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Sad news

Heather “Momma Bear”, who has been an important figure in the early stages of the blog world, has died after a long battle against cancer. She has been a friend to a number of bloggers I know well, including fellow Pimlicoan Andrew Ian Dodge. She was quite a character. RIP.

4 comments to Sad news

  • llamas

    Important to note is that the British Crime Survey does not include offences against those under 16, or against businesses and commercial property.



  • Julian Taylor

    Very sad news indeed. A greatly missed wit and a greatly missed mind.

  • Dale Amon

    She truly was a Momma Bear to the blog world. I had no idea she was ill. She is a figure none of us from the early days of war blogging will soon forget.

  • As was her want she only let a few know how very ill she was. We continued to chat via MSN until the final weeks of her life. She would be pleased to hear all the kind words that have been written about her and more than a little embarassed no doubt. I know she would appreciate your piece Jon.