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Capitalist and proud of it

Those strange-sounding financial entities known as hedge funds, which are sometimes depicted as the Darth Vaders of the modern market, often have rather odd or dull names. So I was glad to come across a firm in the United States with a name that proudly celebrates the free market with unabashed gusto.

The firm has a great merchandise selection, too.

7 comments to Capitalist and proud of it

  • The owner of the fund, Jonathan Hoenig, makes regular appearances on Fox News’ “Cashin In” show, and seems to be a Randian kind of guy. He’s always entertaining and uncompromising.

  • J

    From the website:

    “We advocate and practice Objectivism, the moral philosophy developed by Ayn Rand.”

    Yup, he does seem to be a Randian kind of guy!

  • Richard Easbey

    I can’t wait to wear the “John Galt” t-shirt I just ordered. Always love to practice the willing buyer/willing seller thing.

  • David

    Capitalistpig is an awesome name but I’ve got a couple of others that amuse me.

    Contrarian Capital: I’d love to have a meeting about investing money in their fund
    “So you tend to be contrarian?”
    “But you’re called contrarian.”
    “So you disagree with the mainstream?”

    Another favourite is AlphaGen, Gartmore’s range of equity and debt hedge funds. For those not in the know, Alpha refers to the returns a hedge fund manager is able to add above what the general market has generated and Gen here is short for Generation. So these hedge funds are is effectively called Profit Maker. If I was a possible investor I should bloody well hope so, otherwise I’d be investing my money in Greenpeace or something else noble and needy.

  • Hoenig also mentions the fact that he is a Libertarian quite often, and mentioned Badnarik a couple of times during the last pres. campaign.

  • jonjo farrell

    I read jonathons’ book “Greed Is Good”
    some years ago.Greed good, poverty bad.

  • Justin

    Hoenig is an objectivist and frequently promotes rand