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A new blog

Laissez Faire Books, the bookshop that stocks all manner of fine tomes from the complete works of Murray Rothbard to obscure 19th century liberal historians, now has a blog. Definitely worth checking it out on a regular basis and some of their stuff is frequently cheaper than the other big online book retailers. I once spent a very pleasant two hours browsing through their store in downtown San Francisco last year.

Thanks to the ever-readable Marginal Revolution for the pointer.

3 comments to A new blog

  • It appears to have been around for over a year. But without a feed, it’s useless.

    The same goes for James Randi’s excellent weekly commentary, which I would add to my Bloglines list in a flash if I could.

  • I rarely go to the LFB blog because of the lack of interesting material. There are just too few comments about any of the current literary material relevant to libertarians, just rehashing older writings. Ah, would that Brown would do something like this: http://classicalliberalism.blogspot.com/2005/06/summertime-reading-its-summer.html

    I just don’t see that LFB is actively looking for new material to cover. It’s too bad, and I would love to add comments from time to time on LFB (and I have put some comments to LFB in the past–not anymore though), but unless Brown puts it down under his imprimateur, it’s doubtful that Brown would print it.
    Just a thought.
    Just Ken

  • Matt O'Halloran

    Tut tut, no mention of Murray Rothbard here please. Why, he had the effrontery to argue that aggressive war and libertarianism don’t go together and that war, to quote Randolph Bourne, is the health of the State.

    Now we all know that ‘the State is not your friend’, but Rothbard somehow forgot the important exception that when the State goes rampaging into somebody else’s state, we must all cheer it on and contribute happily to the unlimited costs of the Crusade. Liberventionism, some call it. Tying yourself in knots and making a laughing stock of yourself, others (eg Lew Rockwell) call it. But we don’t mention him either. Depleted Uranium for Enduring Freedom, that’s the modern libbo’s peace cry.