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And don’t tell me geeks don’t drink coffee, either.

I am very disappointed by the options given in this online slashdot poll. Where is the “Built from vast numbers of Nescafe jars” option?

7 comments to And don’t tell me geeks don’t drink coffee, either.

  • Ah, but is Nescafe actually coffee? Doubtful…

  • I’ve never seen a jar of Nescafe in a geek environment. They usually brew decent coffee.

    Now Mountain Dew cans might be a doable option…

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Mountain Dew is almost as foul as instant coffee!

  • Stehpinkeln

    Voter fraud! I clicked the link and got the poll but was told I had already voted. Yet I hadn’t. Is this poll put together by Democrats? From Washington state?

  • It claims I’ve voted, too.
    Douw Egberts jars haven’t changed in ten years. Shelfbuilders can’t ask for more.

  • Alice

    I thought I knew a lot about derision but I’ve just read Brian M.’s tonic post and this Slashdot Poll site. Beginners should also read the list of “other polls”. I can’t believe 30.000 people vote for each question. Maybe the European Treaty (or constitution) too will find voters in England, but not in France because I’ve never seen any equivalent French site, – yet we have the author of that European Treaty.
    Thank you Michael, Brian and others for making me share your craziness.

  • I hope that none of the people who answered “rattan or wicker” work in the construction industry. Anyone who thinks wicker is sturdy enough to support books…

    My primitive shelves use cardboard greenbar printer paper boxes in place of the cinderblocks.