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The Line of Beauty

The Line of Beauty is the name of the Booker prize-winner, a book about gay sex, snorting coke and a Thatcher-worshipping MP who indulges with his secretary. The book is a good read, and I’d recommend it highly. But The Line of Beauty also the name of a new cultural blog, inspired by the book. It is early days yet for the blog, but it is already showing some promise, with snippets about graffiti, Sotheby’s, and a discussion of memoirs written by ‘ordinary’ people. Do check it out.

2 comments to The Line of Beauty

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Okay, I haven’t read the book so I’m just pissing in the wind here, but I wonder if there’s a political angle behind its selection for the Booker Prize? Take The Economist’s review:

    In case you miss the point, this is all meant to illustrate the descent into madness that supposedly accompanied Tory power. […] Mr Hollinghurst’s Tory London is peopled only with caricatures, porky vessels as noisy as they are empty.

    I have to say I trust The Economist’s book reviews. Is the Booker Prize being used to promote an ordinary book that has a saving grace – it reminds people of the “bad old days” of Thatcherism, not to mention Tory governance?