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‘Buy Danish’ campaign seems to be helping

The Danish media has taken note of the Buy Danish campaigns that have sprung up spontaneously over the least week or so in response to the boycott from Islamic countries. Danes seem to be quite willing to stoutly resist the pressure to limit free speech but it is important they realise that millions of people worldwide are urging them to stand firm and so although buying Danish goods or putting a supportive graphic on your site may be a token, it is by no means pointless. Below is a translation of an article in Børsen.

Buy Danish campaigns in large markets like the USA and Germany might give Danish companies enough increased turnover to cover the losses from the Arabian boycotts.

Companies like Arla, Lego, and Carlsberg believe in increased sales when they check their books next time, and Dominique Bouchet, professor in marketing and sociology at the University of Southern Denmark also expects a plus.

“It just might give a good effect. Normally there is a greater effect the other way around, when you signal disgust and irritation through a boycott. But the present situation is completely unusual, and many dislikes the Muslim boycott and the extremists reactions to the drawings. It is expressed through the buying of Danish goods”, says Dominique Bouchet.

He emphasises that there has never been comparable situations, so it is difficult to predict how large the effect will become.

Denmark is, as most people are aware, caught in the middle of a Middle Eastern sandwich, where the hateful reactions to the Prophet drawings have become so extreme that the crisis is going straight on to front pages in media around the world.

This releases a counter expression via buy Danish campaigns, where the customers are encouraged to buy Danish goods to support Denmark in the conflict. A simple search on Google gives more than 100.000 “buy Danish” pages.”

With thanks to Kristina for the translation.

71 comments to ‘Buy Danish’ campaign seems to be helping

  • Bombadil

    Anybody know of a good list of Danish products that are available in the US? I went through my local grocery store this morning and found several kinds of Danish cheese, but nothing else.

  • Mac

    I know you can get an egg salad sandwich with havarti at most Starbucks. It’s a little thing, but it’s a start. (It’s about five million calories, though…)

  • Joshua

    I’d be interested too. All I’ve been sure is Danish so far is the Carlsberg I’ve been drinking for the last week and the various cheeses I’ve been eating. But there are plenty of pages online, as pointed out in the post.

    I’m glad this is being noticed in Denmark. It is only a token, but given the wussy reaction from the USA, I feel like it’s something I have to do.

    And, yeah, Dissident’s “Support Denmark” graphic went up on my webpage last night – just in time for students to see it if they click on while downloading study guides for their upcoming exam.

  • James

    There’s a Danish cheese I’ve bee after for months… Sainsbury’s used to stock it, but then they stopped. It’s a soft cheese- slightly more consistent than something like roulé- covered in pepper on the outside. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Anybody know of it? I’ll buy a pound of it if I can find it…

  • Jeffersonian

    I quite enjoyed the Carlsberg and Havarti during the Superbowl, myself. And, of course, my children have been keeping the folks over at Lego knee-deep in gravy for the past decade-plus.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for anything else I might get from these stalwarts.

  • toolkien

    Not to be party pooper, and I’m not an economist, but unless this support lasts months, will it have much impact? If it is short-term, won’t any increase (over abd above the arab boycotts) just cause shortages in the short term, and perhaps over eager suppliers who cause gluts in the medium term as demand fades?

  • Bombadil

    I think the idea is to negate the impact of a boycott of Danish goods across the Islamic world.

  • Brian

    I’ve been buying as many Danish things as I can find for the last week or so. I’d buy Carlsberg if it wasn’t brewed (sorry, manufactured) in Northampton, even though it tastes like something the Gay Horse emits.

    Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do with this Feta Cheese? It’s quite clearly inedible, so I wonder what it’s for. Hurry, please. I’ve three packets in the fridge.

    Other than that, more power to your elbows!

  • Verity

    Lur-Pak butter is some of the best butter in the world. I am going to drive to a supermarket that I know sells it on Sunday and buy half a dozen packs, and I’m going to pick up a couple of packs of Rosenborg blue cheese at the same time. I don’t think they sell havarti. I think Tuborg beer is also Danish.

    Why don’t you go to the Arla website? Or maybe the website of the Danish government? Or just google Danish foods.

  • guy herbert

    There’s always tourism. Go to Denmark and be nice to them in person.

  • Pity Heljan don’t do anything much in N

  • I have been buying Danish as well. The blue cheese and salami were particularily nice I thought.

  • Jared

    Last week I purchased Lur-Pak Butter for the first time at Publix Supermarkets. You have not lived yet untill trying on hot sour dough bread. I will continue to purchase for me and my family now that I have tasted heaven.

    Found Denmark butter cookies in the tins at Albertsons and purchased eight of them. They are great for gifts to your customers at work. Different types were available like Almond, Chocolate chip and butter. I have gained some weight but its for a noble cause. So eat a butter cookie for freedom of speech!

  • peggy

    My local Albertson’s in Dallas doesnt just carry Havarti in several varieties but these varieties are a brand owned by Arla. I dont know if every Albertsons in every market does but check it out.

    I for one will keep buying it especially the dill flavor. ummmm. Check out the cracker section too. I couldnt find any Danish crackers but I found some Swedish ones that I know were very popular in Dublin when I was living there. At least my Swedish friends couldnt get enough of them anyway. They are just perfect with cheese but I cant think of the name of them right now. They are large rectangles, very crunchy and they come in wheat, multigrain and rye etc. Look for Danish but failing that support Sweden! heh heh (Hey I got people I care about there)

    I would also buy fast. Who knows how long it will be before a store like Albertsons decides to self-censor their cheese case…..

  • Verity

    Peggy – Ryvita.

  • Gormie

    …. why not move a little upmarket and invest in that sleek Bang & Olufsen television or replace your old furniture with some classy designer goods like Wegners (“The Chair”)? You could also support research in non-carbonbased energy (even Bush wants you to do that!!) and buy stocks in the largest windmill factory around, Vestas Wind Systems. And remember, if you need to move that container from Los Angeles to China, make sure its on a Maersk-Sealand carrier.

    Anyways, thanks, the support campaign made the headlines in Denmark and makes us feel a little less isolated.

  • Samsung

    I really don’t see the logic in this silly Islamic driven boycott on Danish goods. And what exactly are they trying to ban… Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Expression? These things are integral to our liberal, tolerant and humanist way of life in the West. We are free and democratic societies.

    What the hell is this ban going to stop the Muslims from doing… drinking Carlsberg beer and eating Danish bacon. I don’t think these Stone Age goombahs have thought this through properly. I can’t see the Islamic world banning the purchase of Denmark’s leading exports as having much effect, either politically or economically. Think about it, these Mohammedans are not allowed to drink alcohol and they don’t touch ham.

    Islamic boycott = ineffectual stupid ass-clowns.

  • peggy


    Its the least that we can do. Its our pleasure. Our taste buds are thanking you in return!

  • peggy


    As much as I hate to admit it its not so ineffectual. The Arabs import Danish dairy products like cheese, milk, butter etc. There are many Danish foods that they can eat. The Danes also make, sell and offer a lot more besides these items than any of us realized before the boycott. Cumulatively, it is a serious situation for Danish businesses and I hear that some at least have either closed or had to lay off innocent workers. I realize that Denmark has a comprehensive social net but even so many of these people will not have nearly the standard of living they had when they were working. They might lose many things that they worked hard to earn and tightening one’s belt is never any picnic.

    If we dont counter the boycott, more people will needlessly and unfairly suffer. So buy Danish, ok?

  • Henrik

    Hi guys

    Thanks a lot for the campaign. And the truth is, as mentioned above, it really does help us feel a little less isolated.


  • Joshua

    Unfortuntely, Denmark can’t really fight back since Pan-Jihadistan’s only real export is oil. And, in fact, no one would pay much attention to the Middle East’s opinions about much of anything if not for this fact. (Nor, I suspsect, would muslims be bothering to burn anyone’s embassy. They only do this because they know they’re on television.) The lesson here, I guess, is that $2.50/gallon gas is a good thing. I remember reading somewhere that gas would have to go to $3.65/gallon in the US for alternative-energy cars to become economical. Once such cars are economical and people start buying them for real reasons (i.e. unrelated to environmental alarmism), the money to improve them will appear in the form of investments against expected profits.

    I don’t expect this to happen any time soon, unfortunately. But the truth is, we’re going to have a problem with militant Islam as long as the Middle East can continue to buy attention it probably doesn’t deserve. Without oil, they have essentially no economy. Then we’ll see what their “religious” grandstanding is worth.

  • Tom

    Skagen makes great wristwatches, and of course Bang and Oluffsen (hope I spelled that reasonably close) makes excellent audio equipment.

  • Nick Timms

    Verity, usually I find your comments entertaining, refreshingly honest and mostly I agree with them however, Ryvita is manufactured in Poole, Dorset about a mile from my home. (When the wind is in a certain direction I can smell it – sort of sweet and nutty).

  • Nick Timms

    Verity. About 30 seconds after pressing “post” I realised that you were not suggesting Ryvita was Danish, you were merely answering Peggy’s queries on the identity of her crackers. Apologies. I plead Friday evening vino.

  • Verity

    Oh, gosh, Nick Timms, my apologies to Poole! I always thought Ryvita was one of those hearty Scandinavian things. A deep de sculpa me fol-de-rol!

  • Verity

    Then what the hell was I apologising for? Officer, arrest this man!

  • Donald

    I bought a bottle of Danish Vodka last night. Brand called Fris. I think this is fairly common in most liquor stores and larger grocery stores. Even had a taste and it was pretty good.

  • Verity

    On Sunday, I am going to drive to a supermarket that is a long way from my house, because I know they carry Lur-Pak butter, which is truly wonderful butter and makes anyone’s life the richer, and Rosenborg blue cheese. I am going to buy around eight packs of butter (you can freeze butter with no ill effects), just to make a dent in the supermarket’s measly supply and encourage them to order more, instanter! I know Mexico’s hardly on the horizon as a customer, but any little blip is important. (I might make the suggestion that others buy several packs of butter at a time and freeze them, just to provide the surge effect that Denmark needs to know it is not alone.)

    Denmark must have a sense of being surrounded by friends who are in awe of their brave, unequivocal stance.

  • My local Publix (US – SW Florida) carries Tuborg – those of you who have been drinking Carlsberg with a wince should try Tuborg if you can find it – it’s a much nicer beer.
    My local Publix also carries Havarti – assuming the cheese cooler hasn’t frozen all its imported cheeses and forced them to toss them out (I question the timing…). Luckily the local Albertsons also carries Havarti.

  • Jeremy

    Tuborg Gold is quite nice. I’ll be trying the other Danish beers and cheese as well.

    Might wanna catch Danish Indie band, Mew. Great stuff.

  • Dale Amon

    I’m on a job in DC right now… but I picked up my block of Havarti anyway. Just doing my part for the protection of liberty …. 😉

    I never reallzed freedom could taste so nice!

  • Verity

    Kathy K – “My local Publix also carries Havarti – assuming the cheese cooler hasn’t frozen all its imported cheeses and forced them to toss them out

    So we can take it you never made the cheerleading team in high school?

  • emil

    Let’s try this.
    Buy Danish. Show the receipt.
    It’s not hard. It’s kinda DIY solidarity with high exposure.

  • James Dudek

    I’m not sure how big the Middle East market for cheese is, but I can’t imagine that the Danish alcohol companies are going to be losing much by having Muslim fundamentalists boycotting their sales.

    Great marketing campaign Denmark! No loss in the boycotting countries, and a boost in revenues in the alcoholic Anglosphere.

  • Jared

    Great idea about purchasing as much Lur-Pac butter as you can to get the supermarket to order more. I didn’t think of freezing the butter. I will clean out my local Publixs supply here in (U.S. Central Florida) and look for any other products that support the boycotted countrys.

    Together we all can make a powerful difference by changing our buying patterns!

    Remember Guns or Butter, right now I choose Butter!

  • Verity

    Jared – Yes, freezing butter has absolutely no effect on it at all.

  • Peter Baltzer

    i had some great laughs reading these comments, thanks

    as to carlsberg beer… i definetly agree on the taste… i much prefere Guiness myself…

    would like to thank you all for the moral (and cheesy 😉 ) support it’s great to know we have friends out there 😀

    p.s. from the top of my head, products most affected by muslim boycots; Arla (milk and yougurt) and chickens (those feathery things)

  • Bernie

    Talk about lousy journalism… the guy who wrote that article said that a Google search showed 100,000 results for “buy Danish”.

    My last search revealed this:

    Results 1 – 10 of about 8,230,000 for Buy Danish

  • Hear, hear, everyone. Heading out right now to look for Fris vodka.

    And remember, Jared, it’s not a zero sum game: We can easily have both guns and butter!

  • Buy Danish. Denmark is the best neighbour country Sweden ever could have. Danes are friendly and open minded. this could have been printed in any free country like Usa or Japan

  • David Mercer

    Unfortunately no one in our house can drink alcohol (due to either pregnancy or medication), but we’re trying to find a local grocer who carries Lur-pak butter (one has always been out in the past, long before the boycotts and anti-boycotts), but we have gotten some Havarti recently!

    Keep your heads held high, people of Denmark!!

  • David Emami

    Well, I’m going to be increasing the size of my nephew’s Lego supply, but I’m dieting, so much though I’d love to get myself a few tins of butter cookies, I’m going to have to settle for some reduced-fat havarti. Any other Danish food items I should look for that aren’t so calorie-intensive?

    Actually, I’ll probably just head to Trader Joe’s and see what’s there. They have annoying lefty tendencies but they’re probably the easiest chain in the US to get imported foods from.

  • Jonathan

    Hi everyone
    And thank you for your support. It is true when my fellow Danes say that this makes us feel less alone. It was not encouraging to us when the official US and EU first spoke on this matter.

    A minor correction FRIS VODKA is Swedish, I dont know the tast Im sure its good, but you might want to try DANZKA VODKA instead if you go for genuine Danish taste.

  • Usman

    Hi everyone.
    I think its better if you first study before going to make any comments about the personality. Danish please once read Quran as a book in your language . 2nd study about Muhammad before going to take any comments.
    Muhammad ( pbh) is very noble person and very kind to all human being. he never preach war. he always go for the peace love harmony to human kind. Take a look to Quran once there is no war recommended against peace. Islam is an Arabic word and its means is peace. This world is very small time and one in this universe if we live peace then its ok and if we live in war we will destroy with our own hands. we all respects each other this is the basic thing in Islam. we respects everyone’s religions. we respects each other values families places everything even its wrong. This is the Islam. Islam is No War just peace …… My God bless human kind my advice is all human kind just once read Quran in your life a Book you will learn how to live. Its a promise just once as you read other books you just read Quran. it will give you a boost in your life and you have a different point. Just once in your life as i read once then i changed.
    Allah will help you all …..
    Regards to all human kind. from Pakistan

  • valkyrie

    To Usman-

    You say Islam is peaceful, yet the reaction to the cartoon was very violent. If you truly were peaceful people you would not burn embassies over a cartoon. Furthermore the riots in France, Australia and Denmark were caused by middle easterners, long before the cartoons were published. These cartoons were our reaction to your crime and violence. The crime rate in these countries increased dramatically as minorities increased. Just because the quran doesn’t teach violence doesn’t mean YOU are not violent. You are disgracing the word of quran yourselves. Also, why did you not react with the same vehemence when the war started in Iraq? Why don’t you protest vehemently against the genocide in Palestine? A cartoon doesn’t kill innocent palestinian children!

  • Adrian

    You can use feta cheese in a tomato salad (tomatoes, cuecumbers, onions, ardei (don’t know how to translate this buy you get the point). Do not add oil or vinegar, instead add shreded feta and squish a lemon above it.

  • Usman

    To valkyrie

    First of all take a look on the history of this conflict.
    First Muslims of Denmark talked with news paper managements peacefully that this is wrong.
    it takes 1 week on table discussion with Danish p.m. and Danish authorities.
    But no action was talk about this even they reprint.
    then Danish Muslims took demonstrate on Danish roads.
    No reaction came out of it obviously they have to take maters in there hands if the Danish authorities did not listing up then this all happened.
    If Danish administration listen Danish Muslims and they solve the issue on table first this will never take too long. Now everyone is in fire.
    Now its the Danish administration only make a statement that they will never print this again like these. and say sorry to heart . this issue will be solved and suddenly its like snow on fire and everything will be ok ….. With peacefully.
    Danish newspaper knows that this is an issue if they say sorry it will be ok very soon and everything will be normal and never print like that.

  • Pedant

    Kristina’s translation, which Perry de Havilland (London) – is that an aircraft? I thought they were made in Bristol – quotes, is wrongly transliterated.

    “Denmark is, as most people are aware, caught in the middle of a Middle Eastern sandwich, where the hateful reactions to the Prophet drawings have become so extreme that the crisis is going straight on to front pages in media around the world.”

    It was a “Greek sandwich”, not a “Middle Eastern sandwich”.

    Happy days.

  • Usman

    Someones Good Comments…..

    Finallny Denmark still stands on its decision saying that there was nothing wrong in printing the cartoons under the double standard freedom of press and giving printing rights to other european countries. This is acceptable when someone does a mistake and appologizes about it saying that he will not do this again. Instead he stands by his mistake saying that it was his right but you do not have the right to offend others. The boycott of products that you are seeing is a democratic movement that has been used since ages to protest peacefully against a tyranny. I hope if i was rude in my words or offended anybody i appologize about that but i spoke the facts.

    Pasted By Usman

  • Pedant

    I would agree with the wise Usman who write above:

    “Fust of all take a look at de history of dis conflic mon.
    Fust, de Muslims of Denmuck tal wid de news paper an de toilet paper magnates pissfully dat dis is WRONG, man.

    It den tak wun wik on de table discussion wid de Danish bacon p.m. (pig majore), an de Danish autorities mon, but no akshu was talk about dis even tho dey reprint de baaad piktures. Den, de Danish Muslim took demonstrat on de Danish road, and no reaction came out of it obviously becaus dey have to take maters and paters into der own hans. (Are your hans cold Hans? Mine hans are cold Hans.) If de Danish autorities did not listing up then this all happened and de sheites hit de fan and spray all over de mosque. Allar Akhbanana.

    If de Danish administration listen, den de Danish Muslims and dey solve de issue on de table first this will never take too long wn de guns are out man. But now everyon is in de fire an me pantsare a burnin man.

    Now its de Danish administration only make a statement dat dey will neder print dis again like these, an, say sorry to heart, dis issue will be solved and suddenly its like de snow on de fire and everyting will be ok mon ….. With peacefully mon.

    Danish newspaper know dat dis an issue if they say sorry it will be ok very soon and everyting will be normal and never print like that.

    Hare Krishna.
    (Please send money for my education.)

  • Usman

    The Last restoring hope of this conflict is an good apology from Danish authorities on the media and end of this conflict.
    Otherwise it will cost lot of life and Danish cant work in any of the continent around the word.

    I know Danish are very peaceful people around them they never ever toke part of any bad things. they are very friendly there repute is very nice.

    And if they do so they go for an apology they will hold there position around the world.
    Again all Muslim will respects them but if they will continue this practice they will loss more rather then gaining the positions.
    This is the most nice solution of this conflict. but it must be very fast.

  • Usman, you truly do not ‘get it’. Jyllands-Posten will NEVER apologise for actually printing the cartoons because they have nothing to apologise for. They have said sorry for upsetting people, but not for actually publishing the cartoons.

    The reason they did it was to prove two things (and they have always been quite clear about this):

    1. Jyllands-Posten felt that Muslim activists had created a climate of intimidation so that people did not feel they could exercise their RIGHT of free expression. Well given the subsequent Muslim reaction, they have been shown to be 100% correct, so that clearly worked rather well for them

    2. Jyllands-Posten felt that the only way to defend a right is to exercise it. That means proving that under Danish law, they can post pictures of Mohammed. They did exactly that and the government has NO LEGAL POWER TO STOP THEM. So that worked rather well for Jyllands-Posten too.

    The only reason there is a ‘problem’ is that Muslim activists cannot stand the fact that Muslim laws do NOT APPLY TO NON_MUSLIMS. I realise you wish they did, but they do not. Europeans fought against Muslim armies invading Europe for more than 1000 years and in the end, the Muslims lost. That is why we can say what we like and post pictures of Mohammed and if you do not like that, it is your problem, not ours. In the west people will tolerate Islam but they will not respect it or accept it any more than you are expected to respect or accept that we can say what we like about Mohammed… you do have to tolerate it however. And if you will not, well that is why we have armies and security services to make sure you cannot force us to do what you want.

    The only solution you will EVER get is to accept there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Jared

    I think you are sincere about an apology making everything ok. But I dont believe it! You are either blind or trying to misinform. The Facts speak for themselves.

    Why do we have videos of unarmed hostages being beheaded and “God is Greatest” being chanted while the Helpless hostages heads are slowy sawed off! this is long before any cartoon. Remember 9/11 the U.S. was attacted in the name of Islam. We curently have a Woman hostage being held with death threats against her. There is too much to list, ect…

    When Christians beloved Jesus is insulted they don’t burn with hate like the Muslims do. You know why? they don’t have to because Jesus is real and will judge the hearts of all men. He will take care of it himself!

    In the United States we have a flag that says “Don’t tread on me” It is very simple with a rattlesnake and a yellow backround. The rattlesnake is only found in the U.S. and will leave you alone untill you keep provoking it. Then its wrath is very fearce and deadly.

    I do not wish anyone to be forced to bow down to any religion. nor do like it when my beliefs are attacted. Freedom of speech is a indicator of Freedom. By making an apology they are comforming to Muslim Law which currently does not rule in the Western World.

    Since 9/11 the U.S. population is waking up and learning about the Muslim world wanting total rule. We have not taken off the gloves yet! But make no mistake the free people of the world will fight oppression! We will not bowdown to Muslim hate or rule!

    “Thats why I buy Danish”

    Jared (U.S.A.)

  • Jared

    In case you missed it. For more information on the “Dont tread on me” click on the flag at the top left of this page.

  • Jonathan

    To clarify things.

    There has been no riots in Denmark! It has been very quiet here. We hear a lot about the situation and we talk a lot about it and it does fill a lot in our minds here, but there has been no riots and very very few demonstrations.

    23 right wing idots marched to a parkinglot an hour out of the capital, they did not burn any Quarans. They were heavely guarded by police, that is the ONLY anti muslim display since these cartoon were printed.

    Now the muslims in this country (some 200K) are divided in this, a fraction representing an estimated max of 20K are angry. The rest are quiet or openly in opposition to the radicals, this situation has spawned a new organisation for moderate muslims, that has otherwise been quiet. They demand that the few Imams that started this end it too. Many muslims in my country publicly denounce the flag burnings as offencive TO THEM!

    So the good thing is that the true muslims, the peacefull ones are comming out and getting organized. So that we may have peacefull partners for dialogue.

    Peace from DK

  • Pedant

    What Perry de Havilland wrote above, after “Usman, you truly do not ‘get it’…” would seem to be right on the button. Without wishing to risk inflating your possibly already over-inflated ego, Perry, that’s a useful piece of thinking and writing.

    Unfortunately, Usman will probably continue to “not ‘get it’ “, as he seems to be ignorant and lacking the application of critical thinking skills. Equally unfortunately, Usman would not seem to be alone in this, on this board/blog.

    Ignorance, as they say, is bliss. Ignorance is also the weapon that the Enemy uses to manipulate us into positions of hate (that horrifying opposite of love) for others, so that we can find or make up all kinds of good reasons to go on killing sprees – e.g., killing anyone who doesn’t agree with our way of thinking or system of beliefs. The delightful irony for the Enemy would probably be that when followers of Islam go on such a killing spree, they cry out something like “Allah al akhbar” (“God is great”), when in fact God is not involved in the act at all. The only ones involved in the act are the sons of Adam killing each other.

  • Usman

    Thanks Everyone and Good Morning.

    Good Morning to Denmark and all Human kind.
    first I would like to say that I don’t mean to heart anyone. especially in Denmark and human kind regardless of any religion any cast any were in this world. Dear friend tolerance ignorance is the key of Islamic Factors. Now please don’t go in depth of these religious things we all know that no one is perfect and no one is obeying his religion perfectly.
    Now please come to present a nice solution for this conflict with good tolerance and submit no other things just come up with a nice and very nice solution for this conflict.
    i am requesting from the Danish especially who are facing this and Muslim living there….. may Allah bless you all.

  • Usman, I do indeed follow my religion perfectly… I don’t have a religion, so this is very easy for me.

    And I have already pointed out what the solution to this problem is: Muslims need to accept that they must tolerate the fact that people who are not Muslims have the right to say and draw whatever they want about Mohammed and there is no way that Muslims can impose their laws on people outside the Muslim world.

    That is the only solution because it is not OUR problem, it is YOUR problem, therefore the ‘solution’ can only come from your side.

  • Jared

    Greetings Perry
    Are you a Pagen? Webster describes a Pagen as: One who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew: Heathen, One who has no religon. If that is the case then to be honest wouldnt the position of no religon really be a set of beliefs just like religon.

    I mean no disrespect to your beliefs! Christians beleive you have the freedom to beleive what you want and pray that you will come to know the truth of Jesus and if you don’t then that is your choice.

    Muslims ask you to convert or die. or maybe live with them if you are one of the children of the book (Christian or Jew) and pay a heavy tax. while living in fear under their strict laws. I didnt see Pagen in there.

    I buy Danish for freedom for all!
    Jared (across the big pond)

  • freja

    Dear Usman.

    I read in your letter a deep concern for this situation. I will try to explain the way I see the situation. I speek only for me as a single danish person.

    “First of all take a look on the history of this conflict.
    First Muslims of Denmark talked with news paper managements peacefully that this is wrong.
    it takes 1 week on table discussion with Danish p.m. and Danish authorities.”

    This is the first issue I will address. In the danish constitution it is very clearly written that the government can’t tell what the free press can print. The government can’t tell the newspaper not to print something.
    It is the law that sets the limits. We have laws about blasphemy. But that is the legal system and totally divided from the government. So the PM can’t say to the newspaper that they shouldn’t print something. It must be taken to a court with a judge.
    The essential question is, whether it is legal to make a picture of your prophet or not in Denmark. And that is for a danish court to decide.
    If the law should be changed the it is for the danish community to decide.

    “But no action was talk about this even they reprint.
    then Danish Muslims took demonstrate on Danish roads.”

    First of all. The cartoons were not reprinted in Denmark. But other newspapers in Europe printed them.

    A small part of the moslim community demonstrated in the streets. Peacefully. In a totally democratic way. Everybody respects their opinion and their right to express their opinion.
    But it was not all the moslims in Denmark, who went to the streets. There are 200.000 moslims in Denmark and the demonstration was small. Some moslims said that freedom of speech was more important than being offended.
    The cartoons were rather mild compared to the drawings that we see in the newspaper every day about politicians, authorities and also recently about editors.

    “No reaction came out of it obviously they have to take maters in there hands if the Danish authorities did not listing up then this all happened.”

    That is not quite true. There was a heated debate in Denmark about freedom of speech and lack of sensitivity to – in this case – moslims.
    Some moslims wrote letters to the newspapers. And the letters were printed. But for a little group of rather radical imams it was not in their interest to voice their opinion in the media.
    Instead they went to the ME. They had the drawings with them. And the also brought other drawings that were much more offensive with them saying that it was the kind of thing all moslims in Denmark had to suffer. But these extra pictures have never been printed in Denmark.
    They told lies about Denmark and the danish people. One of them said that we were burning the Koran.
    There has been no burnings of the Koran. It is against the law.

    For information; the official website from the Danish Foreign Ministry is
    http://www.drawings.um.dk/en (Link)

    “If Danish administration listen Danish Muslims and they solve the issue on table first this will never take too long. Now everyone is in fire.”

    The danish authorities have had several meetings with danish moslims. Danish moslims are danish as well. They don’t like to see danish flags and buildings burning in other countries.
    A very small group of moslims in Denmark want Denmark to become an islamic community with sharia law. They have freedom of speech so they can of course say that. But it is hard to reach an understanding with a group of people who doesn’t agree with the basic understanding of western community.

    “Now its the Danish administration only make a statement that they will never print this again like these. and say sorry to heart . this issue will be solved and suddenly its like snow on fire and everything will be ok ….. With peacefully.”

    The danish administration can’t apologize since it has had absolutely nothing to do with the printing of the pictures.

    In the PM new years speech (http://www.statsministeriet.dk/Index/dokumenter.asp?o=6&n=0&h=6&t=14&d=2468&s=2(Link))
    he said
    “During the past year, we have witnessed a heated debate about freedom of speech, and limits to freedom of speech. There are some who find that the tone of the debate has become too shrill and unpleasant.

    I wish to state this very clearly: I condemn any expression, action or indication that attempts to demonise groups of people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background.

    It is the sort of thing that does not belong in a society that is based on respect for the individual human being.

    We have a long history of extensive freedom of speech in Denmark. We are to speak freely and present our views to each other in a straightforward manner. However, it must be done in mutual respect and understanding. And in a civilised tone of voice.”

    And please notice that he said that way before boycotts and riots began.

    “Danish newspaper knows that this is an issue if they say sorry it will be ok very soon and everything will be normal and never print like that.

    The newspaper has apologized

    The newspaper that originally printed the drawings is written in danish, spoken only by 5 million people. It was printed as a comment in an ongoing discussion about freedom of speech in Denmark – not as an insult.

    As you I hope for peace.

  • Thoi Nguyen

    Dear Moslems
    I am vietnamese, I am living in Danmark, I would like to tell the moslems in different countries that the most of danish moslems do not take seriosly about the Mohammed cartoons, They are danish citizens and they are busy to get money, to buy new house, to buy new car, to help their children to get a good education here in danmark. when they have time they enyoy live together with their friends, They do not time to go to demontration as many moslems in Indonisia, pakistan, Libanon….. The most important thing for moslems here in danmark is to have a peaceful live. Danmark is their country now. They love danmark.
    Best Ragards

  • Jonathan

    Hi everyone, I want to ask if anyone know an online forum or blog where its possible to discuss in a peacefull manner and in English with mainly arabs or moslems?

  • Alberto

    Hi. For everyone in the US looking for Danish products, try Plumsore USA (www.plumroseusa.com/main.html). They are a subsidiary of Danish Crown (http://www.danishcrown.dk/page589.asp).

    For those more musically inclined, look at Safri Duo (www.safriduo.dk). If I’m not mistaken, their biggest hits were Samb-Adagio and Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song). Very energetic!

    Also, for those whom like to invest online, look at Saxo Bank (www.saxobank.com). There are some restrictions for US residents but it’s a great trading site.

  • Franc

    Why should we have to restrict ourselves according to what one religion believes in? Why is it only the “Religion of Peace” whose members riot, behead, burn etc. when offended? I haven’t seen any Christians burning embassies or offering bounties in hopes that someone will be killed, because someone makes not just humourous, but degrading depictions of Christ or of the Virgin Mary (some of you may remember the dung/porn display in New York not too long ago). There were no riots.
    I want to say that I really admire the Muslims who want peace, who now have to live with the P/R mess some have created.

    By the way, I’m buying Danish.

  • Hi. I am deeply greatfull for your support for my country.

    Until few months ago everything was quiet here in Denmark. In our generation the first real chock was watching CNN on 9/11, with the children asking “does this mean war”? Next time was when angry fanatics was burning our flag promising death to all danes…

    It seems like it is hard to explain people who have never experienced a democracy, that the law is above religion, and that we will never bend for pressure. I will never become a muslim – if they can tolerate that, then we can live in peace. Most muslims in denmark actually understands that and tolerate that.

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for you support and understanding. I am glad we have friends around the world.

  • Muslim

    Where is your shitty free shitt why you removed many pages this meanes U R fucking liersssssssssssss and losserssssssssssssssssssssssss so FUCK WHO EVER IS RUNNING THIS SHITTY PAGE hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Editors note: I did not delete this one because it shows rather well how (1) sub-moronic the ‘other side’ is (2) and it shows as mentioned before that there is no point trying to reason with Islamo-fascism: it can be opposed culturally, politically and militarily but it cannot be reasoned with.

  • What these muslim jackasses do not understand is the issue of Jyllands-Posten has NOTHING to do with Isreal or the Palestinians or Iraq. It is about some primitive barbarians trying to effect our societies with their ignorance and brutality and nothing else.

    I was never used to care about muslims until I saw what these people were really like with this muhammed cartoons issue and now I think we have to get them OUT of our societies and do whatever it takes to do that.

  • Jared

    Thank you web master for taking the hundred+ pages of garbage off this blog!

    The Muslims don’t get it! A few choice words of truth out weigh ten+ pages of whatever they posted repeatedly. I didn’t bother to read much of it.

    It was an attack on this blog and only shines more light on who they realy are.

    Love my Lur-Pak butter!!

    My customers love the tins of Denmark butter cookies I have given as gifts.

    Go Denmark!

    Jared (USA)

  • Jared, yes these guys are pretty much making the point that no rational discussion is possible with them. We discuss why it is unacceptable for Muslims to restrict free speech in western societies and they reply with drivel about Israel and Palestine. Like Danish Biz Girl wrote: most people in Europe do not give a rats arse about EITHER Isreal OR the Palestinians, but we care very much about the intolerant Muslims living in our countries and THAT is what we are talking about.

  • Pete

    Well for those of you that may not be able to afford to fly to Denmark, there’s a little down about 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara, California called Solvang that’s known as “The Danish Capital of America”. That town looks like a miniture Denmark and imports a lot of Danish products.