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What is the world coming to?

I suddenly find myself writing more and more about the Middle East.

Kidnappers demand less corruption.

Only in Palestine…

6 comments to What is the world coming to?

  • Simon Lawrence

    It is good to see that they went for French workers, it shows a serious grip of world affairs – who would be better to kidknap when complaining about corruption?

  • Only in Palestine indeed.

  • Mashiki

    Gets better when you consider how Arafat is consolidating his power. I’d say he’s getting ready to launch another blood war.

  • Guy Herbert

    What’s a “blood war”? Is it a specially evil type of war that only the wicked engage in, unlike our own, obviously better, non-blood wars?

  • Julian Taylor

    Can’t be any worse than this (Link). Although, given the Palestinians’ predeliction for hijacking planes I hope they don’t start getting ideas …

  • Lord Lummy

    Persecuted people desperate to get away from the Taliban…of course we should let them live in Britain.

    so much for their life of “luxury” (a council house on benefit) in Britain:

    the families had a succession of visitors and did not stint on entertaining.

    “Because they are accustomed to warmer climes they would keep the central heating on full, even during the summer,” one said. “They had expensive music and entertainment systems.

    “They loved videos and DVDs. Their favourite was Potato Head Kids, an animated film. They loved it, you could hear it blaring out of the house at all hours of the day and night.”

    Another said that the families were very particular about their food, buying only organic produce. “They must have spent a fortune on groceries,” she said. “Everything was organic and they would sometimes send taxis to collect it.”

    only in The Telegraph

    you can’t blame the defendants just because barristers cost us £30 million per case (law and order off limits for Libertarian attack – while asylum seekers on £200 per week and NHS nurses on £14,000 salary are ‘a waste’).

    If you are being oppressed by a tyrannical regime desperate measures may be necessary – if you and your family lived in a pile of rubble and you feared for their lives wouldn’t you hijack someone if it meant getting a (new) life for your children.

    What you have to do is see things from the other side.