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Richard North on Bob Geldof

Richard B. North has a terrific set of articles about the current focus on Africa, debt-relief and poverty brought about partly by the efforts of Sir Bob “keep it off eBay” Geldof. It is fair to summarise that North is not totally blown away with admiration by the scruffy former lead singer of the Boomtown Rats, or indeed with the grandstanding of our own wonderful PM, Tony Blair.

Definitely not the sort of articles one would expect to get on a college degree reading list. How I wish the weblog existed when studying for my degree back in the 80s.

5 comments to Richard North on Bob Geldof

  • rob geldof

    Geldof never actually said “Give me your fucking money” he said “Fuck the addresses, give them the phone numbers”.

  • In his latest bit of wisdom he has been reported as asking the performers at the Live 8 not to slag off Blair & Bush because it might not be the best way to get their co-operation. Whose guessing that most of artists on the bill(s) are too numb to take his advice?

  • Tell me Why I don’t like E-Bay
    Tell me Why I don’t like E-Bay
    Tell me Why I don’t like E-Bay

    I wanna Shut Shuuuuuuuut.

    The whole site down.

    He should have auctioned the tickets on e-bay himself.

  • Richard B. North? Don’t tell me there’s yet another one of them?

    (I think you mean Richard D. North).

  • lorne wasy

    If geldof wants to affect Canadian fiscal policy he should become a citizen and run for office, until then shut the f— up. While we are on it perhaps bono could try to straighten up that hatefull little country he is from before shooting his mouth off.