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An Asymmetrical evening

Due to busy schedules of infiltration and meme planting, Jane Galt and I were only able to meet briefly in a Moroccan bar, a mere hour stolen from our labours.

Photo: Copyright Dale Amon, all rights reserved.

But… it was time enough for plotting the conquest of the Universe and giving thanks to RAH (All blessings be upon him). We also pondered her possible infiltration into London.

Might Jane one day appear at a super secret Samizdata HQ party? Might she and Adriana sit and discuss the quiet feminine art of marksmanship and trade product information on their favorite gun cleaning products?

Should it ever happen, we will be certain to bring you the spy camera photos posthaste!

10 comments to An Asymmetrical evening

  • Robert

    Samizdata’s new slogan should be, “Join us and meet gorgeous women.”

    I’m in love.

  • Pavel

    Wow…. Not only she’s intelligent, she also looks so good!

  • Robert: what do you mean new(Link) slogan?

  • I'm suffering for my art

    *sigh* Prepare for the tsunami – sorry, couldn’t resist – of slobber in this thread regarding Ms Galt…honestly guys (and you know who you are!), you really should get out more. 🙂

  • Tatyana

    Ah! M changed her hair!

  • Johnathan

    I’m Suffering for My Art – with a moniker as pretentious as that, I think you need to get out a bit more, old chap.

    I admire Jane purely for her mind, of course.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    I’m Suffering for My Art – with a moniker as pretentious as that, I think you need to get out a bit more, old chap.

    Johnno – Perhaps you just don’t get the joke. Not that I expect you to, ‘cos it’s satirical and was inspired by someone who I know and find quite amusing. It’s also a lyric in a TISM song (you’re Australian, right? Well surely you’re familiar with TISM!) that flays Jim Morrison from The Doors. I am probably the least arty person you know – or don’t know…whatever. So please re-evaluate your above comment when considering this new information.


  • I'm suffering for my art

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I’m surprised that you took my moniker as an genuine representation, Johnathan!

  • I'm suffering for my art

    an = a

    damn lack of proof reading

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Fair enough, Mr Suffering!