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RFID tags: The people say no

CNet news reports that when it comes to radio frequency identification tags for humans, the people have spoken. They hate it.

CNET News.com recently ran a report on companies with technologies that involve implanting RFID chips under people’s skin or inside a bracelet. Advocates say the tags could help paramedics deliver medical help to people in the field, reduce prison violence or give police a way to track victims of kidnapping, a major problem in Latin America.

The issue has united people with fairly strong religious beliefs and libertarian privacy advocates.

The fear that the technology will enable governments to keep tabs on everyone was the concern raised most often. Hypothetically, law enforcement agencies or even private security companies will be able to track where you’ve been, with whom you associate and what you own with this technology. Imagine a semiretired senior citizen in a rented maroon blazer knowing everything about your day.

A large number of letters also asserted that human RFID tags are a demonic tool.

There is much interesting stuff, read the whole thing.

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