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Interesting development in London bombing

The Mirror may not be the most august of newspapers but if half of what they are saying is true, this could be very interesting indeed and puts the whole psychological makeup of the ‘suicide’ bombers in question. Maybe it was not suicide at all!

The evidence is compelling: The terrorists bought return rail tickets, and pay and display car park tickets, before boarding _ a train at Luton for London. None of the men was heard to cry “Allah Akhbar!” – “God is great” – usually screamed by suicide bombers as they detonate their bomb.

Their devices were in large rucksacks which could be easily dumped instead of being strapped to their bodies. They carried wallets containing their driving licences, bank cards and other personal items. Suicide bombers normally strip themselves of identifying material.

So perhaps it was all done with timers and those little terrorist shits were told a porky about exactly when they were going to blow up. If this is true then the more widely this is known, the less likely it will be that non-suicidal Muslim terrorist supporters might not be quite so willing to act as couriers or bomb planters for ‘the cause’. Maybe the whole deranged ‘Shaheed’ thing has rather less resonance with the UK Islamic fringe than we thought. If the facts are correct, it is a pretty compelling interpretation.

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  • Bernard

    I’ve already heard someone (yes, he is Guardian reader) say that this obviously proves that it was a Mossad led conspiracy in conjunction with Bush neo-cons.

  • snide

    Yes this proves it was the Jews, who told those nice Muslim boys that the thing in their backpacks were just copies of the new Harry Potter book which they thought they were taking to an orphanage, it was Jews I tell you, the Jews, THE JEWS, it is always the JJJJEEEEEEWWWWWSSSSS!!!!! [/falls to floor frothing at the mouth]

  • I wrote about this yesterday (here) and it opens a lot of interesting possibilities:

    * there may be video of an activation person on video
    * the bombers may not have even known they were carrying bombs — “bring these Korans to location X” type of thing

  • Julian Morrison

    One piece of counter-evidence would be the lack of “useless” random detonations – none of them were just strolling down the street, or stuck in ticket-queues like you might expect with a straight-up time bomb. I’d say this implies a fifth man back home with a firing button.

  • Rob

    Michael Ledeen also makes a similar point.

  • The fact that they all travelled from Luton together would tend to ensure that one did not get cold feet about the job.
    It is common for suicide bombers to be tricked into delivering a bomb,frequently a car bomb,which is detonated remotely.Whether these bombers performed the usual pre-suicide rituals,washing,shaving body hair,having videos taken would be a clear indication of purpose.

  • dave

    It story merely shows how desperate the mirror writer and many others on the left are too turn the terrorists into victims.

  • The problem with this suggestion though, is with the bomber on the bus in Tavistock Square.

    After all, he was seen fumbling around in his rucksack shortly before the explosion took place. And his explosion took place some time after the other three explosions.

    Perhaps it was only the bomber on the bus that was a suicide bomber? Or perhaps they all were? I feel that its more than likely that they all were suicide bombers, but i feel certain that the bus bomb was suicidal.

    I wonder if the police have found much of the firing mechanisms.

  • Bombadil

    If this turns out to be true, it opens up a great opportunity for an NKVD-style pre-emptive provocation: create a fictional Al Qaida branch, recruit willing splodeydopes for martyrdom operations against the infidel, outfit them with actual explosives, send them into an uninhabited space (say, an underground parking garage that has been emptied out) and detonate them 😉 Bonus points if you carry out the soggy bits in a pigskin sack afterwards.

    You could even run faked newspaper stories about casualties, etc. to attract ever more ROP’ers.

  • You know Bombadil, you might actually have something there with your idea of creating a fake Al’Qaidea. It would be a great way to trap would be suicide bombers.

    Sadly I doubt the security services have sufficient muslim resources to carry out such a move.

  • 1327

    It makes me wonder if the bomb making equipment was delievered months ago including digital timers. Perhaps these were programmed with the time in GMT. Along come our terrorists with the finest education Leeds Council can provide and set the detonation time in BST (summer time).
    Still that doesn’t explain the bus bomb which I believe was carried by the 19 year old who had struggled to pass a GNVQ in Business Studies – Hardly terrorist mastermind material !

  • I feel that it’s still safe to say, that the attacks were suicide bombings. Precisely because of the discrepency about the Bus bomb.

  • Jacob

    This seems to me idle speculation, but it does not really matter. The phnomenon of suicide bombers is real enough, no doubt about that. There is no short supply of candidates. You have to deal with it, and not engage in speculation.

    It is possible that double precautions are taken to prevent a suicide bomber from getting cold feet in the last moment and stay alive to turn in his activators.

  • Otis


    Hmm, but wouldn’t that have made the bomb timers an hour behind – i.e. exploding an hour later than planned? It would make sense if the bombs went off early.

    It does remind me, though, of the “bus bomb” in Aldwych a few years back, where (so I heard) the daft IRA idiots had set the timer forgetting it was a twelve hour clock.

    As for the Muslim bus-terrorist, I would think the less-gifted individuals would be the prime targets for martyr-recruiters.

  • Bombadil says “create a fictional Al Qaida branch, recruit willing splodeydopes for martyrdom operations against the infidel, outfit them with actual explosives, send them etc….”

    Err, it was the CIA who created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the first place.

  • I think it is a bit much to say that the CIA created Al Qaida. They didn’t found the organisation, and weren’t in charge of it at any stage.

    But they did supply a lot of cash, weapons and training to the mujhadeen in Afghanistan.

  • Toulson Caffrey

    I’m less than compelled by this evidence. Particularly the point that they were not heard to cry out in praise of their merciful god. Perhaps I’ve not been paying proper attention to the details of the events, but who exactly is still around to have witnessed this omission?

    As for the points about obtaining pay-and-display tickets, etc., surely it’s an unsurprising strategy to act as normal as possible in the run up to criminal operations. Nor am I convinced that suicide bombing is such a routine and well-defined tactic that to define what is “usual” (in this case purging identification) carries any particular weight. And I hope that no one is seriously suggesting that the terrorists did not know what they were carrying

    I’m inclined to agree with Dave that the only purpose, or at least the only likely consequence, of this speculation is to provide dhimmitic sustenance, which the usual hungry suspects will no doubt gobble up.

  • anomdebus

    Gareth, I was also thinking about the bus and believe that to be indicative of suicide.
    It is however, possible that the sacks were booby trapped. His agitation would have been over what he now knew he had with him. Perhaps he was trying to disarm it when it went off.

  • There seems to be mor evidence that some of them were trained in Pakistan

  • John Steele

    The car-park ticket doesn’t do much for me. If Luton station has the same, or similar, system as car-parks in Leeds then that can be explained as simple habit; drive into car-park, buy ticket, just habit.

    The round trip rail ticket is a bit more interesting and is not as easy to explain as force-of-habit. It won’t be the first time that gulible people have been tricked into doing terrible things. I don’t think writing them off as dupes changes the threat dynamic much. Radical Islam is still a threat whether these four were willing or unwilling carriers.

  • The only plausible alternative is that they thought they were carrying heroin.

  • zmollusc

    Hah! I have been thinking on similar lines for a while. Maybe the operational orders were something like “Get on the train/bus and then switch on the bomb’s timer, this will give you 20 minutes to get off at the next stop and catch the return bus/train. Meet back here at the car and we all go home for a celebratory slap up grill” The timer actually being 0 minutes and the fumbling mule was just having second thoughts. Would the news of the first explosions reach the following ‘bombers’ in time for them to realise the timing was wrong?

  • giles

    not martyrs but muppets?

  • rosignol

    There seems to be mor evidence that some of them were trained in Pakistan

    Exactly what kind of ‘training’ does someone need to be a suicide bomber? How to carry a package?

  • Would the news of the first explosions reach the following ‘bombers’ in time for them to realise the timing was wrong?

    The bus bomber would surely have known…

    I still think they were all suicide bombers.

  • Johnathan

    It must be hard being a young Islamist these days. Who can you trust? The poor moppets!

    Seriously though, we have to face the reality that young British males may be prepared to kill themselves for their maniacal ends.

  • Brendan Halfweeg

    I’d say this implies a fifth man back home with a firing button.

    Communications to detonate a bomb remotely typically don’t work in the underground, especially the deep lines like the Picadilly. There are other conspirators, but their role probably ended when they sent the four on their catastrophic journey to oblivion.

    Has anyone considered the bus bomber was targeting the the bus specifically. Create confusion on the tubes, get everyone above ground onto buses, blow bus or buses up. An alternative tactic would have been to use a car bomb adjacent to affected tube stations.

    Whoever orchestrated these bombings could easily have created more carnage than was actually achieved.

    Alternatively, the bus bomber might have got caught up by problems on the Northern Line that morning. Not knowing what to do, he chose a target of opportunity. Or perhaps there was a problem with his bomb.

    The suicide bomber ritual thing is of Palestinian origins, not al’Qaeda. Al’Qaeda suicide operations in the West thus far have been sporadic (only 9/11 and 7/7), no pattern has developed. There may be no link to the Hamas and Hezbollah tactics in Israel.

    The idea that these guys were stools delivering korans or religious flyers doesn’t have much credit either. They knew what they were doing, explosives have been found in their hire cars, in their safe houses. These guys knew they were targeting the London transport network.

  • I suspect the “mobile self-demolition specialists” feared they might be followed by police – they didn’t want to act suspiciously at any point in case they were stopped before detonating. Hence the return tickets, and the directness of the whole operation.

    Note that to the best of my recollection, they would have been running late due to delays on the Thameslink that morning. That’s one for the suicide theory; if they were off schedule then they were lucky to self-demolish separately and in crowds.

    Also, there’s a lot of background noise in an underground train – a shout wouldn’t carry very far, and anyone hearing it might not be in a state to provide a coherent account later.

  • I suspect the “mobile self-demolition specialists” feared they might be followed by police – they didn’t want to act suspiciously at any point in case they were stopped before detonating. Hence the return tickets, and the directness of the whole operation.

    Thats what I feel at the moment too.

  • Rosignol ,
    Don’t be flippant,read the link,they appear to have been in Pakistan for reasons other than religeous enlightenment.
    To your point,could you do it,as of now without a little guidance,this was more of a military mission than simply arriving in a crowded place with a bomb.
    At the very least they were trained to be obedient and to carry on when they were alone.Much easier to dump the bomb in the Thames and disappear on the Eurostar.
    If the bombers knew that they were on suicide missions,this requires a great deal of discipline,determination and organisation.
    Ask yourself,could you do it?

  • Brendan,
    Mohammed Atta performed the ritual before 9/11,shaving off his body hairs.He was definitely al Qaeda.

  • Brendan Halfweeg


    Looked it up and came up with this analysis. Medieval indeed, it is beyond my imagination what the 9/11 perps went through to bring about the desired pyschological state required to perform their acts.

    Will be interesting if similar evidence emerges from this tragedy.


  • rosignol

    I suspect the “mobile self-demolition specialists” feared they might be followed by police

    If we’re going to use euphemisms to describe these people, I prefer ‘not-so-smart bomb’.

    If being followed by the police is a concern, it makes far more sense for them to split up, increasing the chance that some of them will escape capture, than it does to stay together and risk having the police nab them all at one stroke.


    Ask yourself,could you do it?

    Do what? Sacrifice my life for a cause I believed in? Certainly. Get suckered by someone who lied to me about what the actual mission was? Also quite possible.

    What I don’t know that I could do is indiscriminately kill civilians that had no direct connection to whatever had motivated me to carry out a suicide mission.

  • midwich

    All the evidence listed above is interesting, but not compelling.

    I’d heard though that the car left in Luton had several unused bombs in the boot (or info to this effect). That bomber at least had further plans. If this is true this seems a clincher to me – at least one of the asshats expected to come home for nice mug of cocoa that evening.

  • The Last Toryboy

    Thread hijack – my apologies.

    But you have to see this if you havn’t already :-


  • Julian Taylor

    Of course some proof of whether these creatures were suicide bombers would be to look for the telltale signs, notably the small Koran etc., so I suppose we could look at the possibility of it being a “timed suicide bombing”, where they knew when the bombs would go off but could not do anything about it – although I do feel that we are giving far more initiative credit to these animals than they deserve.

    Lots of factors give more credence to the timed detonation theory than to the commonly held view of a suicide bomber yelling “ALLAH!” and pushing a button, the comparative lack of people on the trains at the time for one thing – at peak times you can easily get 50-80 people in a Piccadilly Line carriage or in the Circle/Hammersmith & City Line trains and well over 100 people on the old-fashioned Metropolitan Line trains. Regarding the bus bomb theory, surely he would have waited until the Underground system had been closed down, by the bombs of his fellow anarchoIslamicists, let a bus be filled up by diverted commuters and then detonated his device?

    There was one rumour that followed the 9/11 tragedy, that most of the terrorists believed that they were only embarking upon a hijacking and that only the ‘pilots’ knew what the intended outcome was.

  • Midwich,
    It is sensible to examine all aspects of this since discrediting a theory throws light on the subject.

  • Julian:
    _surely he would have waited until the Underground system had been closed down, by the bombs of his fellow anarchoIslamicists, let a bus be filled up by diverted commuters and then detonated his device?_

    Why bother? That sort of strategy only works if you’re either 1. short of a densely-packed target zone (doesn’t apply in rush hour London) or 2. after specific people who you know will be coralled like this (also doesn’t apply).

    Much more likely the fourth bomber (remember: the youngest, which may be important) either:

    1. was a suicide bomber then changed his mind (and back again) – so, a police trawl of mobile networks to trace every call made that morning 8.50-9.50 from near KX might find a link to someone higher up the food chain that he called to stiffen his resolve

    2. wasn’t a suicide bomber, was delayed on the Northern Line, heard the Picc bomb go off (or saw some walking wounded) and realised he’d been stitched up. So, he was either trying to disarm the bomb on the bus as he headed back to Leeds via KX or changed his mind and decided on ‘martyrdom’.

    For me, the absence of the “Allahu Akhbar” shout is the most compelling for a conspiracy theorist. It’s not correct to say “nobody’s left alive to tell the tale”. On the shallow sub-surface line bombs (Edgware Rd, Liverpool St), there are people alive that were standing 10 feet from detonation. I still tend to favour the non-conspiracy approach, BTW, but the bus does need explaining (additionally, why if he was a suicide bomber, he didn’t stand next to the stairwell, but at the back).

  • Brendan,
    Mind boggling isn’t it,this is probably why some find it dificult to believe,it is way beyond our experience or imagining.

  • Jarndyce,
    I don’t think the bus was the target,the bomber could have done far more damage on the platform at Euston,a short walk away.or even the bus stops outside.
    This was in some way the “cock up” bomber,as you say could have changed his mind,equally,not knowing London he could have got lost.May even have decided to get a bus to Russell Square tube station because he was off schedule.Don’t know which way the bus was going towards or away from Euston.
    Since the whole area is target rich,I wonder why a bus?

  • My guess is that unless we find the equivilent of a ‘suicide note’, we will probably never know for sure. For me though, even if they were killed by timers set to ‘cover up the evidence’, they were still terrorist vermin and deserve no pity whatsoever. No matter how you look at this, they are murderers, not victims.

  • From our point of view it would be better if they were dupe,because that weould discourage others from doing little errands for strange men.Alas I think we have a small civil war on our hands.

  • RPW

    Couldn’t this just be evidence that the organisers of these things are learning? After all, after 9/11 there was a lot of talk along the lines that those guys should have been picked up for expressing interest in learning how to fly but not being interested in learning how to land or take off, buying one way tickets and not having any luggage, and all the other clues that indicated they were only planning a one-way trip. The organisers will have heard all this talk just as much as we will and would plan the next operation accordingly to ensure there were no such giveaways. Hence, return tickets, long-stay car park, and what not.

  • rvman

    I’m visualizing the fifth guy reiterating the plan:
    “Remember, as soon as you have the bomb in position, call me on this phone (hands him phone), and I’ll trigger it in exactly 5 minutes. Don’t wait to get off – you’ll have plenty of time to get off at the next station, and we want this to happen as early in rush hour as possible. Don’t use that phone for ANYTHING else – it only has two minutes paid on it. ”

    Bomb builder sets trigger to those individual phones. They call, boom. No need to worry about signal reaching the trains.

    Fumbly guy on the bus was the dummy of the group – and put his phone under the bomb in his sack. He finds it, he calls, boom. Even if he had heard about the explosions, he’d assume everything was according to plan. He knew his bomb was supposed to be later, after all, he was targeting people avoiding the subway due to the prior acts.

  • My guess is that unless we find the equivilent of a ‘suicide note’, we will probably never know for sure.

    That is absolutely correct, the problem is things like this creat conspiracy theories which can drag on for a long time.

  • Perry: I agree, but you’re forgetting the propaganda benefits that might flow from painting the killers as pathetic dupes. It might be worth spinning this even if it isn’t true. I’d be interested to see who the original source for the Mirror story was.

    Peter: away from Euston, though most mainstream media seem to think the opposite. I ride the 30 all the time, so I’m right and they’re wrong.

  • Jarndyce,
    I don’t suppose you like to contemplate that!
    Looks like the numpty bomber was lost,he could have got the Piccadilly line.What is the route of the number 30,does it pick up at Euston.
    I am just intrigued as to why this madman was wandering aimlessly round London with a bomb.

  • Verity

    Peter – Good question! And no one esle has asked it! What an intriguing question!

    I think they were all supposed to be on the tube system, because that is the most horrifying, panicky scenario. Frankly, I think the London tube is sinister and unpleasant enough without the presence of terrorists.

    So this one nitwit wasn’t with the programme, but he hadn’t dumped his bomb. He left King’s X and got on a bus and went upstairs (!) and then kept checking his rucksack, according to the extremely lucky man who was sitting next to him and got off at his stop.

    You are right, Pete. This is very strange, even for something as strange as a suicide jackass.

  • His going upstairs is obviously a sign of amateurism. But then, its not like you get a second go, in which you incorporate lessons learnt, at suicide bombing is it?

  • Verity

    But what we he doing on a bus?

    Does that bus pass an important building and the bomb went off too soon? Did he get lost on the Underground – he could have blown himself up on any line after all – and decide to take the scenic route to oblivion? Pete’s question is very interesting.

  • Verity,
    That is why I would like to know the route of the number thirty bus,does it run along Euston road and turn into Woburn Place or run across from Eversholt Street.
    You realise don’t you that had he turned left and gone up the Caledonian Road it would have taken him into darkest Islington.One of histories little cock ups?

  • Giles

    my view – the teacher was the ring leader – he set three bombs to go off a 9 and one to go off an hours later. He had bombs in the boot for his next set of bombings and to demonstrate to the other 3 that there would be repeat missions. Only he picked up the wrong bomb. So three go off taking the mastermind with then

    The one on the bus was fumbling around because it was getting close to time and he was worried that htere was a malfunction like there was with the others.


    Like I said think muppets not martyrs

  • Verity

    I knew some London geography years ago, but it’s been superseded now. What would be the significance of Woburn Place?

    Peter – Do you think the splodey guy on the bus was supposed to be on the bus, or was he supposed to be on a tube?

  • RPW


    Perhaps he was on the bus to provide a “visual”? After all, horrific as the tube bombings were, no pictures that adequately portray the horror have got out. The picture of that torn apart bus on the other hand has probably appeared in virtually every major news outlet on the planet by now. Al Qaeda, etc. don’t just kill people in large numbers, they like to do it as visibly as possible so as to boost their propaganda. Tube bombs for body count, bus bomb for the media…

  • The bomber would have done more damage staying on the tube station at Kings Cross,a very busy one
    .Actually Woburn Place provides two of the nearest open spaces,Tavistock Square and Russell Square and it isn’t exactly one of the most the most obvious or most crowded areas.Euston being more so,there is amajor bus stop there.
    It is not the easiest thing in the world to get round London by bus as a stranger I think the numpty might have been lost.

  • Verity

    I think the numpty might have been lost.

    It is absolutely impossible to imagine a bigger loser. A guy with a loser’s ambition to be a suicide bomber who got lost on the way to his one job.

  • Verity
    They ought to audition hem in abandoned quarries.

  • Pete_London

    “Welcome to the quarry Abdul, you may begin your audition”

    ” Thank you … ka-boom!”

    “Thank you Abdul”

    Bunch of losers. And why do we know that? As always, the great PJ tells us why.

  • “Look,you people,I told you to wait until I shouted action…. Did you get that on tape Tristram?…..damn! Sorry luvies we are going to have to run that again….

  • Verity

    Sadly, no encores.

    Oh, well! Next!

  • Verity

    “And listen, Ahmad, we want some style here! Some important drama! We want to know you really, really mean it! You’re into it, darling! This is your moment!

    “When the spotlight hits you, raise your arms high and depress that plunger with all your might with drama and sincerity!”

    Leans forward in the cement fortified control booth, hand cupped around ear, “What, Ahmad, darling? What do you mean, after you push the plunger should you exit stage left?”

  • ernest young

    I can’t help but reflect on the good fortune of our so-called ‘protectors’. if the bombers had not inadvertantly blown themselves up, or been deliberately blown up, there would have been little evidence for them to determine the ‘who, what and wherefore’ of the attack, if they had been genuine suicide bombers there would nothing to identify the individuals concerned.

    That the alert level had been lowered just three weeks ago, with the comment that there was no one capable of carrying out such an attack, gives us some idea of the abysmal level of security in the UK.

    That nothing worthwhile will come of all of Blair’s rhetoric, nor from all the meetings with ethnic leaders, other than ever more concessions to those sectors deemed ‘voteworthy’ by our ever nimble PM.

    They got lucky this time, will they make good use of it? …

  • Verity

    ernest young – so what’s new? Tony Blair, as you say, ever nimble, will have “ethnic minorities” in for beer and sandwiches — oops! That was a previous Labour government panderer! Mint tea and lamb nibbles.

    He has absolutely no right to be consulting with people who break the law of our country, however much he has weakened the law. For the prime minister of Britain to be having talks with this garbage, with their hectoring, “reasonable”, calmly lecturing points is an outrage.

    These immigrants, who never assimilated, bombed our capital’s transport system, Tone. If you think you can change their minds, trust me, Tone, you have way too much regard for yourself. Your meetings are absolutely pointless. You will give in and they will admonishingly, and judgementally, accept your surrender and require further duties.

    The problem is, Tone and the Islamofascists (and we must accept that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam, because such is against their religion) have the same goals: the elimination of the national identities of European peoples. So they’re allies. Tone’s got to tread softly, softly.

    Maybe it’s time to consider a truly radical option: everyone who is not a wealth creator (and I am certainly aware that there are many, from millionaires to salary-earners) and has proved their credentials as passengers, blood suckers and creators of mayhem in a calm, civilised country: out.

    But under dhimmi Tone, who doesn’t understand that he’s a dhimmi and thinks he’s in control, this will not happen. No matter what deals he cuts to sign away the rights of the owners of this country, he will always be the junior partner. After they don’t need him any more, he will not be a partner.


  • Julian Taylor

    Heh, “now nobody is to blow up anybody until I blow this whistle even if, and I want to make this absolutely clear, they do say Allah”.

    Can you imagine Monty Python’s Life of Ahmed as a send up of Mohammedism? John Cleese would have to spend the rest of his life under close protection.

  • John K

    My guess is that unless we find the equivilent of a ‘suicide note’, we will probably never know for sure.

    I think there’s every chance that forensic experts will be able to re-assemble the bombs’ detonators, especially since they have four examples to work with, and then we’ll know if they were on timers or hand operated.

  • ernest young

    One idea that this atrocity should put to rest, is the notion that the terrorists are on the lunatic fringe of Islam.

    The identity of the bombers shows that there are no ‘peaceful’ Moslems. They could well be your local newsagent, you know, the one who is always so polite, or even a ‘special needs’ teacher, they all seem to be tarred with the same fanatic brush, and any one of them could erupt, (explode), at any time.

    As mentioned elsewhere – it is going to be a long battle to be rid of the cancer of ‘peaceful’ Islam.

  • Verity

    Ernest Young – This is the point I am trying to make, seemingly in vain. Blair is having meeting with”moderate” Muslims. Sorry, but there aren’t any – or they are very, very far and few between. Militant Islam is part of their brief, that they grow up with. The rest of the world is wrong and Islam is right, and their allah wants everyone under shariah law pretty damn smartish.

  • Verity,
    Why do you think Blair is introducing religious hate crimes,we will be instituting the Inquisition next. You are well out of it!

  • Pete_London

    The day Parliament puts that Bill onto the statute book is the day I walk into my local police station (open between 12 and 2pm, please slip a note under the door in the event of an emergency outside of these times) slap a koran down on the counter and demand Allah’s arrest for religious hate crimes.

    The natural consequence of such a law is that the koran will have to be censored. Will it? Will it bollocks. The left’s favourite voting block will get yet another pass while your granny is banged up for looking at a (inevitably, very touchy) muslim the wrong way.

  • Verity

    Peter – Think about what damage Blair has wrought since 1997.

    He has wrecked ancient laws; he wants to abolish trial by jury; he has sidelined diminished the monarchy – our head of state – with sheer rudeness; he has made a cauldron of illiteracy, innumeracy and uncivilised behaviour in state schools; he has enforced fascist political correctness on a population that now thinks twice before it dares utter a negative sentiment – in other words, they are now self-censoring; he has outlawed guns and basically any other form self-defence, while violent crime soars and he has elevated the “rights” of the criminal over the rights of the law-abiding, thereby robbing the British of the basic human sense of natural justice; he has encouraged, with his socio-fascist programmes, Britain’s once exemplary civil society to descend into brutal near anarchy in many previously peaceful and law-abiding areas; through punishing taxes and rewards for laziness, he has encouraged more people not to marry and encouraged more girls – some as young as 12 – to become mothers with no permanent male in the house and no hope of ever leaving the welfare and free housing rolls; he has politicised and corrupted the civil service; he has encouraged the Islamics to believe they are a special case and has nurtured a sense of grievance among them instead of telling them to integrate and shut up; he has intentionally lost control of the borders of an island nation, which is the easiest to defend in normal circumstances; and he announced that he was going to destroy “the forces of conservatism” – those conservative instincts that made Britain such a stable society for hundreds of years; he wants to force identity cards on free Britons; his wife speculates in property and makes hundreds of thousands of pounds going around the world giving talks about life inside Downing St.

    Not bad for just under 10 years, eh?

  • Verity,
    Prime Minister isn’t really grand enough for Tony,how about “Lord Protector”?

  • Verity

    Peter – Aha! Excellent choice!

  • Verity

    Watch out! Blair is planning to bring in some new laws – quelle surprise! don’t faint! – so “Imams may face deportation. Extremist Islamic preachers who glorify terrorism at home and abroad …”.

    Sound good? Read the words again…. “who glorify terrorism ….”.

    In court, prove it!

    “You were bleedin’ glorifyin’ terrorism, wan you?”

    An imam, mullah (does anyone know what the difference is?) – who is one of the few people in the world still allowed to speak in a public school/Oxbridge accent, loftily, “No, no! Not at all!

    “Britain is a country of a plurality of religions, and we glorify our god, allah. We certainly do not glorify terrorism! Glorifying terrorism would be against islam, which is a religion of peace!”

    So, no probs. They are not “glorifying” violence. Anyone get the hook? The word “glorifying”. Where did that come from?

    How about “promote through words and actions”, Toni, and Clarke and the rest of them? Do you think Cherie had a hand in the word “glorify” – so easy to disprove? But that is what will be hammered into British law. A sleazy bait and switch with words — oh, wait a minute, I think there’s an Arab term for that! Taqqiya and kitman! Right on the programme, Toney ‘n’ Cher.

    Brits, do not accept “glorying” violence. None of those smart ass clerics is really stupid enough to “glorify violence”. It’s a way out for Tone. “Well, we can’t get them under the Glorifying of Violence Act!” How about the Sedition Act, then?

    This is Tony Bliar, deflect attention, deflect attention, deflect attention.

  • Pete_London


    ‘Deflect attention’ indeed. It’s what the man does. Of course, we don’t need yet more damned laws but how else to deflect attention? In a sane world the Human Rights Act/Terrorists Charter would be repealed, but as Blair is responsible for that it would hardly do to bring attention to his record here.

    We’ll have yet more legislation, this time against the friends of Livingstone. Surely then it will be only a matter of months before Cherie Blair pops up in court, at our expense, battling valiently to keep the bearded ones in this mad country. Hmmmmm I do wonder how much she has pocketed as a result of Blair’s laws. His regime has certainly been a nice little earner for them.

  • Pete-London,
    The Human Rights Act is another assault on sovereignty,just now it is being used to to destroy our ability to exclude those who would do us hard. All of a piece with the Right to Roam in our homes for burglars.

    The International Criminal Court Act is being used to demoralise the one last functioning institution of Britain ,the Armed Forces.
    Thes people who have been sent to the four corners of the Earth to fight the vainglorious and dubious battles of Tony Blair,their budgets have been slashed and now they are being throw to the tranzi wolves.Or rather wimps because when the tranzis work is done there will be nothing left for them but to submit

  • Julian Taylor

    Well, with today’s events this post, or the comments posted above, does take on a new slant – were there actually any bombs or were they just detonators. Last news I saw said that one of the terrorists (BBC still refusing to call them that, preferring instead “suspects”) had gone to ground in University College Hospital and SO19 had the place surrounded. Staff are bizarrely warned to look out out for, “a 6’2 black or asian man with wires coming out of his head”.

    That’s clever Abdul, plant the explosives where nobody would ever think of looking for them – in your brain – can’t have been a big bomb then, eh?

  • Andrew Milner

    The London bombings were but a small part of a far bigger picture. To overly dwell on the nuts and bolts of 7 July London bombings is to get bogged down on the Grassy Knoll. Where there is the will, the means will be found. Subsequent failed explosions and the Stockwell shooting were planned as distractions. Briefly, Stockwell was a 22-carat public relations disaster because the hit squad killed a non-Muslim victim. Had they shot a Muslim as intended, the framing would have gone like clockwork. Intimidation was a secondary intent: Kill one terrify 10,000. The fact the hit squat was paramilitary is no surprise. This was an operation that was just too dirty even for the Metropolitan Police Service. However, as a distraction from the bombings earlier in the month, Stockwell was a runaway success. I tend to think the London bombings were a prelude for something far bigger, but time will tell.
    One side benefit for the Blair government was the way the public has generally supported the police even after they knew the police (soldiers) had shot an innocent man. Indicates that introduction of the Super State can be moved up a gear. Seems you can never run out of useful idiots.
    Now we are starting to think the unthinkable. The UK government is prepared to run a false flag operation to manipulate public opinion and generate the necessary justification to maintain operations in Iraq. The US lost the Vietnam War on the home front. A government’s primary duty should be to protect their citizens, but here are advanced capitalist democracies prepared to murder their own citizens for political ends.

  • The UK government is prepared to run a false flag operation to manipulate public opinion and generate the necessary justification to maintain operations in Iraq

    Do you have ANY evidence of a ‘false flag’ operation? Governments are amazingly inept at keeping secrets and the notion they could get enough people involved to manage a conspiracy like the one you are suggesting and keep it secret beggers belief. In short, give me a reason not to regard you as a member of the tinfoil hat brigade who can be safely ignored.