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A ‘win’ for the bad guys

A truly vile act by animal ‘rights’ thugs has had the effect they wanted: a farm will stop breeding guinea pigs for research experiments in the hope that the corpse of the owner’s grandmother, dug up and stolen by these ‘heroes’, will now be returned to her grave. In their considerable history of despicable behaviour, this was a new low.

I hope the state does its job and tracks down those responsible (I have my doubts) but there are some insults so dire that were I in the position of the Hall family, I would feel justified doing quite literally anything to find those responsible. I for one would not be prepared to share a planet with them. These animal rights thugs have shown that the courts are not the only way to compel people to do things against their will and courts are also not the only way to get justice. A truly dreadful affair and a reminder of the contempt with which these ‘activists’ should be treated.

52 comments to A ‘win’ for the bad guys

  • Tuscan Tony

    Easy solution. Have any state paid healthcare that be provided to them exclude any animal tested drug or procedure. Should see them all into early and exceptionally painful graves, and any of their dole funded progeny too, in fairly short order.

  • Pham Nuwen

    Can anyone explain to me why these TERRORISTS (and that is exacly what they are) like the ALF, and ELF, etc… always seem to be handled with kids gloves?

    Seriously, ‘Johnny’ needs to be picked up, and asked some fairly serious and pointed questions. For if he didn’t do it, he knows damn well who did. Then they should be charged like the criminals they are.

  • Actually Jon Snow on Channel 4 news did a very good job of asking a terrorist mouthpiece repeatedly and pointedly to condemn various of the crimes committed. The response was predictably evasive.

    It’s probably available to watch again on the Channel 4 website.

    I can’t hear suggestions like Tuscan Tony’s without thinking of Linda McCartney who famously decided to drop her principles when she was in pain.

  • Julian Taylor

    Pham Nuwen, very simply because many of these terrorists live in the right location (Hampstead, Islington, Highbury or the ALF favourite: Camden), are fully unionised (more jags for 2jags) and can definitely be counted on to vote Labour as and when required.

    The great Linda McCartney joke I can recall is:

    Just after Linda has died, Sir Paul goes into the next room and tells Stella and the other kids, “guys, I’ve got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that mum died 5 minutes ago, the good news is – we can have steak and chips tonight!”

    (for those not getting it, Linda McCartney was a fervent vegetarian, to the extent of having her own vegetarian fast food range)

  • As a small protest I will eat tender white veal from France with a sliver of pan fried fois gras.

  • I’ve got to give these thugs credit for one thing. I’ve never even imagined someone living within the context of a civilized society would do something so utterly rotten as this. They’ve managed to offend in a way I haven’t felt in years.

  • I haven’t seen any TV news interview of one of these loons that hasn’t made them look like complete drooling morons.

    And Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages always made me throw up. (And I mean that quite literally)

  • Lascaille

    To me this hilights the ‘target-centric’ nature of the British police though – if you are ‘officially targeted’ (drugs dealers, gangs, terrorists) then the police are actually quite prepared to get forces together and organise and work against you. If for whatever reason your particular organisation hasn’t made the ‘target list’ the general police can’t do much, as they are organised and trained to deal with crimes by individuals against individuals – and until they can put your guys on the target list and thus get a budget that allows them to follow you around 24/7, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

    As far as I am concerned though this should come under the domain of either an ‘organised crime/extortion’ unit (or maybe racketeering) or counter-terrorism. I think MI5 have a department that focusses on these guys…

  • Lascaille

    I don’t understand your point. Are you saying the animal rights terrorists are being targeted or not?

  • It’s odd that the journalist doesn’t even bother to talk to the pastor of the churchyard that’s been desecrated. It’s just a non-issue for the reporter.

    The entire newsworthiness of the story centers around the sacredness of human remains. If it were just a bit of waste disposal gone missing there wouldn’t have been a story. What makes it a story is the sacredness of what was stolen and the only figure likely to talk openly about it is the churchman and he’s entirely absent.

    Personally, I think that expanding operations in memory of their grandmother and asking the scientific community to shift research over to guinea pigs until the remains are returned would have been a more appropriate response. It’s also likely to have been more effective. “Steal a corpse” is likely to now enter into the animal rights terrorist regular playbook.

  • rockette

    Did anyone see the Money programme special on this a few months back? It seemed fairly clear that the Police were taking a pretty hands off line on the animal terrorists. This is a remote rural village and there was closed circuit film of the terrorists at night throwing bricks yelling abuse etc so they must have come into the area from outside but there seemed remarkably little attempt to arrest anyone.

    A local businessman tried to get an exclusion zone zone around the farm but it was was thrown out by the judge. Makes you wonder if the judges and police are also scared of these people.

    Or maybe it is Lascaille’s point – they are not on the official police list of targets and therefore no resources put on tackling them.

    Do the new anti terrorism laws apply to animal terrorists I wonder?


  • Julian Morrison

    Truth to tell I’m not surprised. Hardcore animal rightists are the purest of fanatics – they literally have no constraints. Far more so than eg: moslem terrorists. Bin Laden might not hesitate to let off a nuke in Kings Cross, but he certainly wouldn’t dishonour your gran’s corpse. Some of these guys though, and the “deep greens” too, are so twisted I’d consider it valid to lock them in asylums. They’ve made themselves inimical to the human species, and should not be walking around in public.

  • If I’d been the farmer, I would have staked out every single guinea pig on the farm, and then driven over all of them with a tractor — on camera.

    Then I would have ordered fresh supplies of guinea pigs, and threatened to do the same over and over again if Granny’s corpse wasn’t returned.

    But that’s just me.

  • Snide

    Someone did that to a dead relative of mine, someone is going to die. Not kidding.

    What I cannot understand is if the cops will not ptotect them, why not do unto others what they do unto you, only more so? Just start making them disappear, pick them off one at a time when you spot them alone. Just so you do not misunderstand me, yes, I do mean start killing them if the state refuses to protect you from them. I’d use a baseball bat myself and if I got caught and sent to jail, I would spit in the judge’s face and tell him he and his system have only themselves to blame.

    If someone did that to my family and no law protected me, no law is going to protect them either. No fucking joke.

  • madne0

    Kim du Toit: Evil genius.

    I’d pay to see the faces of the little wankers when they saw it on TV.

  • Midwesterner

    Kim, I’m afraid that would be counter productive. These people aren’t animal lovers, they’re people haters. For many of them, the animals are almost irrelevent. In light of that, what you propose would be about as effective as spanking a masochist. They would just feel all vindicated and more detemined.

    These people are sick.


  • GCooper

    rockette writes:

    ” It seemed fairly clear that the Police were taking a pretty hands off line on the animal terrorists.”

    An interview with the head Plod in question on BBC R4’s PM Programme tonight confirmed that opinion. He was transparently more concerned about the terrorists’ “rights” than he was about their terrorism

    The phenomenon of the PC PC really does need exposing and ending.

  • John K

    This man has been the victim of a sustained and organised campaign of terror and intimidation. He can’t even get a drink at his local because the landlord is too frightened to serve him, because he’s been threatened about what will happen to him if he does.

    It’s an absolute outrage this has happened, and the police have been gutless and useless. They will not protect you, but woe betide you if you protect yourself. The cops love it when a citizen “takes the law into his own hands.” It’s an easy collar and takes a vigilante off the streets.

    Ever wondered why, if a citizen shoots the right person, he ends up in deep shit with the law, whereas when a cop shoots the wrong person, he invariably gets off? This country has been taken over by pod people and no-one noticed.

  • veryretired

    Just in case you were wondering who was waiting in the wings if and/or when the islamofascist terror war had been successfully concluded, there they are.

    Someday we are going to have to face the fact that a great deal of western philosophical and political thought teaches hatred and contempt for the lives and culture of ordinary human beings trying to go about the business of living and raising a family.

    Regardless of the altar they are sacrificed upon, be it that of a god, or the volk, or the state, or the common good, or the public interest, or the party, or the earth, or nature, or geaia(sp?), the result is the same—a beating human heart is cut out and held up to placate whatever forces are deemed to require placating, and another single human life is snuffed out, in all its unique beauty and potential.

    If you thought the islamofascists were bad because they would kill you for being an infidel, what are you going to do with those who consider your children to be vermin who should be exterminated?

  • weeping for my birthplace

    Land of Hope & Glory, Mother of the Free etc.
    God help you all because it’s sure you cannot help yourselves. The many dangers you are facing now are far more serious than those some of us faced in 1939. You are seeing the results of your past stupidities and in my opinion it’s five past twelve.

  • AussieinChina

    Um, do you guys have “police” in Britain? Graverobbing is a crime, no? There seems to be something mighty amiss in your society.

  • Johnathan

    I once dated a women who was a bit of an animal rights nut, so I later found out. She was quite good in bed but mad as a hatter.

  • Julian Taylor

    Well. yes we do have police in the UK. Of course they are not a patch on what you must be used to in China. I regret, Mr AussieinChina, that apparently you can’t access the following BBC articles in China due to the state proxy server blocking their site.

    The terrorists (a sociopath will ALWAYS find a cause dear to someone’s heart to ally his/her psychosis to) were actually arrested for the desceration of Gladys Hammond’s grave. One would presume that they are either the same ones responsible for Mr Hall’s intimidation or know those responsible.

    As for the BBC showing its true colours on this subject this ‘reaction’ just about sums it up nicely, I don’t know why the BBC didn’t just come out openly and say, “we support the intimidation and terrorism of Mr Hall and his family and friends, oh and by the way here is the official statement from the STOP THE NEWCHURCH GUINEA PIGS faction”. Then again I guess nobody could ever accuse the BBC of being impartial in its reportage …

  • Andy Mo

    For fricks sake its just a dead body. Would you really care if someone dug up your body. I wouldn’t.

    If I had a choice between running over live guinea pigs in my tractor or digging up a dead body – I would pick the gravedigger role.

    The one feels pain the other doesn’t.

  • Michael Taylor

    The Guardian probably isn’t preferred reading for Samizdata-types, but on the principle that it pays to know what tune the devil is humming, I urge you all to take a look at Adam Nicolson’s piece about this today. In all my years of newspaper reading and writing, I think I have never come across such a weasly piece of intellectual dishonesty. His thesis is wrong – which is only to be expected – you don’t read the Guardian expecting intellectual rigour. But what’s truly shocking and, I think, disgraceful, is the constant, repeated, cynical disavowal of views he spends the rest of the article arguing for. He’s also smart, but cowardly, for leaving his email off the article. Any comments, anyone?

  • Old Jack Tar

    For fricks sake its just a dead body. Would you really care if someone dug up your body. I wouldn’t.

    Well I wouldn’t care if someone dug up your dead body either, Andy. However if it was the dead body of someone I cared about deeply, I most certainly would care.

  • Johnathan

    Andy Mo, demonstrating ability to miss the point by a mile. Desecrating a grave may mean nothing to you, but it clearly was designed to spite relatives, frighten people and generally make a point. If you desecrated my gran’s grave, I’d tear your miserable head off.

    It is easy, given current concerns about islamic terror, to forget that there are other forms of hatred against Western, industrialised, human-centred culture. The Greenies are mostly harmless dolts but a few are prepared to actually kill.

  • Steve P

    Andy Mo: somehow I think you would care very much indeed if it were your grandmother’s remains that had been desecrated in this manner.
    Apperently, guinea pigs will now be imported from France and Spain, where there is no inspection procedure to ensure humane breeding conditions. Basically these pathetic twats will have succeeded in increasing animal suffering.

  • Michael Taylor

    Why have these terrorists been allowed to win? Let’s not forget the £1,052,000 donated to the Labour Party in the year to June 1997 – it’s biggest single donor in that election year – or the £127,000 donated in the previous year. Or the £50,000 donated to the Lib Dems in 1997 (£29,500 the previous year.) The figures are Labour’s own.

  • Michael Taylor

    Idiot that I am, I forgot to put in that these donations came from the Political Animal Lobby. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Derek Buxton

    And when will the police force, oops, sorry(not) service be called to account. This so called government loves terrorists and sucks up to nthem all the time. So whats new. Socialist and terrorists are bedfellows and always have been.

  • elaine

    The officials DO operate a softly, softly approach with these thugs. A few months back an animal nutter who worked in DVLA was found guilty of giving to his loony friends names and address of people driving onto the farm. He only got a couple of months, probably out now.

    The people whose details he gave out were subjected to very vicious types of vandalism that cost thousands of pounds. They should get together and sued him and his organisation for everything they can get.

  • DM

    As nauseating as the whole sorry business is, it does raise a serious broader issue – is all direct action wrong by definition, or is it down to a matter of taste? If so, whose?

  • Michael Taylor

    DM. It depends on what they do. Consider the hoary old “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom-fighter” argument. In most cases, all that’s required is your judgement on whether their freedom of action would be a good thing. It seems to me quite obvious that the last thing I’d want to give those who are prepared to blow up innocent noncombatants is their freedom to do as they please without restraint. Similarly, anyone who thinks desecrating people’s graves is a smart idea gets “nul points” for ethical judgement. At the other extreme, Gandhi wandering across India to pan some salt . . . unimpeachable.

  • Julian Taylor

    Gandhi’s actions did not ’cause or inspire terror’ in any individual, apart from maybe some minor colonial office underlings in Delhi. That’s the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist.

  • Ben

    I recall the recent attack, by an animal rights activist, on a big issue vendor in Liverpool which prompted the magazine to drop an advert for Covance.
    Whilst the attack was relatively minor in comparison to the prolonged campaign of intimidation and violence suffered by the Hall family and others like, them it is just another example of the cowardice of these scumbags.

  • Love Supreme

    Previously banned. Ciao

  • “Ever wondered why, if a citizen shoots the right person, he ends up in deep shit with the law, whereas when a cop shoots the wrong person, he invariably gets off? This country has been taken over by pod people and no-one noticed.”

    Forget people. Where I live, in central New York State, there have been black bear sightings this summer. Understand: this is twenty-five acres bordered by other woodlands in a generally agricultural area. Even though it’s threaded with roads and dotted with farms, there is still a good deal of functional “wilderness” around here, and I’m plotting bear sightings within a thousand yards of this house.

    I like to sit on the back porch in the evenings and read, in a circle of light that doesn’t reach very far at all. Now, I don’t know a great deal about bears, but I know two things:

    1) I’m keeping a rifle handy, and if I see a bear near this place, I will very likely not be interested in playing around, and;

    2) If I ever actually have to shoot one, I could very likely be on my way to jail for a reason that I never seriously considered before. The political hue & cry would be enormous. Every feather-headed dink from Ithaca (about twenty- miles away) would be marching and chanting right outside my cell in the Cortland County Jail.

    That’s a hell of thing to try to integrate in one’s tactical thinking.

  • Sigivald

    TM: Amen.

    It should always be policy to never give in to extortion from gangs like that.

    No ransoms. It just gives them a reason to do it again.

  • Billy,

    Shoot. Shovel. Shut Up.

    On the main thread: on further reflection, perhaps the running-over of staked-out guinea pigs would be counter-productive, I agree.

    How about running over some staked-out animal rights supporters with a tractor?

    Or is that against the law too, in Britain?

  • Julian Morrison

    I propose a new meme for cosmetics and household chemical labelling: “this product has been tested on animal rights protestors”.

  • Kim just raised an interesting point, but shouldn’t the activists themselves be allowed to decide? Given the Peter Singer style choice of animals dying or people dying (which we are in this hypothetical ethics question), the human activists might be willing to volunteer their lives, their bodies.

  • Kimmer: I know. If it comes to that, it’ll come to that.

    However, I see no rational reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to pay someone to do that for me.

    “Division of labor economy” & all, you know.

    Goddamn the Vampire State.

  • Kristopher

    Perhaps ‘Johnny” needs to be talked to?

    If the police refuse to budge, then you must become a criminal to get justice. Once you decide that you need no longer obey, your options become much wider.

    “Johhny” will have wished that he merely had police to deal with, at that point.

    People desire justice … if the state won’t provide it, people will find a way to make their own. And they will stop wasting their time talking to cops.

  • Julian Taylor

    There is < a href="http://www.otherpower.com/hamster.html" target="_blank">another possible use for Mr Hall’s surplus guinea pigs. Five Live did an interesting programme tonight about how hamsters, or even guinea pigs, could be used to slowly charge mobile phones overnight through the energy expended in their exercise wheels. Of course the better alternative would be to chain captured Animal Liberation Front terrorists up to the National Grid in oversized treadmills and get them to run until they drop (dead, preferably).

  • Julian Taylor

    For some odd reason the link I put in there did not work. It’s here should you want a laugh:


  • TT

    Has anyone noticed the extreme middle-class nature of the protesters.

    I thought I was looking at a private girls school reunion.

    There seem to be a lot of batty old ladies in tweeds and young gals with posh accents looking to do a bit of activism before settling down with hubby and 4×4, and Guardian to feel guilty over.

    Todays gal’s accent was so cut glass I could have peeled my spuds on it.

    What is it with middle/upper class kids and their misguided activism. Threaten to kill gays and you’re a cool cleric, use a gerbil for medicine and they get all upset.

    The Guardian was less than convincing in ‘condemnation’ of these chaps.

  • Lizzie

    I wonder where Andy Mo’s grandparents are buried. Care to share, Andy?

  • Ted Schuerzinger


    1000 yards is nothing. I’ve had bears on my front lawn here in the Catskills before:

    Note the second bear in the background that I’ve circled. Neither of these is the ~350-pound boar that’s been around these parts. I was visited by that bear and his entire family last year at Labor Day.

    If your back porch has a railing around it, you won’t have to worry about the bears. 🙂

  • Julian Taylor,
    It seems to be a very elaborate way to electrocute a hamster,wouldn’t it be easier sticking it’s nose in a light socket?

  • Hell, Ted, you’re supposed to have bears down there. This is something new up here.

    And I’m not really interested in them. Certainly not enough to put a railing on the porch.

  • Kristopher

    Damned … another Bear thread.

    ( Bears are the Godwin’s law of pro-gun forums … once bears are discussed, any chance at useful info appearing disappears. )