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No ID? NoIDea

Hate the idea of ID cards? Do not keep your views to yourself.

3 comments to No ID? NoIDea

  • Guy Herbert

    Other merchandise that directly funds the NO2ID Campaign is available.

    But let a hundred flowers bloom, say I. Anyone who is rude about the scheme is fine by me.

  • Already ordered a couple of the No2ID shirts, Guy 🙂

  • Toulson Caffrey

    Latest news on the LSE report controversy out today on
    eGovMonitor.com, and other sources, no doubt.

    Home Office rebuttals are to be rebutted in a new academic report in the autumn, apparently.

    Meanwhile, the LSE says that one of the most serious misrepresentations made by the HO is their claim regarding the European Commissioner for Human Rights’ opinion on the legality of the proposed ID card scheme. “The Home Office’s proposal could not be further from the requirements set out by the Commissioner” quoth the LSE.

    Nice to see the pressure being kept up.