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Blowing Smoke across the Blogosphere

The ‘mainstreaming’ of the blog phenomenon continues apace as more applications for blogging start to join political prognostication, cultural commentary, demimonde diaries (warning: X-rated), technical tantrums, hitting things with hammers and paeans to beloved pussycats. New neighbourhoods of the blogosphere are springing up every day.

And now an independent Hollywood movie called Blowing Smoke, which is still undergoing some final post production editing, has set up a blog to which the director, producer and cast members have started to post, talking about the extremely politically incorrect nature of the movie.

The blog is still in its very early days, the site is still being tweaked and the users are at the stage where they are just getting to grips with blog publishing software but I think this could quite interesting if blogs like this catch on. As a movie enthusiast myself I would love to get more peeks behind the scenes and not just the same old marketing agency hype.

5 comments to Blowing Smoke across the Blogosphere

  • John Ellis

    Perry, have you seen that John Cleese is trying to do something similar with his new material? OK, much of the content is standard pay-site stuff, but much of it is not….

  • Umm, my favourite is the funny trailer(Link)

    The film is fun and as the director says that women actually love it — as long as they don’t walk out early (there is no reason to, I assure you).

  • A movie about blogers next. A romance, perhaps called “You have trackback”. Yes…but who would star in it?

  • Julian Taylor

    A movie about blogers next. A romance, perhaps called “You have trackback”. Yes…but who would star in it?

    Please PLEASE don’t say things like that, even in jest. You just know that someone is already on the phone to Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal saying that they have ‘this great idea for a blog romance’…

    The only saving grace is that Working Title just announced they won’t be making any more ‘Notting Hill’ or ‘Love Actually’ type movies anymore.