Read Iraq the model as well as some of the other blogs from the ME that are not so rabid. It’s all about politics and intimidation.

    The religious frenzy, and the boobs out in the streets jumping around, are a smokescreen for the very pointed politics of the whole shebang.

    There’s no prohibition in Islam about showing the Prophet. It’s baloney from top to bottom.

  • Verity

    veryretired, well, there are prohibitions about showing their prophet but I don’t know whether they’re official from their Koran or hadith or just local superstitions.

    Anyway, I should not have written “get a grip” as you are an individual with as firm a grasp on matters as anyone anywhere and I do apologise without reservation.

    I think some of your points are wrong – although, on the other hand, you could be right. The Iranians are clever and could have used their excitable little fellow Islamics, not from the more advanced parts of the world, as simple-minded tools. I won’t say it couldn’t happen.

  • veryretired


    I wasn’t offended. I find this whole deal so painfully obvious that I guess it never occurs to me that it isn’t that blatant to others.

    I am an incurable cynic when it comes to why people do things the way they do. The motivations are usually so venal.

    In this case, it was very compelling that this sudden indignation about cartoons that had been published months ago with no uproar had an ulterior motive.

    I should know better than to assume others see things the same way I do. It rarely happens, which is just as well. I’m not much of a joiner, and crowds make me nervous.

  • The speculation/conspiracy theory I’ve been hearing lately (in the US) is that the whole Cartoon Jihad is a manufactured event; a psyop by the US Military to push international support for a war with Iran in the US’s corner.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    GCooper, I thought the BBC story on Kenya was a bit odd. It is hardly news that much of Africa is a cesspool of corruption. Wow, thanks Auntie for pointing out the bloody obvious.

    That said, some of the focus on the cartoon issue does get a bit monotonous. There are other news stories out there which need to be covered, so I would not berate the BBC or anyone else from doing that.

  • drscrooge

    The speculation/conspiracy theory I’ve been hearing lately (in the US) is that the whole Cartoon Jihad is a manufactured event; a psyop by the US Military to push international support for a war with Iran in the US’s corner.

    I guess if you believe Rove was behind the fake memos then it is not hard to believe that Rove was also behind the fake pig cartoon.

  • Moriarty

    …a psyop by the US Military…

    Translation – either the islamists or the some US dhimmies have decided that the whole manufactured issue of cartoon rage has made muslims look like the idiots that they are, and is trying to shift blame somewhere else.

    Given that there are people who believe that 9/11 was ordered by Bush, I suppose that this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  • Aurora

    The latest contributor… technology.

  • justme

    EU commissioner urges European press code on religion

    Plans for a European press charter committing the media to “prudence” when reporting on Islam and other religions, were unveiled yesterday


    The British press are way ahead of him.

  • Uffe-HS

    Just one more detail on the Touring Imams: The Imam who showed the offending cartoon on BBC for which they subsequently apologized was on the original tour to Egypt last year. He is employed by the Danish State Prison in Nyborg.


    It is curious how the journalists on BBC managed to pick a drawing which never was published in Denmark and show it world wide. Last Monday the original cartoons had been on the web for months and Jyllands-Posten could surely have supplied a copy.

    Malicious intent or just a case of how convenient it is to have a public service media organization at hand when you cannot organize a piss-up in a brewery?

  • Millie Woods

    About the Beeb’s many inaccuracies.
    Tuesday evening I was watching the World Service which I occasionally do.
    The reason this time was to find out what happened in the Imam Hook trial. There was a filler piece about the discovery of hundreds of previously unknown species of flora and fauna in Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia. I’m not, as my compatriot Anna Russell would say, making this up.
    The species were found in Papua-New Guinea which the last time I looked was not Indonesia. So not only are the Beeb types biased they are biased ignoramuses.

  • Verity

    Another highly intelligent remark from the All Raging, All Seething Touring Imams Show!:

    The U.S. base was targeted because the United States “is the leader of Europe and the leading infidel in the world,” said Sher Mohammed, a 40-year-old farmer who suffered a gunshot wound while taking part in the demonstration in the city of Qalat.

    Too bad it wasn’t a gunshot wound to the head, but something’s better than nothing.

  • David

    I don’t think they are that dumb. Indonesia has designs on PNG after all.

  • Uffe-HS

    The stranges beast that has surfaced the last couple of weeks is surely not found in Papua-New Guinea but in media where the Caring/Compasionate/New Journalists does not show blank-blank in order not to offend their blank-blankish readers or viewers

    The latest version from CNN reads:

    CNN is not showing the negative caricatures of the likeness of Prophet Mohammed because the network believes its role is to cover the events surrounding the publication of the cartoons while not unnecessarily adding fuel to the controversy itself.

    One can only wonder how they managed to write this between their laughing fits. – Maybe the job was out-sourced.


  • It will be interesting to see what happens at the riot Muslim demo on the 18th of February. Wonder if they will pull off looking “moderate”.

  • Hold your horses, Mille Woods!

    The Eden was found in NW New Guinea, which is the Indonesian ‘half’. Papua New Guinea is the Eastern ‘half’ of the island.

    Of course, Indonesia would like to ‘tidy up’ that area, as it would also like to rationalise Sarawak & Sabah and deal with that little dot called Singapore…

  • Rich

    Andrew Neil live on This Week, has just very swiftly chucked into conversation that just this evening, they have learned that the cartoons were published in Egypt last year. Took seconds, dealt with, done.

    “There goes the truth, we told it, everyone heard, we’re unbiased. No, it’s not on our website or 24 hour news channel (funded by a tv tax), we have covered it already, anymore would be insensitive.”

  • I just came across an article on the source of the Danish flags.