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Back on-line

We interrupt your browsing for this bulletin:

Mark Steyn is back on-line.

That is all.

5 comments to Back on-line

  • Carl O. Witz

    Truly a ray of light in these times of darkness and dispair.

  • Verity

    RC – He’s actually been back for around six weeks. He slipped in quietly around the end of December with a piece in The Telegraph. Since then, he’s been in The Telegraph about six times, and earlier this month, he began appearing in The Spectator again.

    He has also slightly reactivated his website.

    Great news! It certainly was lonely without him.

  • Ron

    Good article today about bloggers by Iain Duncan Smith

    Bloggers will rescue the right

    “Beat the metropolitan elite with the tactics of US conservatives”

  • Pete_London

    Well well, a great day out with the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt ends with the discovery that Mark Steyn is back. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • R C Dean

    Yes, yes, Verity, I know he’s been putting his columns out since December, but his website only came back up within the last week or so, I believe. Makes it much easier to keep track of his various columns.