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Memo to Sir Ian Blair

There is a name for a country where the police tell us what the law ought to be, and give us heavy hints which way to vote. It is called a police state.

In a constitutional monarchy such as ours, the police keep the Queen’s peace and uphold the laws as they are; they do not bluster and threaten the public for publicity, nor do they enter the political process and shill for attempts to change that constitution.

Your resignation would be appropriate. Before you go and do something even more repugnant.

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state

22 comments to Memo to Sir Ian Blair

  • Phil

    Ian Blair & his other ACPO Nu Labour brown nosers should keep their Fast tracked Arses out of Politics,they are turning the majority of the police into a Laughing stock

  • John Rippengal

    It might be more apposite and fruitful to aim more at the quangos who appoint the senior officers and who oversee the police service. Some rules such as a sociology degree being an automatic disqualification for all senior appointments should be adopted.
    You cannot blame the officers for behaving in the only way that will secure them appointments and promotions in the first place.

  • Bitten

    John Rippengal: “..You cannot blame the officers for behaving in the only way that will secure them appointments and promotions in the first place.”

    An acceptable principle at Nuremburg. Why not now?

  • Verity

    Blair is an impertinent tinpot dictator and not fit for public office of any kind – even keeper of office supplies. Whatever damage the rigid little power freak MacPherson didn’t do in pulling the entire edifice of the police force down around his ears, Blair will finish up nicely.

    Meanwhile, and sadly, it looks as though Sir Robert Peel’s absolutely brilliant idea has come to the end of the line and the day for private police forces, free of anything to do with dictators, is imminent.

    The British police force has been in decline for a long time. The degeneration was particularly noticeable to me, when I returned to Britain after many years overseas. I couldn’t believe the sullen, judgemental, hectoring jobsworths were thesame body as the formerly courteous, quick-thinking, reassuring English police.

  • Julian Taylor

    I doubt that Phoney (to distinguish from Ian Blair) could afford to lose 2 Met Police Commissioners within 12 months – people might start asking questions about who actually appoints these fools (Phoney does, the Metropolitan Police Authority just confirms the appointment and The Queen formally approves Phoney’s choice) or, heaven forbid, make a recommendation to The Queen that she remove the Commissioner, as is rumoured to have happened to Sir John Stevens.

  • Verity

    It absolutely baffles me that the British tolerate such impudence in their public service. In the US, Blair would have been kicked out by now by popular demand. It may have come in the form of a resignation due to ill health, but he’d be out.

  • Pete_London


    Unfortunately true. In my opinion the British are now a people who deserve to lose any freedoms left remaining. I don’t makes friends of idiots yet those friends I do have believe I’m half bonkers when I tell them that this week I’ve written to the Chief Super in my area/emailed my MP/rang up the Chief Exec/rang up the idiots who tell the police to hide behind bushes with speed cameras. All of these things I have done and more. It’s got to the point where I cannot get through the day without haranguing some pointless, over paid, jumped up public official. Needless to say an abusive letter went into the post with Sir Ian Blair’s name on it yesterday. I talk about these things with people. I raise them, point them out, get annoyed and laugh about them and I know of no-one who actually deep down gives the slightest toss about them. At the most all I recieve in return is

    yeah, they’re all the same, ain’t they?

    It never occurs to people why they might all be the same and that they can actually get off of their arses and do something about it. I’ll give up one day and get on that plane too. Keep the Germans away from those loungers for me.

  • GCooper

    Pete_London writes;

    “It’s got to the point where I cannot get through the day without haranguing some pointless, over paid, jumped up public official.”

    They must be putting something in the water. I, too, have recently turned into even more of a complaint engine. What I find depressing is how shocked some of these bastards seem to be that anyone dares question their judgement.

    But the general supineness of the English is staggering. I wonder if some of them actually like being harrangued by their hired hands. I passed today through a pretty prosperous middle class area which was festooned with Lib-Dem posters. These dupes, finding Howard distasteful, and taken in by Kennedy’s faux “niceness”, clearly haven’t stopped to consider the consequences of a Lib-Dem victory: even more EU control, higher taxation, greater statism and yet more nannying from over-promoted jokers like “Sir” Ian Blair and his brother in Christ, the arch-clown, Brunstrom, whose pronouncements on policing make Blair sound almost reasonable.

  • Verity

    Pete_London – You’re right. They shrug and say, “Yeah, they’re all the same. Bunch of wankers.” And that makes it OK. Reduced to a nuisance they can sneer at mildly. No need to take any action. Bunch of stupid wankers! Situation defused and another toxic individual embedded in public life and allowed powers way, way beyond his station.

  • Verity

    G Cooper, I think “nannying” is another word like “wankers” – meaning it sounds icky but harmless – not hazardous to the health.

    This Ian Blair aggressive, arrogant moron is up on his hind legs imposing his personal will and his personal “vision”, with a fist of iron which brooks no discussion or naysaying, on an electorate – without the formality of standing for an election. The Metropolitan Police exists to serve London, not Blair’s laughably inadequate ego.

    The arrogance is insufferable and breathtaking and I do not understand why the British just sigh and giggle and tolerate it. It’s not funny. It’s dangerous. It is overweening and despotic. And no one is telling him to get over himself. No one’s clipping him back

    He is part of the vast regiment of people not authenticated at the ballot box who has a remit on a wink and a nod to society off at the knees to level it down to the standards of the weakest and least able.

    The Metropolitan Police, a body which should project strength and impartiality, had to have their slogan rewritten because joined up writing may not be understood by dyslexics. If this had appeared in a movie, say starring Peter Ustinov as “Sir” Ian Blair, around 25 years ago, the audience would have laughed uproariously and looked forward to the next thing he was going to say.

  • Verity

    Apologies for posting three times in a row, but I’ve just seen this re the idiot Ian Blair: He admitted that he was only a recent convert to ID cards, having come to understand the nature of modern identity fraud.

    He’s in charge of the Met, and he’s just come, 20 years after it’s become widespread, to “understand” (meaning, someone’s explained it to him in simple language) the nature of identify fraud. He got promoted all the way up to the top of the Met without “understanding” identity fraud. “Sir” Ian, say a warm hello to the Peter Principle!

  • guy herbert

    I’ve no doubt it helps to be promoted at the higher levels of the police if your understanding is malleable depending on convenience, It is certainly possible to operate at all levels in the police without any understanding of the law outside procedural matters.

    Witness the same interview where he explicitly suggests creating new offences so that it is easier to convict people, because he deems they are guilty of something (they’ve been charged after all, they must be bad ‘uns) when there’s there’s no proof of anything meaningful. This is New Lab policy too.

  • “Were Governments genuinely not wishing to abuse the concept of ID cards, photo driving licences would fulfil the security role perfectly well. Non-motorists could be issued with the same kind of licence but without the authority to drive until such time as the relevant tests had been passed. If this is not acceptable to Governments; if they wish to poke their noses further into what should be no business of bureaucrats, their motives will be exposed for all to see.”

  • Is nobody else worried about Sir ian Blair’s lack of grasp of biological weapon terrorist “threats” ?

    He added to the “Climate of Fear” by raising the spectre of bubonic plague attacks, whilst rightly describing himself as “no expert” on Bird Flu, or on Immigration.

    Some readers of this blog may also be impressed with his statement that the Metropolitan Police Service is now the largest employer in London.

    Partial transcript of the interview

  • Verity

    Has anyone else noticed what a pouty, self-indulgent, self-righteous little face this prat has?

  • Phil

    what really annoys me is that self servers like Blair are paid for by our tax pounds to go about willy nilly & spout forth Nu labour rhetoric, i hope if by chance that any party but labour get in they sack him with loss of pension,he’s a disgrace to the uniform!!!

  • Johnathan

    In the US, where there are elected sherrifs, is it deemed terrible for a senior cop to make comments like this during major elections?

  • Verity

    Jonathan – It’s not just sheriffs who are elected in the US. Police chiefs and fire chiefs also have to go to the electorate to land the job. And woe betide their careers come election time if they didn’t execute the will of their employers during their previous term.

    Re “Sir” Ian Blair, Guy’s suggestion that he resign now was echoed by both Stephen Pollard (stephenpollard.net) and Melanie Phillips (melaniephillips.com). Pollard’s piece, from The Times, was titled, “Oh do shut up, Sir Ian”. In Phillips’s piece, which was titled “The two Blair election”, she said Blair has compromised his position.

  • Verity

    If anyone’s still following this subject, Metropolitan Police Supremo Ian Blair, responding to criticism, wrote a sulky, self-justifying letter in The Telegraph today. The Telegraph ran his letter second, after one from the Chief Constable of Hampshire.

  • Paul

    Whilst I am no admirer of Ian Blair, some people on this site have serious personal anger problems. I suggest Verity and others seek some professional help. I have not seen so much pointless invective and abuse outside the pages of the Daily Mail.

  • Anonymous

    If You can read this sir ian blair…my friend just got attacked by some two pakistani’s…..but the thing is people saw it and did nothing…we need police on the quite roads…cause i fear for my life…

  • Is Sir Ian Blair the most hated cop in Britain? Go to (Link)http://www.sir-ian-blair.co.uk/page22.html and find out. Make your own mind up.