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Blogging about the flu

The fine U.S. blogger and libertarian scholar, Tyler Cowen, who’s blog Marginal Revolution is well worth a visit (as if I did not have enough things to read, aarrgghh, Ed) has started a specialist blog devoted to tracking developments and medical research surrounding avian flu. Tyler is clearly worried about the spread of new and more powerful viruses and the threat this poses to the health to millions of people around the world.

Rather interesting, I think, that the Internet, which helps to spread ideas with the speed of a virus, is now spawning blogs which are devoted to actual, existing viruses.

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3 comments to Blogging about the flu

  • John J. Coupal

    Specialized blogs such as this will become widely used.

    Practitioners in researching and treating diseases of current interest and potential fatal human consequences can relate their experiences, that governments will report on long after the data’s usefulness has expired.

  • The latest on Avian Flu from the WHO 9/29/05

    The Ministry of Health in Indonesia has today confirmed another fatal human case of H5N1 avian influenza. The patient, a 27-year-old woman from Jakarta, developed symptoms on 17 September, was hospitalized on 19 September, and died on 26 September.

    Confirmatory testing was conducted at a WHO reference laboratory in Hong Kong.

    Initial investigation has revealed that the woman had direct contact with diseased and dying chickens in her household shortly before the onset of illness.

    The woman is the fourth laboratory-confirmed case of H5N1 infection in Indonesia. Three of these cases were fatal.

    As a result of intensified surveillance and heightened public concern, growing numbers of people with respiratory symptoms or possible exposure to the virus are being admitted to hospital for observation and, when appropriate, treatment. Until a conclusive diagnosis is made, these patients are classified by the Ministry of Health as suspect cases. While many do not have symptoms compatible with a diagnosis of H5N1 infection, screening of patient samples is being undertaken in national laboratories as part of efforts to ensure that no new cases are missed.

    Laboratory testing to confirm human infection with H5N1 avian influenza is technically difficult; some tests produce inconclusive or unreliable results. To ensure a reliable assessment of the situation in Indonesia, authorities are, after initial screening, continuing to send samples from people considered likely to have H5N1 infection to WHO reference laboratories for diagnostic confirmation.

    According to FAO, highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza is now endemic in poultry in many parts of Indonesia. As influenza virus activity in Indonesia may increase during the wet season, from November to April, human exposure to animal virus could be greater during the coming months. Further sporadic human cases can be anticipated.


  • anand

    It might sound absolutely stupid and meaningles, but bird flu is nothing but Scam by pharamceutical industries.

    1) Poultry farm market is huge. But share of pharmaceuticals drugs in poultry industries might not be that huge.

    2) Pharma industy might have recruited group of people around the world to inject this virus into some of the birds.

    3) Now after the widespread outbreak in diferent parts of the world, people and government are well aware of its effect.

    4) Result: Increase in the sell of related Drugs…more money and more profit…

    5) It sounds too good to be true…but that is why this the third dimensional perspective….