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Sometimes the only reasonable response is violence

The best possible antidote to ignorant and irrational Indonesian Muslim clerics forcibly imposing Sharia and claiming the tsunami was punishment for women not wearing veils would be for people to respond to their violence in kind and simply run the bastards out of town.

The religious police have not always had it their own way. In one incident on the island of Sabang, attempts to humiliate a bareheaded girl backfired when angry villagers turned on them. By the time the civil police arrived to rescue the enforcers they were surrounded by an angry mob flicking lighted cigarettes at them.

This is an encouraging start but they need to get rather more serious than flicking a few cigarettes at them.

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13 comments to Sometimes the only reasonable response is violence

  • Dez Downunder

    yeah, better they do it themselves and spare us having to do it for them in 10 years!

  • John East

    How does one deal with religious fanatics.

    Give in to them a la Blair? I don’t see that helping because their demands are strictly non-negotiatable.

    Fight back using threats or civil disobedience such as flicking cigarette at them? I suspect that the penalty for disrespecting islamofascism is death, and if those muslims are able to return to this village they are likely to carry out an atrocity.

    There is of course a third way, but our increasing loss of freedom of speech makes me reuctant to spell it out.

  • Pete_London

    John East

    You only lose your freedom of speech by being complicit in it. Say what you think.

  • John East

    Pete_London, you are of course correct.

    My parting comment was too flippant, but it is still difficult to come out with a totally negative sentiment like, “I think one should kill the bastards before they kill you.”

  • Pete_London

    John East

    But what’s negative about it? Surely it’s an entirely reasonable and morally right response when dealing with islamic wackos. We know what they are like, when they return to kill the locals must be ready. In fact the locals should be chasing the islamists down and explaining in clear detail why they should not think of returning to their village. Anything less is foolish.

  • Just John

    “Rather more serious”? Good grief, man, what could be worse than subjecting them to second-hand smoke??

  • rosignol

    That kind of depends on what the smoke is coming from…

  • Frogman

    Heard a nice suggestion from an aquaintence in Texas. It’s a “Therapy” for the obsessive-compulsive muzzie gang rapists running loose in Oz. He called it a “12-guage vasectomy”

    Well, it sounds effective.

  • Verity

    Froggie, it sounds precise and medically effective, I agree, but I think a 12-gauge crainiectomy might be more effective law-suitwise.

  • Frogman

    You’re right, of course. It was just the . . . symmetry . . . that I found so compelling.

  • Verity

    Well, Froggie, I can see your point regarding the symmetry, which is always aesthetically pleasing, but there’s no reason we couldn’t do both. First the vasectomy, then, after perhaps two weeks or a month, the craniectomy – for extra symmetry.

  • James

    Hell, back home the flicking of the cigarette was only the start of the arse-kicking.

  • There’s a brand-spanking new Salafist mosque in my town. As long as everybody keeps to their own and behaves, they’re welcome to their own (though I won’t shop in the local muslim market now that it’s been taken over by anti-jewish hate literature).

    If they step out of line, we’ll hunt them in the woods with dogs.

    If they don’t, and inshallah they won’t, they’re welcome to be my neighbors.

    Quite simple, really. Black-and-white standards of behavior make for a stress-free existence. Knowing your wife’s got a .45 in the car helps, too.

    Russ, in Texas