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Democracy & the Blogosphere

The Adam Smith Institute will be hosting an event called Democracy & the Blogosphere next Tuesday 16th November. The speakers will be Stephen Pollard, William Heath, Sandy Starr and yours truly.

The event is ‘jacket and tie’ at 6:15pm and will be followed by a reception at the ASI at 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BL

Anyone who would like to come along should send an e-mail for an invitation.

6 comments to Democracy & the Blogosphere

  • Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be there.

  • Rob

    Man, I’d be there for sure if I had a jacket. What a shame to miss out on something like this.

  • J

    Hee hee, yes the temptation to turn up wearing a trully vile jacket and tie combination is strong. Dress codes are my pet hate. Well, one of several pet hates.

    I had celebratory drinks in a bar at the top of the Hilton on Park Lane the other night. The dress code was ‘smart casual’. I was amused to see the despairing looks on the staff’s faces as I showed up looking like a dishevelled 1960’s teacher. Luckily none of us much enjoyed paying 5.50 for a beer, so we left pretty soon. Good view though.

    There used to be a bar in Shoreditch with a ‘no suits’ dress code, which always made me snigger. I don’t think they actually enforced it though.

  • Atlantic

    How much does this shindig cost to attend?

  • Atlantic: Admission is free.

  • “Man, I’d be there for sure if I had a jacket. What a shame to miss out on something like this.”

    Oh come off it. Go to the Oxfam shop, pay a fiver and get a jacket.