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Of Hippos and Birds

For those of you interested in business oriented blogging, I have written an article called Business Hippos and Blogging Birds over at the Big Blog Company. I have always seen business blogs as the best manifestation of the whole Cluetrain vibe.

Of Hippos and Birds

11 comments to Of Hippos and Birds

  • Molly

    so that is what u do when u are not posting here!

  • Arty

    Booooring. Notice the dwindling number of comments? HELLO! Do any of the samizdats have fire left in their belly! I guess you get what you pay for.

  • mike

    “the advent of elective information pull …. at the expense of interruptive information push”

    The article Perry links to reminds me very much of the recent William Gibson novel ‘Patter Recognition’ in which the heroine gets caught up in a search for the makers of a set of mysterious and brilliant video segments released serially onto the internet and around which an interest-blog springs up. The article reads like a subtext to that novel.

    Sorry if this reference to an art form proves insufficiently interesting for you Arty, but you could do worse than to go and read the novel – or look out for news of the film adaptation…

  • Arty: actually our hit rate has been going up the last few weeks, but feel free to get lost anyway.

  • Old Jack Tar

    Personally I find it very hard to get excited about the US elections and as most of the US blogs cannot write about much else (Mr. Odious Garbled versus Mr. Weathervane Idealess… yawn), I come here to real anything, ANYTHING other than that stale party political stuff.

  • ernest young


    Spoken like a true Brit,…. now where is the nearest ‘Fish and Chip’ shop?

    Do you have to get excited to show even a smidgen of interest in anything non-Brit? haven’t you noticed there is a lot happening outside of that refugee camp camp you call home…and you call yourselves ‘broadminded’.

  • Old Jack Tar

    Spare me your weak insults. Why should blather about which mendacious corporatist will get to run the US be of any interest given that they all indeed all mendacious corporatists? I do not much care about the ones in Britain so why should I care anything about the dissembling antics of foreign ones? I have always seen myself as a creature of the Anglosphere but one the main reasons I read what is on this site is that they seem to do understand that the momentous issues of the day are not the party political ones that take up so much commentary elsewhere.

  • A good read Perry. You nailed the truth with the paragraph that begins We know that it is a lie that changing our aftershave will make women lust after us; …..

    I mean, just take a look at the washing powder proposition. They would have us believe that the science behind their products is so fast moving that a NEW BEST EVER product breakthrough really does occur every couple of weeks. Old, tired, funny.

    And how can a girl possibly keep up with developments in the hair care field?

  • ernest young

    I do not much care about the ones in Britain

    That small minded attitude is one of the reasons the UK is in such a parlous state of decline. But then, you may enjoy the living in such circumstances., where abrogating your responsibilities in favour of the State, is quite normal.

  • Old Jack Tar

    I see little practical difference between the major parties in Britain and even less so in the US, so I fail to see what is small minded about that. If that observation makes me care little about political antics where I live, is it wrong that I care even less about the same in some far away place?

    I do not get worked up over which swine is king-of-the-sty because I do not abrogate my responsibilities to the state, I keep said responsibilities in an off-shore bank account out of reach of grasping corporatists. I will leave you to your fantasies that your franchise gives you anything more than a choice akin to who controls your neighbourhood, the Crips or the Bloods?

  • Now, now, gentlemen, put the weapons down and go back into your respective corners.