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Welsh ID card trial launched

I missed this one earlier in August about shoppers in Swansea joining a trial of a high-tech ID card that could become compulsory under Home Office plans. But better late than never.

Volunteers are being asked to have fingerprints, irises, and facial details recorded as part of the UK Passport Service (UKPS) trial. The experiment aims to weed out problems and get public feedback before the planned introduction date of 2007.

It is the only Welsh trial as the UK Passport Service looks for 10,000 volunteers across the UK over six months. Volunteers will get a demonstrator “smart card” containing their details on an electronic chip. It is planned to include biometrics (facial features) in passports and to build a base for the national compulsory identity cards scheme.

1 comment to Welsh ID card trial launched

  • Fenwick

    In an attempt to frustrate the ID card initiative, would it not be useful to join these initial programs and – sort of – poision it at the root?

    Give bad dna samples, the dogs saliva for example?