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Privacy Eroding, Bit by Byte

Washington Post analyses erosion of online privacy, this time coming from Google:

And yesterday, the omniscient-seeming search engine Google bested itself by announcing a service to probe for information both online and in your own machine. One company official called it a “photographic memory for your computer.”

Richard M. Smith, an Internet security consultant says:

It’s this whole new world. It’s sort of like all these little details about our lives are being recorded. We love the conveniences. We love the services. But people kind of instinctively know there’s a dark side to this. They just hope it won’t happen to them.

1 comment to Privacy Eroding, Bit by Byte

  • I can see certain benefits of this: if I can see what information is available about me on the net I can better measure my attempts to withhold it. I might also be able to see where the information is leaking out and plug the leaks.