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Friday is the day for cats?

Here is my mother’s new kitten.


Happy new year everyone.

15 comments to Friday is the day for cats?

  • Denise W

    Oh, how precious! I love cats. I have a black long haired cat myself. Her name is Prissy. Happy New Year!

  • Denise W

    Oh, how precious! I love cats. I have a black long haired cat myself. Her name is Prissy. Happy New Year!

  • Denise W

    Sorry for the double post. I screwed up somehow.

  • Is Samizdata becoming a cat-blog?

    Please, God, let it be not so. Or I’ll have to retaliate.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Does your mother refer to her kitten as her “pussy”, the way Mrs. Slocombe did? 🙂

    My sister’s cat got knocked up this spring, so my parents got one of the kittens. This cat likes to sleep in the shower stall. Strange….

  • Verity

    Francis – because of one thread in a whole year? Out of how many thousand threads? Are you that intolerant?

    My post, regardless of the mighty Francis Porretto -That is a beautiful, lively kitten. Tabbies are highly intelligent and fond. I have a cat who is half tabby and half Siamese and he is very affectionate and manipulative.

    I got him in France. He had been thrown out of the window of a car going at speed on the autoroute. Unusually (this is not uncommon in the south of France), he survived until some kind rescue ladies found him. The vet, judging by his terrible condition, thought he had managed to stay alive, despite having landed on his face, for two to three weeks.

    He was only eight months old when he was thrown away. They had also chopped his tail off earlier. Who knows why?

    But he is a fine and affectionate cat with a high intelligence and high level of ability to communicate with another species. Me. He came with me from France and is now living in Mexico, where he is no longer a chat, but a gato. He is fine with that.

    Like Denise, I also wish all Samizdatas, cat people or dog people or both, a very Happy New Year!

  • Eric Sivula

    Verity – Mr. Porretto owns five cats, I believe. He has mentioned then several times on his website. I suspect his ‘retaliation’ would consist of saccharine sweet feline photographs of his own.

    If I missed the unseen sarcasm tag on your comment, I apologize. However I am acting upon the theory that you missed one on Mr. Porretto’s.

  • Verity

    Eric Sivula – I certainly must have and certainly apologise to Mr Porretto for any offence caused.
    But, not Mr Porretto nor Denise nor I ‘own’ a cat. This cannot be done, no matter how many wiles are employed. The cat always owns itself and is always ready to leave at 10 minutes’ notice.

  • Robert

    That’s just the cutest thing in the world.

  • EddieP

    Happy New Year to all Samis

  • Cat Lover

    Ah, that’s soooo cute.

  • Keith

    Cute cat–don’t listen to the Dog People, cats are cool.

  • Dear Verity,

    It’s my own vulnerability that I’m guarding, dear. There are certain things before which all my Curmudgeonliness fails me. Kittens are near the top of that list.

    By the way: “Mighty”? Me?

    All my best,

  • Verity

    Awwwwww! What a little cutie!

    If I knew how to post photos here, I would send over one of my cat who was jettisoned from a car window in France when he was eight months, i.e., no longer a cute kitty. He is now a very fine and handsome cat.

  • Mary in LA

    What a sweetie!
    I am owned by Chester, a large, affectionate, extremely stubborn orange tabby, and Prudence, a black long-haired part-Persian and The Grumpiest Cat In The World™. 😉